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These days, you’re up against some pretty tough competition for people’s attention. Emails, Insta, pings, schedules… and the list only goes on from there. So how do you get (and keep) their attention with so much noise in the market? Here’s what I do…

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When I started my first online business in 1986, I stumbled onto something…

Back then, I knew almost nothing about marketing and even less about sales. But I was successful right from the start because I stumbled onto this thing, and it was … A word I like to use for it is “campaign.” Another word you’ll often see me use is “sequence.”

The idea is that you can’t depend on any single piece of marketing, on a single video, on a single sales letter, on a single webinar to make the conversion. Because while this is the first thing you learn in marketing – you have to have multiple touches. I mean, the conventional wisdom used to be it took seven to nine touches before someone made the purchase. I don’t know what the number is now. That was just a theoretical number. But I do know that the more times you can reach out and communicate with someone, the better you do.

My first launch, I did a big buildup to it. Frankly, I didn’t call it a launch back then. But when I came out with my first product, and I guess it was a launch, I did $1,650 in sales. That was absolutely amazing, mind-blowing to me. I had a whole sequence, a whole campaign leading up into the sale.

Now, one thing I didn’t do then was I didn’t have a real follow-up campaign. Between that first promotion and the second promotion, I put together a follow-up campaign with a deadline. My sales went from $1,650 to a little over $6,000 – so that was a four times increase by having a follow-up campaign, by having a follow-up sequence.

Now, back in those days, it was purely email. That was pretty much the only tool I had, the only way I had to communicate with people. These days, we’ve gotten a lot more sophisticated. You can reach out via social and there are so many more tools that you can use. You can do a live broadcast. You can use a message bot. You can … on and on and on. There are so many different options. But the math stays the same – that you’re going to get 50 to 70% of your sales after whatever the campaign is.

So you open cart and launch, great. You make some sales right at the open cart, but it’s the follow-up during the open cart period. You do a webinar, fantastic. You make some sales, but that’s only a small portion of the sales you can make if you have the right follow-up.

The reality is, this has become more important as the entire marketing world has gotten noisier. There is a lot more people competing for people’s attention. It’s a lot harder to reach people in their inbox. It’s a lot harder to reach people via paid ads. It’s a lot harder to reach people via social.

They’re only seeing a tiny fraction of the messages that are coming at them. That’s just the reality. There’s more noise. So when there’s more noise, you have to make sure that your follow-up campaign is even stronger. That’s where all the gold is. That’s where all the sales are.

Do not make the mistake of, just because you do a webinar and you make a few sales, thinking you’re done. You release a sales letter. You make a few sales, you think you’re done. Because at that point, you are just starting. That’s when the sales process really starts – when the webinar ends. It’s when that email goes out. That’s just the beginning.

So think in campaigns. Think in sequences.

I’m Jeff Walker. Wherever you’re watching this, scroll down, leave a comment for me, and let’s go get ‘em this week.

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31 Replies to “Getting Their Attention (Here’s How)”

  1. Thanks Jeff. This reminder has come in perfect timing for me. And you’re perspective is it. I send direct mail. Yes. Direct mail with a followup phone call. I forgot to do the sequence of additional followup direct mail and additional followup calls. Which is another mailing in about 2 weeks and another in 2 weeks and another in 2 weeks. We all need help from time to time. THANK YOU!

  2. Barbara K. Leventhal


    How do I take a long, complicated, competitive process like college admissions and make it streamlined and in to a launch product?

  3. Excellent, Jeff! Thank you! Can you please give examples perhaps in a subsequent video the kinds of language you would use in a follow up email to our lists?
    Would this information also be in PLF?
    Many thanks for your consistent and always informative support!

  4. Hi Jeff! I am still creating my product, but is good to know since this moment you have to touch 5 to 9 times people in order to get their decisión to buy you something, but i creates a doubt to me, in this touches are included all you have? I mean, if you have a podcast 2 episodes are like 2 touches, then some videos in YouTube and Instagram and finally 3 emails with a sequence to take action? The more you are present in social media the better? Or your prospect may become tired of your content and offer seeing you everywhere?

    Thanks for your time and effort in all information you give us.

