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Putting together a great offer means knowing as much as you can about your avatar. Their hopes, their dreams, their desires, the things that keep them up at night… 

How can you find these things out? There are a number of ways – here’s one of my new favorites.

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86 Replies to “Listening In on Your Avatar…”

  1. Shane Muller


    Thank you Jeff,
    Coming from you Clubhouse is now No 1 on my list.

  2. Christine Costello


    that is the best news i have heard of all the time that i have been on social media.
    Thanks Jeff.

  3. Hi Jeff, I just like to say, great, a new social media platform is it, as long as it`s free, without censorship (which fb / YouTube has) but has integrity and says a big no to all abusive behavior, so I say congratulations. My own life is currently completely outside of what are called comfort zones, and I know nothing about where everything is leaning in my own life right now, for various reasons. Just know that New Earth is our positive future. Thank you for your commitment Jeff. I only have my laptop and my phone is broke. Blessings Always and Unconditional Love to all and everyone and you Jeff Walker.

  4. Margaret Brice


    Jeff, please send me an invitation. I have Android.
    I will appreciate it. I believe in you.

      • Hey Jeff long time fan of you and PLF, like you I have been working online since late 90’s. Please invite me to clubhouse love to chat. Talking with Laura Betterly just the other day about her new project and we brought up the sideways sales letter. Thank you for your time and energy for all of your friends, clients and followers.
        Make it a great day!

  5. Hello Jeff,

    As someone who has been quietly watching and absorbing your information from the outside, I wanted to say thank you for….

    The “Insight”…. which I hold more important than knowledge or wisdom.

    I have been removing myself from multiple lists over the past months to better curate who I feel can best guide me down the right path.

    You…. (even though you don’t know) are a mentor of mine and I look forward to being a closer part of your community.

    That’s it…. just wanted to say a sincere “Thank You”

    P.S. I also look forward to what Clubhouse brings for our future and have been able to reserve my name as a username. Which, I get excited when I can actually have my own name available on a platform.

  6. I’m also on clubhouse ! I’m a 20 year veteran of the Music Business who has been fortune enough to have written many billboard #1 songs . I am creating an online songwriting course called building great songs. I just finished Your book launch . I’m learning more every day. I’m probably YOUR avatar! Lol

  7. I’ve been following what everyone says about Clubhouse but no one has invited me yet! I’d love to be on because I think the early adapters are very authentic and serious people.

  8. I’ve been on CH for over a month and find it to be very timely. With the past year and people feeling so disconnected to each other, this platform allows for real time conversations. It’s great for market research and connecting with an audience you may not had the opportunity to be in front of.

  9. Thank-you Jeff. You are so right that the hardest part about building a business and marketing your products and services is knowing your avatar, their hopes, dreams and fears. Love this great “listening in” tip. Excited for android!🥰🤗

    • Thank you Jeff, once again, your message came within an interesting synchronicity, I am definitelly interested :).

  10. Also worth passing on here is the fact that even though most like myself are having to wait in line to get in, you can still reserve your name ahead of time. So if interested, it might be worth registering now and waiting until that pops. 🙂

  11. Kate Fulkerson


    So I don’t know anyone but Jeff on Clubhouse. How do I get an invite?

  12. David Aldás


    Thank you Jeff for your amazing words. Greetings from Ecuador 🇪🇨

  13. It is such an interesting environment! People talking to each other. There is so much to listen to, conversations to participate in and relationships to build!

  14. Thank you Jeff, that sounds really interesting. Can you please, please sent me an invite? You only know who you know there, if you know somebody who can sent you an invite. And that, that is you. I would be so grateful!

  15. Hi Jeff
    This sounds totally amazing. I have never been interested in other platforms because I really am not interested in recipes, what food looks like on a plate in a restaurant or how big your kids/grandkids got. However, I am not on IOS but if you send me an invite now I can join the minute Android opens. Thank you. You are very much appreciated.

  16. Gary. Wilkinson


    I’ve heard so much about clubhouse but I’ve been on the waiting list since before Christmas. I’d love an invite if somebody would be willing to do that for me.

    Thank you so much



  17. Hi Jeff, I’m just starting out. Perhaps I missed something you said. When I googled Clubhouse, many showed up. Which one?
    Thanks so much!

  18. Jeff,

    this is very interesting. While reading your book Launch (i am waiting anxiously for the new edition) i got kind of “stuck” in trying to find the perfect ethical bribe to my avatar.
    If u can spare a moment i would really appreciate if you send me an invite. Once again thank you!

    Have an excellent day.

  19. HI Jeff, Thanks for this video! Could you invite me on that platform Clubhouse?
    Nice to follow your determination to help us reach our ideal client! Have a super end of the week end!

