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These days it's hard to turn around without bumping into someone who tells you they're an online marketing expert. Sometimes It seems like anyone who's written a blog post is calling themselves an expert.

But when I started in 1996, there was no one to learn from – no one was teaching Internet marketing. We were all just figuring it out. So I had to look someplace else… and that made all the difference:

Next up… Day 6: The First Launch Ever

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16 Replies to “Day 5: Making It Up”

  1. Jeff- Thanks for opening up and doing this challenge. That last question definitely went through my mind when I initially bought your course. It’s human nature. Since then, I’m so glad I did. Your teaching methods and stories are engaging and make learning easy and fun. Thank you for giving me insight into a new way of living that can allow us to live the lifestyle we want.

  2. Ndifreke Atauyo


    Hi Jeff,
    I am impressed by your courage and the ability to teach us to be like you. The success I have achieved in starting a web design nigeria and home base online business has its foundation from what you taught me when I joined your newsletter. I cannot forget in a hurry when you said the number one thing is to build a list. Jeff, thanks so much

  3. Loving the 30 days! Keep it up and looking forward to seeing you at LaunchCon in October – got my tickets last night! Thanks for the early bird offer

  4. Great questions to remember and the 2nd time I’ve run into them this week! Who is this person (are they real or a scammer)? Will what they are offering work (I need proof)? And, finally, will it work for me? In the end, it’s all about adding value to the customer and then you’ll be able to answer these questions and get the sale. Loving the journey! Congrats on the 20-year anniversary!!!

  5. Hi Jeff. Does this work for me… such an important question. I will review my websites and view them from the customers viewpoint… thank you for this insight. I discus bereavement and have been in this field for so long I now feel I have empathy but perhaps missing the feelings that the newly bereaved have. with love Anne Jennings

  6. Peter Brodie


    What I really like about Jeff’s output is that it’s always conceived and delivered with integrity. If you’re interested in being listened to online, so that your message gets heard and processed, Jeff Walker teaches eloquently so that anyone can understand him, and exemplifies it in his own style of communication.

  7. Thanks for the videos. Your stuff is so out of my reach financially that I can’t possibly qualify, but I love learning from your videos. You are generously sharing this 30 day journey and I just wanted to thank you.

  8. Another great video, Jeff! I especially loved the part about how the principles of direct marketing have never gone away but have been reimagined for marketing online products and serivces. Looking forward to the next video!

  9. Jaqui Miles


    Understanding and relating to my customers’ skepticism is a big challenge for me – I am myself quite sketical and wary of scams. Today’s video got me closer to understanding how to talk to them. Thanks Jeff

  10. Kathleen Kunster


    Jeff, I admire you tremendously. With your back to the wall, you pulled off a win. I appreciate your videos, and all I’ve learned from you. You come across as honest and encouraging.
    AND, I have a question: is online marketing only for those who: can put the websites together themselves, and/or who have thousands of dollars to pay someone to put the funnel syatems together for them?
    Possibly not a question you’ve had – but if you are willing to answer, I would so appreciate it.

  11. Thank you for explicating these questions, Jeff. Too bad the first question – scam – is so prominent in our business… Great video!
    P.S. Is that a poinsettia to your left? Wonderful 🙂

  12. Great video! I agree about taking from the old school true and time tested principles! So many fly by night scams out there and like you say our customers are thinking the same thing. I really appreciated this video.

  13. Yes this makes a lot of sense. First, investing in your educating to see what is possible. Second, you are an online publishing business not just an internet marketer. Big difference. One is a value creator. And one is a value mover. Very powerful for me now to think of myself as an online publishing business. I write a lot now, producing articles most days. Mostly publishing on LinkedIn. I do have a blog as well but find that LinkedIn and Facebook have instant traffic which is why I prefer blogging there as well.

    Thanks for another great article.


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