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Sometimes, even when you’re successful as an entrepreneur, it can still feel like you don’t have a legit, “grown up” business. 

You know you have a great product or service… and your clients all rave about their results. But hearing venture-backed founders talk about their gazillion-dollar exit strategies can cause you to wonder if you measure up.

In this video, I’ll tell you about the time I found myself surrounded by VC-backed founders at a retreat.

(Spoiler alert – turns out, the grass isn’t always greener…)

Sure, as a bootstrapping entrepreneur, you might not sell your coaching business or membership site for $500 million. But you can build a business that gives you more freedom and income than most venture-backed founders will ever experience.

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7 Replies to “The Benefits of Bootstrapping”

  1. Thank you, this videos really helped me to apprecaite where I am with my business. I create physical products and I don´t want capital, I can imagine to partner or license. But first of all, I feel I need to come up with some more ideas about where to place my products, so my ideal cleints can see then.

  2. I have read about a lady entrepreneur whose first business was venture backed. 6 months after founding the company, she was fired from the business because she had some disagreement with the venture capitalist. Bootstrapping may be tough but I have total control over my business. Nobody can fire me except myself.

  3. Jeff, no matter what happens you bring such good energy and are such a bright presence — such a ray of light! Thank you.

  4. Grateful that I’ve a chance to regroup in such unprecedented times by taking the necessary steps to engage the business needs for the “Bootstrap Entrepreneur”

  5. Thanks Jeff, as ever.

    Yup…good sense, simplicity and being able to sleep at night usually prevails. ☀️

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