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This week is shaping up to be a big one for the PLF brand – and I’m months away from our Launch Masterclass…this is the week that PLF is being released in its fifth language. 

Here’s the link for PLF Espanol:

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31 Replies to “Another Language”

  1. Well done, a big week indeed. After COVID 19 Spain will be eager to find new ways to do business online and the launch of PLF now is timed to perfection.

  2. Been a customer of your online programs since you first started. Congrats! you are proof that “Good guys finish first”!

  3. Hi Jeff
    Congratulations. What a wonderful opportunity you are providing to even more entrepreneurs around the world. I checked out Luis’s site, although I do not speak Spanish. Wow, love his confidence and presence on camera. Also really liked the lighting in the 2 videos. The room was dark with those unique hanging light fixtures. Also noticed Luis could pass for your brother. 😊. Best wishes, Take Care.

  4. Phyllis Rowan


    Such brilliant news! Congratulations and best wishes for massive success to you both, Jeff and Luis.

  5. This is super exciting!! I heard rumblings about it at Funnel Hacker Live. I offer a program for both Spanish speaking and English speaking families. It’s been a difficult but awesome process to start it in 2 languages…. but essential because I match the families and help them learn together. Do you k ow if he is going to be rolling out specific strategies to reach and cater to the Latin America market? The buy differently than the US. Thanks so much! Proud PLF owner and glad to see this making ripples into the spanish speaking countries and communities

  6. Hi Jeff, I am from México and I know Luis Carlos Flores. He is definitly crushing it with this launch.

    He has the support of almost all of the main marketers in spanish.

    Congratulations for this amazing movement 😃

  7. Congrats!!
    I’m offering my hand for the sixth language.. Hebrew..
    Fill free to reach out

  8. Aside from becoming a parent, launching PLF into the Spanish speaking world is one of the greatest honors of my life.
    The launch so far has been incredible. The community is buzzing… I couldn’t be happier.
    Thank you Jeff for this opportunity to help so many to create the business and the life of their dreams… as I have.

    • Congrats Luis and Jeff!

      Luis, I watched your video and, even though my Spanish isn’t great, I understood it all, probably because you’re so present, sincere, and enthusiastic. You have a warm authenticity that models Jeff’s, and it looks like the sky’s the limit!

    • Hi Luis
      Congratulations. As I mentioned in my note to Jeff, I was so impressed by the lighting in your videos. I’ve never seen other webinar videos have a darkened room in the background. Also, the hanging low light fixtures were so dramatic, different and beautiful. Best of Luck on your launch.

  9. As a Spanish speaking person and part of the PLF community since 2016, I want to congratulate Luis Carlos and his team for the most amazing launch I have seen! Listening to Jeff’s message in your own language truly shakes you from the roots!!! Thank you for the opportunity to get to the Latin market and for all the work done to be able to get here. ✅ ✅✅✅✅👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  10. So Glad! Been waiting for it, im Argentinian, also participated on your PLF masterclass and now gonna participate on the Spanish version. Cheers!!!!

  11. Margaret Brice


    I am so happy and grateful to be in the right place with the wonderful people. Congratulations Jeff, your amazing work is picking result you deserved.

  12. Hi Jeff. Nice going. Congrats to the teams working on making PLF happen for people speaking other languages. A great testament to the program itself.

  13. Paula Thomas


    Terrific news! As another mentioned — good timing for people in Spain and Spanish speakers everywhere owing to the COVID outbreak. Great way to scale and grow!

  14. I’m so in love to learn this new laughed together with you, Sir Jeff. And I appreciate these great insight video messages; it’s so much excitement for me. Therefore, Thanks very much.

  15. So happy for you Jeff and for Luis Carlos. He’s an amazing person and will do you and your brand proud!

  16. Congratulations Jeff !!!
    You will be so happy hearing all those stories of future success 🥰

  17. Jason Burns


    Yep that’s where the true value of life is, in the relationships. Removing the disillusionment from the facts once again Jeff.. Thanks

  18. It’s such an honor to be the licensee for PLF for my country (Italy), and to be in the position to impact the lives of so many people.

    Thank you Jeff for giving me this incredibile opportunity.

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