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I made some pretty big changes to my 2023 launch after Dylan Frost spoke at my high-end mastermind.

Usually, talks go for twenty minutes max. But, Dylan blew us all away so much, we let him go for sixty. His approach was so fresh – and getting such great results – it forced me to switch things up.

I’ve done hundreds of live webinars, trainings, and broadcasts over the years. And in this video, I reveal some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned… including the changes I made this time around.

P.S. As a special favor, Dylan’s giving a free “encore” presentation of the same talk that wowed my mastermind group.

It’s happening Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023 at 2pm ET (New York time).

This is the first time Dylan is sharing his system with the general public, and he has no plans to repeat it.

This won’t be around for long, so check out this “launch-changing” training while you can. 

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4 Replies to “Webinars in 2023: Here’s What’s Working (And a Free Training)”

  1. Marie-Odile


    Chat can be a distraction…. but chat is also certainly very helpful for non native English speakers…. I am French and I can’t tell how many times I used the chat in various US webinars to ask “what is the word he’s just said ?” or “how do you spell the name of the author he just mentioned ??” An alternative would be to turn off the chat sometimes… but not all the time ? what do you think about that ??

  2. hi!
    i love that you turned off the webinar chat! it’s so incredibly distracting in an already distracting world & makes following the content much more difficult. yay! thank you!

  3. …And if you do everything correctly, then switching to the offer is very simple and you don’t have to be some kind of magical seller, especially sand in the desert…

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