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Building a successful business comes with obvious benefits – like a better lifestyle, a bigger income, and more freedom.

But when I look back on when I first started out 25 years ago, there’s something I never saw coming – something that has fundamentally changed me… 

And I want you to enjoy this unexpected benefit, too.

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19 Replies to “An Unexpected Reward of Entrepreneurship”

  1. Sylvie Peltier


    I’m still reeling from the premature passing of Mary Gilkerson a month ago and whom I met through PLF. She was a generous, kind and astute marketer who inspired many artists to join PLF. She inspired countless more artists to pursue their passion and she will be greatly missed.

    • I’m a bit scared to start. But excited it’s now or never! giving up my fear of failure! It’s better to fail then not try at all, I don’t want to be older and live in regret.

    • Mariela Guzman


      Hi Jeff, thanks for sharing the “unexpected reward”, good to be aware of it and good for me to stop being afraid but rather being more confident to enjoy one day those wonderful experiences. What makes me “afraid” is this cyber world I know too little and can’t imagine being working through a PC and not live with people, children and coworkers. The technology makes me a bit insecure, but I know one day it’ll be part or my new world and I’ll be glad to have started with you and your team who are such a wonderful and motivating people. Many greetings from Munich.

    • Cynthia Wolf


      Sylvie, I was suprised to hear about Mary’s passing too! She was an incredible inspiration to so many, including those of us considering using the PLF style of launching for our art. Mary was a very generous teacher!

    • Cynthia Wolf


      Hello Jeff Walker and the PLF team!
      I’m grateful for my 2 daughters and my son and my awesome grandkids! I’m grateful for all of my clients and the Joy I get when photographing their Dogs and the Humans! Some of my clients are just the best! Telling their friends about my photo sessions and just the gratitude they express to me for the work I do. Loving life and so grateful for it.

  2. Carol Roscoe


    I stumbled upon these communities and cannot believe the generosity and wisdom. I loved PLF live and other incredible training I have had access to. Thank to you Jeff for showing me how.

  3. TDiane Nguyen


    Hi Jeff ! I understand what You say – All the people I’ve met since I started my activism (It’s not a business yet, I mean part of it) have wonderfully changed my life, big names in the industry, our team has brought Life Force, they’re incredible, it’s true, the mentors who did not even know they were mentors, and I’m waiting to meet my first mentorees, the courageous people ! Have a wonderful day Mentor Jeff ! Smile

  4. Becky Billock


    Hi Jeff! I loved attending PLF Live for the first time this year! I’m still just in the baby stages of my entrepreneurial pursuit but already I can see that what you’re saying in this video is true. I’ve gotten to talk and interact with so many new interesting people, and I’ve managed to attract a small but mighty team to help me with my idea. I feel immensely grateful for my team’s help to bring my idea to fruition, and grateful for the opportunity to learn about PLF from you.

    • Fatima Rabiu Gwadabe


      I am grateful for discovering you and The PLF.
      Even though I cannot afford your coaching program but I have used the free content and I am getting results. Thank you.

  5. I’m grateful for my God, my Lord, my destiny, my gift, my impact, my mental condition, my family, my future wife, and my brothers and sisters all around the world.

  6. Jeff, this video has been so very impactful for me.

    Not only do I appreciate you zeroing in on all the wonderful relationships you’ve built as a result of your business, but you show remarkable integrity and generosity taking care of your team and bringing them along in your success. I can say from my own experience that they so deserve it – each and every one of them is a serious pro and incredibly knowledgeable.

    Since I’ve been in Launch Club I’ve met the most incredible, like-minded people and my life is richer because of it.

    What’s more, I am still ever grateful for the gift of spending one hour with you 1:1 last October (you may remember I won that session during your book launch). This was a life-changing moment for me, and I can confirm personally that you are changing the world “being you!” Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. Jeff,
    I read your book in PDF format- I wish you could see my copy! Almost all the words are highlighted in different colors, that is how fundamentally profound I found the book. When you came out with the revised edition, I bought that too.

    Who was it who said, ‘If you do not get a few negative reviews, You have not been Around!’ The Heck with the negative reviews!
    I have met you in person, sat in your seminars, and attest that you are the real deal. Your methodology is also real and still the original way to connect with people. Thank you for your efforts and all the hard work. Yes! You charge for your time, nothing is free, Da!

  8. So many blessings I could name as checklist for gratitude, but will limit to three: 1. Inspirational people (talented, intelligent, innovative, and gracious with others); 2. Co-Creating a successful business with likeminded professionals (which I believe Jeff alluded to in today’s video): 3. The joy of service we get to experience while developing and delivering great products and service.

  9. What a beautiful message, Jeff. Thanks for I am so grateful for your community and plan to be here for quite a while! with gratitude

  10. Dave Zaenglein


    I remember when you were just getting started. I was 50 years old then. So now you know how old I am now.

  11. Caroline Kahuho


    I’m so grateful to be part of a community of teachers. People who are truly committed to their craft. Better yet, people who are committed to generously sharing what they know. Passon, commitment and community…these I’m so grateful for.

  12. Jeffrey Riggins


    My closest friend and mentor recommended your training 6 months ago between storms. You resonated then and your resonate today. Vision in mind, approach in heart and zeroing in on applying your wisdom to revival of our constitutional public law in the hearts and minds of the families effected most by corporatization of law enforcement throughout Rural American Counties. The Thick Red Line Project started by law enforcement for the awaking of law enforcement to the lost code of honor among our public servants primarily focussed in larger metropolitan cities with down home heartland message Vital to every American. This message requires the entrepreneurial spirit that you and your teams embody. I wish to thank you up front for your drive, enthusiasm and insight and thank you for sharing it in the spirit in which you so clearly demonstrate. With gratitude Jeffrey R. Florida

  13. I wholeheartledly agree with Jeff. I have been in business a long time (50 years!)and have met some wonderful people and become friends with many. Clients, peers , mentors, and the people in my teams. Being self-employed gives you the freedom to chose who you want to spend time with.

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