  20. I’m interested in clubhouse and would be interested in learning more about strength training, nutrition, running. I’m a coach and love to talking to others about these subjects.

    I’d love an invite : )

  21. Patricia Casello-Maddox


    Jeff, this is perfect for the timing of my starting launch. I am trying to hone in on my avatar. I am on an android currently. Can you invite me? Or do I place my name on a list waiting for android availability?

  22. Thanks for the Clubhouse review. I agree with you in that it will become very popular – simple and conversational based. I’m following you and have listened in on a couple of room discussions. I’m in and will begin having these conversations.

  23. I have not yet had the opportunity to get into Clubhouse, so at this stage I am evaluating from the outside. What I’m wondering is how this new platform is different/better than Reddit? They appear to be very similar. Jeff, could you share your thoughts on this? And anyone else for that matter 🙂

    • Oh wait… I just did some Googling… I see that it is a “talking” conversations app… kind of like the audio version of Reddit. Interesting!

  24. Thanks Jeff! I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about Clubhouse until now. Members get only two invites to share initially. If a member is in your tel. # as a contact, they will be notified. In any case, the first thing to do is download the app. They will ask for your real name and a username. I can’t wait to engage in meaningful conversations!

  25. WHAT! Jeff Walker personally active on social media??? I agree that Clubhouse has incredible potential and I am looking forward to how it evolves. Listening to you and many of the other world-class experts in every aspect of marketing is free access to thousands of dollars of valuable wisdom and information. One of the highlights for me initially has been the collaborative interaction between experts in the conversations like the ones between you and Stu McLaren.

  26. Hey Jeff,
    I’m listening to the “Secrets from Selling $50M+ of Courses & Coaching” room on Clubhouse, in which you are offering some advice at the moment. I just wanted to pop in here and thank you for all that you’re giving in the community. That is so generous and much appreciated!

  27. Interesting stuff. Thank you for sharing. Asking the obvious question: What would you need fro my end to make it really easy for you to send me an invite?

  28. i was invited two days ago and i signed up.
    Brains, Games and Foes will be the topic

    i was pleasantly surprised to hear you on it Jeff

    – Dr. Steven Feinberg,
    NeuroStrategist and Executive Advisor/Coach

  29. Thank you Jeff for letting us know about Clubhouse. Like you I rarely spend time on social media and this sounds very intriguing so I just jumped on the wait list. Thank you

  30. Thank you so much for this video, Jeff. Clubhouse sounds like exactly the sort of platform I could both benefit from and contribute to.

    Is there any way to snaffle an invitation?

    Or would you be willing to do the honors?

  31. I registered for clubhouse and was told a long waiting list. Then i got a message about being bumped to the front of the queue. I don’t really know what to do next. Can some advise me?

  32. Hi,
    Thank you for the recommendation – I shall follow-up on it.
    I searched for invite sources and didn’t locate any bonafide ones – but there are users SELLING invites on Reddit!.. 😀 Typical!
    Not knowing any ClubHouse users personally, does anyone have a spare ClubHouse invite they could share?

    Yours faithfully,

  33. I just got into clubhouse and am feeling my way around. I’ve followed you Jeff, but how do I know when you’re hosting a room? Thanks for all you do, Melanie

  34. Kiva Fecteau


    I’d already decided it will be worth my while to start engaging in Clubhouse. You’ve made a point I’m not sure I had yet clarified to myself – that this is a great place to better understand my avatar. Thanks for that, Jeff.

  35. Maria F Barberena-Arias


    Thanks…. Would love an invite, and see this works… Thanks,

  36. Tardy response here…. Thx so much, Jeff, for sharing about Clubhouse. Fascinating. I raced over, got the app, and signed onto the waitlist. I also read the numerous reviews there. And now I’ve deleted the app and won’t be getting involved, despite the exuberance Clubhouse is generating!

    Assessing the reviews, it’s a GREAT platform ‘now.’ People are loving the novelty, fun, social stimulus, and educational value. But I don’t think the value can last, with complicated platform growth (snowballing at lightening speed) and privacy matters. Privacy issues were the most troubling mention in the reviews. Apparently, Clubhouse requires the total contact list from your phone, not revealing what they’ll do with it. And all your contacts are informed when you’re on Clubhouse—that’s every contact on your phone, including your plumber and next door neighbor. Getting off Clubhouse is also fairly tricky, according to some.

    Forgive me for raining on the parade—looks like fun, and I’m delighted for all who’ve enjoyed these early months of something fresh and dynamic. But it IS the internet, there’s big profit ‘somewhere,’ and I hope everyone takes care in the share! (I also hope I’m wrong being skeptical!)

  37. When I saw your name in one of the first rooms that I joined, I knew that I was in an important place. I am also intrigued and hopeful for this new platform. Thanks Jeff!

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