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The first time you do something will always be the hardest.

The learning is in the doing…

And when it comes to online business, the learning is in the launching.

This week, I’m hosting my annual Launch Lab event – where you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the wins and challenges my high-level coaching students had with their launches in 2022.

Over the course of two days, you’ll get a detailed look at those launches (there were 211 of them!) and discover what worked well… and what my students are planning to do differently next time.

My team and I are also going to be sharing what’s changing inside our business this year and why. Because when you do something 211 times, you get pretty good at it.

If you want to know what’s working in launches right now, and how to set yourself up for the year ahead with the latest business development and marketing strategies, Launch Lab is the place to be. 

To say thanks for being a regular blog viewer, I’ve put aside a FREE ticket for you. You can claim it here:

Coupon code: BLOGSPECIAL

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6 Replies to “Launch Lessons for 2023 (from 211 Debriefs)”

  1. Kristena West


    I have been hanging on the your tail Wind for a couple of years…I always feel so encouraged to continue and your insight into this new (post pandemic) online market is insightful, helpful and I also appreciate not being whipped up into a frenzy as so many others do with their presentations. Thanks for the cheerful compassion and encouraging words. kw

  2. Hey Jeff- I am super inspired and I already have a product- do you also provide access to “official’ PLF coaches that I can hire to help my specific launch? I feel that I have so much content and I am so close- I just want someone to hold my hand in the specific execution please !

  3. Don Lawrence


    One of the things you emphasized is that we can never stop learning. It’s good to remember that.

  4. Jeff, what a great gift; excited to join you and your team this week for “Launch Lab” Thanks again!

  5. I am looking forward to becoming educated in a whole new area of marketing. You have an exceptional track record to run on.

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