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I just wrapped up my annual Launch Lab event – two days of “level skips” and “power ups” to help you start or grow a business in 2023.

After revealing the latest and greatest strategies and trends, including an inside look at how I’m going to be using these ideas in my business this year…

I sat down with three of my Launch Coaches and asked them for their favorite takeaways and tactics from this year’s event.

If you’d like to learn how even brand new business owners can stand out in a crowded marketplace, how discovering your perfect launch type helps set you up for success, and a few more awesome things…

Think of this as a bonus Launch Lab “After Hours” session.

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2 Replies to “The Biggest Takeaways from Launch Lab 2023”

  1. To Jeff and the amazing coaches,
    A deep and heartfelt thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    Thank you for the opportunity to experience laser coaching.
    Launch Lab was awesome, and I can’t wait to join you guys soon.
    Warmest regards

  2. Angela Scott


    Hello Jeff,
    I am a product launch member and have been for about 2 months. I am interested in doing problem solving classes for women who are bullied in the work place as I am now. My last day on my job will be February 1, 2023. In one of your videos you suggested we ask ourselves who do we want to be a hero for? For women who feel trap, stuck and diminished. Thank you for this proven tool (PLF) to bring about change, security and protection when using PLF in a specific niche!

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