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Imagine you reached all your business and financial goals… then what comes next? This happened to me, and my answer might surprise you…

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23 Replies to “Day 28: What Happens After You Reach All Your Goals”

  1. I love your inspiring message, Jeff! I would love to be in your place to have reached all my goals. Right now I’m building an online health and fitness coaching business to help people live healthy and pain free active lives as well as be able to pay back all my medical school student loans by next year and to ultimately build massive wealth to be able to build a new medical school that focuses training futute doctors in Holistic Integrative Medicine.

  2. Haven’t been there yet in person, but that 7 minutes went in what felt like 5 seconds. It was so clear in my mind I think because I’ve been there spiritually over and over, and understand getting there is not fulfillment, as purpose can’t be fulfilled. It can only be fulfilled progressively and infinitely.

  3. Hi Jeff, so my story is not totally dissimilar except in the level of income gained. I grew up on mining communities and in a trailer park in South Africa.
    However I have realised that this is not really relevant in the long run. I had the situation where 5 years ago I had reached all the dreams of my life (except full financial independence). However that was no real issue because I am able to generate income at will. I believe that financial results follow hard work and are available to all who are willing to pay the price.
    I faced that moment of reflection. However I had a calling. A calling to enter into the fight against human trafficking. My last dream was to live the life of great contribution. A life that will count for much. For the past 2 and a half years my wife and I have been working in Bulgaria to start a work to prevent human trafficking and this year we hope to launch our first safe house for trafficked victims. This I believe is that level of Maslow’s theory.
    I have bought your book, followed your latest launch and followed Stu Mclaren’s latest launch. I have started my online business to fund the work in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. The aim is to create a business that will sustain our work and build open many more safe houses.
    Unfortunately as much as I enjoyed the product launches and learnt a lot from both of you I have been unable to sign up due to the costs. I have benefited and learnt a huge amount and I thank you for what you have done and are doing.

    I have one question. I do understand that this question may result in ire, but it is intended as a serious question. You have partially answered it in this video, but I still have the question. If the intention is to benefit entrepreneurs, why is the cost of your program so high? I understand that your time and effort is valuable. When I consult I am not cheap, but when I look at the work of developing others to fulfill the greater purpose this is a cost I bear.

    Please do not read this as a criticism, but rather as an attempt to grow and understand. It is really and attempt to learn from you.

    Carry on the great work in Africa and wherever else you are involved.

    • @Grant: thanks for your question… I’m a big fan of offering premium products, and also giving away all kinds of free training. Obviously, I run a business… and it needs to make a profit. Offering premium training is not inexpensive, and I have all kinds of costs.

      For people that can’t afford the investment in Product Launch Formula, I have all kinds of free training. I publish a video on this blog every week, and just this “30 day challenge” has 2+ hours of free training.

      My free product launch workshop that I run each year is the second best product launch training in the world – it’s got 2+ hours of training, and it’s free. I’ve had a million people go through that training.

      For the people who end up enrolling in Product Launch Formula, the ROI from that investment is often astronomical for the people who put it to use. I’ve had many people compare the learning and value in PLF vs. what they paid for an MBA. The thing is, an MBA doesn’t come with a money back guarantee… and it takes years – and it’s FAR less actionable and up-to-date.

      • Grant Small


        Hi Jeff
        Thank you for the reply. I appreciate your feedback and concur that the quality of the training is of an exceptional standard. I suppose the question relates to enabling entrepreneurs around the world to have access to this level of training. In order for other nations to arise, the number one requirement is education and training.

  4. Hi Jeff, know that feeling. For me it has felt like a loss. Good to know I will get to the other side. Thanks, Alastair

  5. An inspiring message for those of us who wish to find financial stability aligned with a simple and reward lifestyle, close to nature. Thanks, Jeff!

  6. Thanks Jeff. Great video and way of sharing of your insight and experience. It’s like you read my mind and then your messages suddenly appear in my inbox to be read and applied. Keep up the good work.

  7. Excellent! Your clarity is top notch. I have been there in reaching and surpassing almost every life goal, except the financial one.

  8. Your sentiment is right on, Jeff. As I heard you and Eben Pagan discuss in one of your bonuses, it’s not a feeling that many would sympathize with. Thank you for your honesty.

  9. Stephanie L. Jones


    Hi Jeff!

    Off topic, but I’ve got to ask my question somewhere. Being a former marketing student, I know that companies spend big money coming up with good taglines. They’re considered vital to companies’ brands. Since many, many people comment on how your’s encourages them, can you share the story behind “Let’s go get ’em this week!”?

    Great video! You’ve helped me so much!
    Thank you!

