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For the past week, I’ve been preparing my mind and body for the largest event I’ve ever put on. Here’s a little peek behind the scenes (and why it’s going to be extra-awesome this year)…

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This is a big week for me—just thought I'd let you know what's going on with me.

Tomorrow I'm flying out to Phoenix, and this is event week for me. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is my PLF Live, and I'm super stoked about that. You might have heard about it, I think it's the longest running event in our industry. First one was in 2007, I started doing it annually in 2010, it's a big deal—well over 1,000 people there, it's going to be super cool. I love it. That's Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Before that, I have my Launch Club Live. So Launch Club is my high end coaching program, and it's a fantastic group of people, they're doing amazing things. So I get two days with them, Wednesday and Thursday. So I'm going to fly out Monday, Tuesday’s sort of that insurance day in case something goes wrong with my flights on Monday. So Tuesday is sort of relax day for me, then Wednesday and Thursday is Launch Club Live.

I'm stoked because I'm going to be teaching something I've never gone this deep into which is copywriting and story, and using stories within your marketing. And the whole the copywriting piece—creating personality in your copy and really bonding people to you—I'm super excited about that.

So the bottom line is I got five days of events, so I've been in this monk mode for the last few weeks. When I go into monk mode it means that I am just trying to get myself completely aligned, so when I step on stage for five days then I can completely rock it. That means super strict on my diet, super strict on my exercise. I'm getting the body work on my actual alignment, my posture. It's all been setting up for a few weeks for this week, it's going to be super cool.

It's funny because I am an introvert, but I love getting on stage—specifically I love getting on stage at my events. When I'm in front of my community, and my people, that makes a big difference. I like getting on other stages as well, but mostly what I love most is getting in front of my people because it's just such a warm, amazing group of people. I love them.

And then what I get to do is first I'm going to Launch Club … I don't know, we'll have somewhere near 200 people, maybe a little less, somewhere around there. And so it will be more of an intimate experience, and I just love it because I get to go in there and make such a big impact and there’s so many really cool people. But it's almost like that room is my palette, like I'm an artist and that room is my palette. And I get two days to create this bubble of awesomeness, and when I say that it's when you get a bunch of entrepreneurs together, a bunch of heart centered, amazing attributes that are doing big things, it's just like a different planet. And that's a planet that I love to live in. So I'm this artist with this palette, and I can create whatever painting I want.

Of course, what I want to do is I want to create an environment where I can teach, where I can transfer skills that are going to make an immense difference in their business. But I also want to create this environment where they're connecting with each other, where they're creating their network of awesomeness, because … how does that saying go? “Your net worth is your network.” So I want to be the one that facilitates them creating this amazing network. Then I want to inspire them, and I want them to be inspired by the people around them. And so I think those are the big three things you get in an event is, advanced skills and the connections and the inspiration.

So after me getting all (this is a little bit behind the scenes), so I've got those people—let's call it 180 people—and then we're going to go into PLF Live right after that (Wednesday and Thursday's Launch Club Live, then we go to the PLF Live). And of course everyone at Launch Club Live is going to be in PLF Live. So I use that as my figurative springboard. That's where I'm getting all revved up and pumped up again among my best, closest people getting all pumped up.

And then, when I hit the stage in front of 1,000 people at PLF Live, Friday morning at 9:00 a.m I take that stage, but I'm already going 120 miles an hour because I have the secret weapon of Launch Club and they've helped get me all jacked up. Now I'm in stride, I'm ready to rock and even though I'm an introvert, I hit that stage at 120 miles an hour and we just blow the doors off. And again, now I get this bigger palette of 1,000 people anf just think about the energy you can create with 1,000 people, the good that you can create with 1,000 people. And then we go into planning the launches for 1,000 people. Absolutely epic, absolutely epic. And I do, I create this bubble, it's like enhanced reality. Let's call it that, it's like outside that bubble is all the cares of the world, inside that bubble is 1,000 people creating amazing businesses and amazing launches. That's what my week's looking like, it's a pretty exciting week. I can't believe I get to do this for a living, I get to step on these two different stages and help so many people, and make such an impact, and just have so much fun.

That's what my week looks like. I hope you have a week that's equally awesome.

