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After about a year of hard work I finally caught my big break, and it ended up being a complete FAIL. We're talking about a total, unmitigated disaster. Here's what happened, and what I learned….

Next up… Day 15: Masterminds and Growing 1000x

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28 Replies to “Day 14: My Big Break + A Complete FAIL”

  1. Let’s look at this guy:
    Got a smile!
    Makes mistakes during his videos
    Goes off his script at times
    Tells you it’s ok to make mistakes
    Not constantly selling
    = honest, likeable, trustworthy we are sold!

  2. Great video, so brave to share some of the failures and the fears that held you back than all the good stuff. Thanks Jeff, Sharnee

  3. Thanks Jeff. Yet again great to see and hear some of the trials and challenges along your journey.
    Its great to see the proof that a failure or misfire is not the end of the world, in actual fact it could be the basis of the next lesson taught.

  4. I totally agree – his honesty, likeability and willingness to show the ‘not so great moments’ have earned my trust. I follow very few people, but Jeff’s at the top of my list!

  5. Thanks for sharing that story Jeff. I’m now starting up my business as well and after putting out some videos I was asked to speak at a yoga event about spirituality and I felt that I didn’t do as well as I could have. That story definitely made me feel better. Thank you for sharing that with us!


  6. Hey Jeff I so agree with the first comment here, exactly what I was going to say too! The humility you talked of in one of the other videos just shines through. Have just listened to all 14 days in one go – learnt nuggets of wisdom from all of them. Thanks v much and look forward to the next ones. All the best to you.

  7. Hi Jeff Thanks this was great video which encourage to get started and dont worry about mistakes what eventually get made in path but keep focus and keep moving

  8. Absolutely! Fear and worrying about others’ opinions are some of the biggest life limiters. As someone who has leaped into blogging, radio, and outspoken about my own life challenges, I’ve learned that it truly doesn’t matter if you fail, others don’t like the things that you’re doing, or if you upset someone. The true lessons are in learning from the things that happen to you. My mantra that keeps my going — especially during the most difficult times — is… “There’s always value in the journey, even if the outcome isn’t as wanted or expected”. The bottom line… make the most of your experiences (good or bad) and keep moving forward!!!

  9. Thanks Jeff for sharing this post about failure and bouncing back from it. Powerful lesson learned – you’re the best!

  10. I had asked earlier if you had any failures, and this would certainly qualify. So thanks for answering, even though I suspect it was inadvertent. This is one of my biggest concerns as well: what if I make it to the big (well, medium) time, and I freeze as well? And I’m petrified that I will have a meltdown after the freezing (“You found out! I really don’t know what I am talking about!”). This might be related to the imposter syndrome. My role models are Cindy “Baton Rouge” Brady and Ralph “Homina Homina” Kramden freezing on TV.

  11. Jeff – all your videos till now have been inspirational and your ‘nice guy’ humility shines through.
    But this struck a chord with me because I had this exact same experience many many years ago – BUT WORSE – it was on breakfast TV! As the marketing director of a Fortune 100 technology company, I had been successful in placing front page stories in the major newspapers. So I was then invited onto a couple of major TV programs.
    I turned up, like you – bright and early – all shiny and smiley in my best suit for my spot on TV. I even smelled fantastic 😉
    Unfortunately the breakfast host was a pretentious airhead who took a quick look at my script and tech details and realized it was way over his head.
    Just like your radio host, he too just tossed it and turned to his previous guest – a woman who had been talking about a soft subject related to privacy in schools or something.
    Of course, she didn’t get it either, so she turned it into a diatribe about how my product would rob us of our privacy and kill puppies and kittens, destroy our families and bring armageddon and so on and on and on….
    And I just sat there dumbstruck through this hatchet job because the host was too scared to talk to me because he didn’t understand the tech!
    What was I promoting? The chip on our credit cards and atm cards as the new high-tech security solution and ssl and other things we take for granted today. So much for my 5 minutes of fame 😉
    But besides messing with my head for a week or so, it didn’t have any impact on the technology (just check your wallet) nor on my career, nor on my sanity. The same station later ran two stories on more substantial primetime shows.
    And I’m still standing – and in Launch Club!

  12. Just shot my first video last week for my list building email sequence. The whole way I had your voice going through my head from the PLF training about baby steps. When I felt it wasn’t going too well, I’d watch another one of your videos and figure if you could do it that well, so could I. My video turned out well enough to just pass on my suck meter, and I am off to the studio to shoot another one today. Each one will get better and better. You are an excellent teacher. Your teaching abilities are as good as your online marketing skills, and those are two great qualities to have these days. I know you figured that out about 20 years ago, congrats!

  13. Jeff, I had a radio show for 2 1/2 years–The Green Roundtable. I suggest you be easy on yourself as the interviewer made a goof. A bad move when he went of script, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people on radio . And my co- host and I would always establish rapport first with any guest. I would have told him he was asking the wrong question. and reframed the question and do what you came to do.
    Sorry you went through that.

    Frank Clemente
    Sustainable Designer of Outdoor Environments

  14. Michael Wagner


    Awesome. I’ m trying to leave a comment about how much I love today’s video and why I love it, but I keep end up feeling like you did that day when your host went off script!!! So, I’ll keep it simple: Thanks for the fabulous, honest, inspiring message! And thanks for “keeping it real!” 🙂

  15. I totally agree with Frank, having worked in radio for many years. Any show worth its salt would have done a pre-interview so you would have an idea of what to expect. Curve balls are sometimes used when the interviewer has a good reason to believe that the subject is covering up information for the wrong reasons, but for a standard info interview, professionals stick to the script and follow the subject’s lead if he or she takes an interesting side path.

  16. Ndifreke Atauyo


    Hello Jeff,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences all through these educational videos. We love the videos and will continue to remain your fans, and customers. Thanks Jeff

  17. Helena Kurcab


    Loved this video, Jeff. If we are authentic and people can see that we genuinely want to help them with any gifts we have, they forgive us for any errors we make in the process.

  18. Hi Jeff. I was holding my breath during your story.
    On Thursday I am going to support my friend Troy, who is a talented musician launching his first CD.
    We laughed about the moment when you push the button to say yes, I am going to ‘order’ the first run of my product.
    with love Anne Jennings

  19. This video should be part of PLF courseware. Even LC. It is what we want to hear. You just joined our inner conversation, right there.

    Thank you so much Jeff!!!!

  20. Thanks Jeff, this was inspiring….a reminder that what feels like the end of the world in the moment, is our physiology taking over. During that radio show your body just hijacked you….. It happened to me during my last launch, i just went into fight or flight mode, trying to make it all happen, trying to make it perfect…. My body locked into a ‘do or die’ feeling….. I had to rope it in, practice my breathing, take walks…

  21. Anthony Beckman


    Excellent video. Reminds me to be humble and realistic as I move into this space. And that a few failures along the way are just part of the journey.

  22. I love these pep talks. Man my heart sank thinking of that dead air on the radio. These videos are just what I need right now to inspire me to forge ahead!

  23. Day 14 Thanks Jeff your experience reminded me why I avoid video / radio. In 1996 I was persuaded to give a radio station money to have a spot on a talk radio show. Massive disaster. No one helped me learn how to do my own show with commercials etc, so it tanked big time. Time to try podcasts and video again.

  24. Great video Jeff, best one to date. Thanks for sharing it. Very true the fear of failure is the main reason we hold ourselves back in so many areas of our lives. I had several fails with online products over the years. But the knowledge I gain assisted me to develop an at home full time job where I source all my business leads online . I can related to your experience very much, you motivated me to take some action and get moving forward! Thank you.

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