  5. This was so great. I’ve been diving into your book and want to do my first seed launch in July. I’m both terrifed and excited. Thanks for the work you do!

  6. Chris Kesler


    Pure gold, Jeff. Thanks for the friendly reminder as I launch my product again next month.

  7. Gabrielle Merwin


    Ahhh yes. Makes perfect sense. They say that about being on stage…it’s almost the most important moment when you turn and leave–it’s there that you will leave them wanting more, if you know how to do it, and how to make th e back of your concert dress…, or pass onto the next thing happening…

    And like all notes, it’s the resonance that carries the sound and the message, not so much the notes we make in our throats…which is where all the technique lies.

    Translates perfectly into what you are saying…it’s the resonance that stays under the skin and speaks to the heart, for a real reply.

    This is what I am a consultant on, Resonant Voice, for top creators and business people who don’t have access to the importance of their voice and how to own their power through their voice awareness.

    But you have it all down here clearly. I do love your work and thank you.
    Right on pitch!

  8. Jeff…can not be more impressed and grateful for your continued support, enthusiasm,and dedication Thanks again1.

  9. Really learn a lot from you, Jeff. We are just in the planning stages of our first launch but really learned a lot from you PLF workshops! Look forward to learning more and this is good advice. Thank you!

  10. Thanks for the awesome advice!! I was resistant to follow up back in 2017 and now I wish I had been more aware of the importance of what you just talked about in your video. Now I have a new mindset and I’m very grateful for your presence in my journey. Thanks Jeff. You really help millions of people change their lives.

  11. I’m 65 and just getting started on “my next 30 years” (country song); this is the secret to anything, persistence and followup; most of us don’t buy anything but we are sold lots of things by consistent methodical people who come st us from so many directions that each one just confirms the other one that we really need what they are selling, so multiple confirmations convinces us over time…Thanks for “confirming that”!

  12. So, “there’s a lot more noise”… you’ve got to…. what? Shout louder? Communicate smarter? Suggestions, Jeff, or is the rest of the sentence simply “follow up”?

  13. The timing of this was perfect for me. I just held my first webinar and pulled in $13k in sales on the webinar, but because my follow up sequence was weak I only managed to pull in a further $3k in sales after the webinar. Clearly, I need to work on the follow up for the next time…and the next time will be a PLF style launch in mid July. Thank you Jeff for creating this great content.

  14. I just finished your book and in the process of doing my first real launch. Done with the PLC 1 and in PLC 2. Your book has been super helpful. Thank you for putting so much value in one book. Gox bless!

  15. Charry Stover



    I’ve been listening to you for many years now, and have only purchased the book. At some point I may be in the place where I am ready to buy more, but not now. However, I look forward to your emails every week. It is fun to listen to you simply because you are so upbeat and have such positive, good energy. Keep those videos and emails coming!!

  16. Today I see that it is all about the ‘Boutique’, now more than ever it is a question of targeting the right kinds of people and reaching them with very clear, authentic information. The mechanics between what you offer them, and how you reach them are now critical. Communication, and discovery. Thanks Jeff, valuable.

  17. Dear Jeff. Thanks again for sharing your brilliance. And it’s always an uplift to see your face. Have a great day!

  18. Dear Jeff,

    it makes absolute sense to me what you are saying.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to structure a follow up campaign without being too salesy ?

    Kind regards

  19. Paul Richardson


    So helpful and prompted some great thoughts. Thank you for this.

  20. Thanks Jeff. I’ve been thinking a lot about all the ‘noise’ and how to work through it. It’s only going to get noisier, not just in business but everywhere. Thanks for the reminder to stay with my momentum and message. It’s like compounded interest in a way, using time as an ally rather than being threatened by it.

  21. Great content Jeff. I’ve been following you for years, but not close enough! Now it begins!

  22. Great video-I was going introduced to your stuff plf way back in 2006 – still going strong! Known as the ‘Sanity Nanny’ I work with families and instead of product and focusing on follow up, I teach
    my Sleep clients who want a peaceful flowing family life to have consistency and a plan. These are also relevant to marketing your business.
    Life is simple when we have good health and flow. Thanks for reminder Jeff.

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