  10. Good message, Jeff. Yes, I reached that point last year. Every goal I had was reached. I floundered for a little while saying “Now What?!”. It’s a strange sensation knowing that money was no longer an issue. I’m rediscovering the stuff that jazzes me now.

  11. This is my morning inspiration as I am getting ready to LAUNCH! Yep, I am really looking forward to getting to the funk you talk about here! Thanks for this pathway of helping me really get my message and work into the world

  12. One evening just after I had turned fourteen, I was returning home on a school bus with my track team from a competition. I had won my event so was feeling elated. As I looked out the window, the sun was setting in a canvas of oranges and reds at the peak of summer. I realized right then I was living a perfect moment. Everything in my life was in symmetry. The month beforeI had made the honor role at school for the first time so my parents were giving me lots of space. A girl I liked agreed to go on a date. I had a great group of friends and at that age we were all learning how to be cool. Classical guitar lessons were finally behind me and I was starting to play songs that I wanted on a steel string. The only thing lacking at that moment was a bit cold because I had packed my track top away in my bag and couldn’t get to it. This made me even happier.

    I was a very self actualized fourteen year old that summer and I basked in it. I never felt uncomfortable at all. I have had other times in my life similar to this and had the same feeling. It made me think about your opposite reaction to meeting your financial goals and I wonder if it was just a case of singular purpose. Perhaps you were so focused on the one goal of financial success because of your humble beginnings and the responsibilities of a young family weighing on you. My life that summer was composed of several micro successes and inevitably a couple started to throw challenges back at me in short order keeping me challenged.

    When we are climbing a great mountain only looking only at the steps ahead of us, it can feel lonely when we get to the top until we realize that there is a whole range to climb.

  13. I recall being in genuine shock when I achieved all my goals. You are right Jeff . The key is to replace with new goals which take a bit of heart searching to find as you have to scrutinise your deepest values when you have all the material stuff covered.

  14. Hey Jeff! Super nice you touch upon this subject! Tony Robbins talks about this too, and some books I have read treats this “bigger than yourself”-kind of motivation as some of the most fulfilling and strongest stuff to be motivated by!

    Now I have a question for you, let’s say you had 2 persons side by side starting businesses.One guy already way before reaching his goals has this “bigger than yourself”-drive for building his business, like the idea of the whole thing is to already from the start put a “dent in the universe” as some people may say. The second guy at the initial business building stage has more selfish goals, but once he meets those goals does some research and comes up with the insights you shared in the video.

    Who do you think will have more success in the business building from scratch phase? And why? Who do you think will have more fun building their business?

    If you end up seeing this, it would be absolutely awesome to hear your thoughts!

    Thanks you for being awesome and bettering our world! 🙂 / Alex

    • @Alex: it’s impossible to answer a hypothetical question like this… but I have seen MANY MANY MANY people with huge “put a dent in the universe” aspirations, but they couldn’t get grounded enough to ever get the business off the ground. Steve Jobs wasn’t trying to put a dent in the universe when he was driving around trying to sell the Apple 1 to anyone who would buy it.

      • John-Paul Flintoff


        Yikes. I hope it’s not a chronic problem for all of us 😬

  15. Yes, that is exactly what I said to myself. I have done everything I ever wanted to do, what now?
    It can’t be all there is for me. Then that voice said, reinvent yourself again. Surely you know how, by now.
    You have done it overvand over. It’s never too late. And now I am doing just that.

  16. I’M EXACTLY THERE…only it has been three decades. I’m in the Launch Club, and was wondering whether I’d actually come to the October event…not because I can’t afford it, rather because I’m in the midst of deadlines for publication of my first book. This video gave me the reason to shift to YES, I’ll make the commitment to work out the details of conflicting demands, which it occurs to be are actually intersecting demands. And, by the way, there is another nuance to this… I am 77 years old, where most people ‘that age’ are long into retirement when they have this level of success. I have a Knowing that there are a lot of other people like me in this range of ‘sage-ing years’ and there isn’t a lot of ‘how-to’ information about navigating these years in a different way.

  17. Bill Hytner


    Great video Jeff ‼️ Having met my financial goals I had the exact journey as you. Now I spend my time helping entrepreneurs achieve the same. Money = Freedom . I study and watch everything you and Brendan put out. Thank you ‼️?????

  18. Wow, this video truly touched me: I remember my own process when I hit my goals and more in the course of 2014 and felt totally steerless…
    What’s next when you are where you thought you’ve always been working towards?
    It took me a while to reflect and get clear on what my next steps were (and it was NOT comfortable, but it is all part of this process called ongoing evolution 😉 ) and it helped me shift my focus to a new direction.
    This is what I like about you Jeff, your openness about the processes you’ve gone through. Truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

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