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What would you do if you had to live the same day over and over again? Here’s where I would start…

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35 Replies to “Living in a Bill Murray Movie”

  1. Shamaine RobinsonSha


    So right about the fact that our lives are like the film Groundhog Day. Time to start programming growth habits and ditching the non growth habits.
    Re enter into Rim World has been tough this week. 🙁

  2. I talked about self-awareness yesterday to a group of clever people. For sure, creating Growth Habits as you describe them, Jeff, one needs to be aware of one’s behaviours, thoughts, drivers. So, to manage and channel your habits, become more aware of what you do, tend to do, when, what way [. =how 😉 ] and why. This, I find, will help us to get those Growth Habits to take off.

    In your words Jeff : Go Get Them (Growth Habits) This Week. 😁

  3. Thanks you Jeff, for bringing this up. I am having a hard time to disconnect from my cellphone. Not disconnecting is impacting my sleeping quality.
    Still struggling to find the right time to meditate. Taking kids to school every morning make my schedule a little bit impredictable.

    Thanks again, working on it.

  4. Another great video, Jeff. Thank you! The meditation habit is key for me too. Thanks for the tip on creating a new habit (for me) around my mobile phone!

  5. Great video, Jeff! Meditation has been key to my morning ritual as well! I combine it with sound therapy, a neuroplastic technique to rewire old neurological patterns, along with visualization. It has been amazing. Living with intention, I want to cut out even more of those non-growth habits, as you called them. LOVED PLFLive, thanks for your work in this world, it is so needed!

  6. So very true. As you were listing your good habits I was saying to myself “I’ve been meaning to meditate first thing in the morning and was not able to create this beautiful habit’“ why is that? Am I afraid of change so much that I won’t even pick up a great habit?

  7. Love it, Jeff! “SnapChat Streaks” were all the rage with teens recently. This is one of the non-growth habits. What I noticed is that the “streak” concept fit teen lingo. It gave a great opening for me to help them create “School Success Streaks.” Resolutions and habit formation aren’t quite as fun. Keep that meditation streak going!

  8. Ground Hog Day is a killer – so thank you for reminding us to select our growth habits – and to “rig” the environment and our minds to avoid the non-growth habits! Joan

  9. What a great idea to begin thinking of “growth habits”. I love it. As always, thank you Jeff.

  10. Great vid. I like the notion of growth habits versus non growth habits rather than saying good or bad. Thank you for that.

  11. This is a most amazing message. It makes me realize I must create a better growth habit morning. Must leave the phone down stairs. thanks, Janet

  12. I love this video, Jeff. Groundhog Day’s message is one of my most favorite ways to look at my life and create new habits. Speaking of habits, I just discovered this really great e-book by Stephen Guise called, “Mini
    Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results,” and it is fantastic. He gives an example of how to approach Mini Habits by suggesting that the reader read oonly 2 pages of his book a day. I laughed and decided to do just that and I’m already halfway through the book which means that every single morning as I read those 2 pages I am inspired, reminded and encouraged to create new mini habits in my life which grow into bigger ones. His, along with Susan Garret’s Better has no finish line (I love that!!) are two wonderful outlooks to support one to make lasting change in one’s life. And…Jeff, I am so grateful that you continue to be so real in presenting these helpful videos!

  13. I have a lot of non-growth habits to work on (NHL playoffs on TV every night for one!). My morning routine is my big win for growth habits. I’ve designed and honed this over the past couple years to win the day.
    I’ve also found meditation to be a huge lever for growth. Journaling is another (I add gratitude to that), reading scripture, as well as what I eat/drink in the first 60-90 minutes.

    My coaching business is all about helping people build a plan for growth and high-performance, so this was a great way to look at it! Thanks.
    As always, great content!!

  14. Jeff!
    I love it–cell phone not even allowed upstairs.
    And no judgement: good habits vs bad habits.
    Doing a fire ceremony every morning isn’t practical, but getting to my chair in the early morning for Quiet Time is–while the ego sleeps and the veil is thinnest.
    Thanks for the reminder from HQ!

  15. Billye Roberts


    Definitely something that I need to do, and that I have been planning to do. Making lists of the growth and non-growth habits will definitely help me *actually* get started with that. Thanks.

  16. Jeff, I so appreciate the holistic approach you present. Yes, essential to me, also, to prioritize such growth habits. And love the idea of the list as a motivational reminder. Thanks once more for your sharing!

  17. As always a thoughtful and interesting video. I have meditation and yoga as my first habits too – it absolutely does set you up for the rest of the day.

  18. Love listening to you Jeff!!!

    You’re really helping me.

    Creatures of habit.

  19. Jeff,
    Your point is a great one. It’s all about creating habits that we consciously choose, not those which are based on reflexive thinking. This is an area where I have been working on …to help people learn to “interrupt” those bad, reflex type decisions (and habits) and replace them with more conscious thought processes. I call it ThoughtCrafting. There are literally hundreds of small thought-tools that we can use to help us make better decisions based on better thought…which results in a better life.

  20. Excellent topic and great explanation Jeff! Thanks for all you do for all of us. 😊

  21. Virginia Reeves


    As always, Jeff, you share important life reminders that are easy enough to implement. These habits and routines, whether good or not-so-good, can be changed at any time. It’s our choice. We have control. Exercise is critical to me in the morning to get the brain and blood moving. Taking walks is a form of meditation for me as I appreciate nature (it’s there even in my suburb neighborhood).

  22. In life, all lessons will be repeated until learned! That’s essentially the story of Groundhog Day. If we’re not living consciously and looking for the lesson, we will repeat them over and over and over again- until we learn the lesson!

    I also loved the comment (in the next video) showing how reframing what definition we give to “nervousness” could be instead considered “excitement”. That’s how we can change our perception of something that WAS stressful into something that is an opportunity, and therefore no longer stressful!

    Jeff, your sharing of the things that you’ve explored in life is so helpful. I can see that your success with your business has allowed you to expand and grow in so many areas, and it’s our blessing that you share them with us! Thanks!

  23. I find all your videos interesting and worthy of noting. THIS ONE, however, is the one that will create marvelous magic for anyone who takes note and actions it. How do I know that?
    Since I started morning (and evening) meditation and yoga about a year ago, my life has made an amazing move upward. It’s all about making the change from within and with-out will change as a result.
    We can only control our inner world. Our outer world will be a reflection of this. Extraneous stuff that doesn’t support this inner world, doesn’t take priority.
    I loved when you said, your phone isn’t allowed upstairs. Ha, ha!
    BRAVO, such an important video.

  24. Helen Kasses


    Hi Jeff,
    I love listening to your videos because they always motivate me to do something to improve my life. Thank you. Helen

  25. Hi Jeff,
    Groundhog day reminded me that in the beginning of the move, Bill Murray was obnoxious and focused only on his needs. As the movie progressed, he started to help others . That’s a key point to me. When we focus just on us, we’ll keep chasing success. When we focus on helping others, success comes to us.
    Best wishes.

  26. rooster kliewer


    Being in the habit of creating good habits. YES! it takes only 21 days of doing something consistently to create a habit that will stick with you. thanks for sharing the part about when you do your meditation. Ive been wondering when you implement that tool daily. Thank you truly sir. You are a rockstar in my life!!

  27. Thanks for the encouragement! Fist step is to become self aware of what you’re doing.

  28. I use Inner Child Meditation but not every day. I need to reconsider that. Thank you.

  29. I totally AGREE!!!!! That was a HUGE shift for me to go from Labeling my feelings/experience from being Nervous to Excited! HUGE AHA!!!!! Moment…..Total Game Changer for sure!

    Thanks for putting this into words

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