I'm Jeff Walker. Wherever you're watching this, scroll down, leave a comment for me, and let's go get ‘em this week.

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26 Replies to “The Bubble of Awesomeness”

  1. Hey Jeff 🙂
    Great video – miss you and play plus bubble of awesomeness! 👋🤗🎉

    I too have a fabulous epic week ahead of our high end business building retreat for our platinum level clients called Alpha Omega.

    Sending you HUGE SUCCESS VIBES for PLF LIVE and Launch 🚀 Club

    Wooot wooot May you surpass all your enrollment goals with ease, grace and FUN as I know you will.

    Say HI to everyone 🌈🤗

    Jennifer Jimenez

  2. Thanks for your good tips to get the most out of PLF Live. I have already made friends via Facebook Group so thanks for that avenue also.

  3. Thanks, Jeff. Love how you talk about being an introvert and still get pumped to be on stage: I’m also an introvert…and a project manager…and soon to be coach who helps other introverts lead projects using their unique strengths. Can’t wait for PLF Live – LET’S GO!!

    • Amy, I help BAs start their careers and we’ve been having some great discussions in my community about being introverts. I’d love to connect with you at PLF Live.

  4. Congratulations, jeff, I’m from Brazil and to accompany your content … I’m in love with the way you teach … a strong hug my Friend.

  5. Laura Reilly


    Can’t wait for PLF Live! And joining the Bubble of Awesomeness!

  6. Nishit Patel


    Badly wanted to come to this event, but I just came back from my own Meditation workshop in Raleigh. Just couldn’t fly out in the middle of tax season and some property issues. I hope you have a ways to offer the recording of your event…I know, it will be super event…

  7. Peg Roberts


    Can’t wait to get there! This is my first PLF Live. Flying in on Thursday. Excited about all that will happen.

  8. Thank you Jeff, super excited to be going to my first PLF Live! It fills my heart to be making a massive difference in people’s lives, but how I rejuvenate myself is time on my own, especially in nature. Can’t wait to get there and hopefully meet you!

  9. Can’t wait! I’m flying in on Tuesday… looking forward to seeing you and helping to create the bubble of awesome. Starting fourth business and this will be the birth place. 😉

  10. I greatly appreciate all the preparation you are putting into this week for PLF Live, Jeff. Can hardly wait to arrive in PHX on Thursday and immerse myself in the Bubble!

  11. Hi Jeff! Today is the 3rd day of 3-day workshop I am teaching for my Advanced students. I am flying in for Launch Club Tuesday! It will be great to see you and your wonderful team again!

  12. Great stuff as usual Jeff. I hope you have an incredible time and even more momentum as you engage with others next week… Have a blast, change the world!

  13. I love how you role model this level of self-care and preparation Jeff. It inspires me as an introvert, also thinking about how I can create a lead-up to events that challenge me and create the bubbles of awesomeness that serve me and my community.

    Thank you for sharing.

  14. David Tschoepe


    Looking forward to it. But I’m having a hard time seeing you “blowing the doors off”. You have such a calm, cool and collected way of speaking in these videos. I’m driving to Phoenix on Wednesday.

  15. From Brazil, wishing someday I can take part in your event. God bless !!!

  16. I´m looking foreward to meet all the people making a change in their lifes.
    Flying from Germany first time to America , just coming back from Australia where I first heard about PLF and jumped in.
    The aborigines I met in Australia had a big impact in my life, like all indigineous people I connected to learn from and with them . They call it “one tribe” what they want to realize and my intention for PLF live is to bring in myself to create a world of sharing and caring. Money is a human creation and can be used for that purpose. Thats a great thing and I think you agree. Lets have a “one tribe making money party”! 🙂

  17. So, wish I was able to make it this year!! Looking forward to joining next year!! Have a blast! I know you will.

  18. My first PLF Live. Thanks for the preliminary stoke Jeff. Bringing my copywriting background and skills along with my launch and new biz ideas to Phoenix. Looking forward to it. Ready to contribute and learn.

  19. Crushed i’m not able to attend. 🙁 Best to you Jeff, as you inspire and teach ~ and to all the attendees ~ ENJOY!

  20. Thanks Jeff for the great tips! I enjoyed reading Launch book. I am planning to step up by joining to the course soon.

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