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When I started my first online business 25 years ago, I never imagined I’d be where I am now — the income, impact, and lifestyle I enjoy are beyond my wildest imagination. I’m still in awe of it all.

How the heck did I get so much further than I ever thought possible?

It’s been an adventure, and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. But looking back, I can identify some key decisions (and a certain mindset) that got me where I am today.

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21 Replies to “50X Better Than I Imagined”

  1. Great post Jeff!
    Great seeds that anyone can take and plant and harvest the success they wish in any endeavor in life.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am here as I met you, as a guest with Shanda and Ash.
    I have bought your book with the blue cover, and look forward to day 3 of the PLF live 2021.
    I am keen to know about the “Bring Mary Home”, I have got the Canyon enthusiasm.
    I am at the point of beginning my list. Yesterday your fear around singing on stage, really struck with my mute to expressive heroic journey.
    Sue Bayley aka The Autistic Whisperer

  3. I would like to know more, my biggest issue is content, I have an issue with writing information, I just don’t feel giid enough that how I write is good enough thus is my big block but I’ll take a look

    • Well, the truth is you do not have to produce everything yourself, plus there are plenty of resources which can help you. You don’t write every single idea, we all borrow from each other, and ideas are plentiful!
      Through using all of the available media types:
      We can build the substance of our ideas, and present them to a specific audience.
      Don’t be help back by your feelings of not being ‘good enough’.

  4. Yohny Romero


    As a former professional tennis player, I do understand exactly what are you saying in your video, because it was a very long carrier and took me to where I am right now. In this moment, as a coach for high performance players in Florida, I’m ready to spread out my knowledge to the Latinos tennis players, while I am improving my English, and then I will do my products in English. Thanks so much for putting this together to set and strategy of selling the right way and give to the world the best energy we can. All the success.

  5. Yes! Yes! Yes! “Courage comes before capability” so good! I needed to hear this message today. The times I’ve been most stuck was because I kept trying to get ready for it. I’m going through a big transition now and don’t feel ready, but I’ve lept from the metaphorical edge and there is no turning back. You sir are an inspiration!

  6. I am so ready for my adventure. Just need to get rid of the safety net and I will be flying… all I need to do is find the right direction so I will not run around in circles.

  7. Ben Gaillard


    I know you make a lot of money from PLF, Live, and Launch Club, etc. But I look at this and you don’t HAVE to do so much. I’m just taken aback by how MUCH you give, and give, and give! Thanks for all you do!

  8. Hello Jeff,
    I write primarily, to thank you. I studied Launch when first published, dove methodically into PLF and launched my first of three online courses in 2016. I continue to follow your teachings. For all the above and more, I express my gratitude.

    I have had great teachers over the years. I now share one idea from them and one of my own.
    During my training, In the midst of complex surgical procedure my professor was assisting me as he taught. He said, “perfection is the enemy of good.”

    To your wise statement of courage, I offer a concept I have written about. Certain human attributes are “built” on others, a natural sequence: Clarity. Conviction.Courage.

    May you continue to have and share all three in abundance.

    My best,


  9. I fully relate with the steps that you mention and which need to be taken to move forward and now I have to work on the presentation of the somewhat complex topic I have chosen. The video will be a source of inspiration.

  10. The main issues raised are: – health; – constant financial support of colleagues in trouble (illness, accident, and other unforeseen troubles; – constant attendance at church, church and birthdays). I will have a round date soon, I will invite all of you to visit me, then there will be something to talk about. Thank you for a nice meeting with you. Bohdan.

  11. Florence Tan


    I have just completed the 13th PLF Live this morning 6.30 am Singapore Time. My heart is still pounding hard with the high energy from the Launch and I believe this will drive me to my success journey too.
    One can believe, you can do it, I can do it too. My takeaway from these happenings are courage, confidence, hard work and persistence. No one can do things alone. We need one another for success. I am grateful for knowing you after the 12th PLF Live Launch. I can see my entrepreneur path with clarity ever since. Thank you and God Bless.

  12. You were able to position yourself as being a genuine expert in the eyes of a large number of people, there was an element of Novelty because few people have mastered the Web marketing problem; you represent a problem solver and thought leader. People out there in ‘normie land’ don’t have a clue of how to proceed, and you offer an authentic example of success. Communication is THE critical matter in all of this.

  13. GET LAUNCHED – YES! Thank you so much for this message – because we all only can come to impact, success or a even a better life, when we come into the play. I was on PLF Live 2021!! This was really awesome & gives so much confidence to get forward.. Thanks, Jeff!

  14. Thanks Jeff – you are so awesome!!! An inspiration and encouragement to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Thanks for all you do & share!!!

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