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We’re just a few days away from my free Launch Masterclass, where I’m gonna be teaching live for 10+ hours and delivering a ton of value. 

And as I’ve been prepping for it, I’ve been thinking about a question I get asked a lot… 

What does my crystal ball say about what’s coming in the next year or three in the online launch landscape?

It’s a juicy question, and one I get asked quite a bit… so I thought I would answer it in this week’s video. 

Here’s my answer…

P.S. In the video I mentioned my free Launch Masterclass. Here’s the link to get registered:

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2 Replies to ““Crystal Balling” The Future of Digital Marketing”

  1. John Keffalas


    I need help finding a hungry market for people that will pay for information.

    • Lucia da Vinci


      Hi John, I’m pretty much on the same quest and it would be interesting to exchange some ideas with you in this forum, if you get this reply and have the inclination to engage.
      I think people don’t pay for ‘information’ as it stands – unless there’s an established strategy to buy information, in an environment like a corporation, etc… I think people will buy that information, with the meaning attached to it, that resonates with their meaning, if we can distill that meaning and then offer that to that hungry market you are seeking.
      Jeff put it nicely in Lesson 1 yesterday… something like: “if you can articulate their problem better than they can, then THAT puts you in a position of authority”, and (only) builds trust and resonance with your prospects.
      What sort of information are you offering, John? Where are you based? I’m in Scotland.
      To your success,

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