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23 Replies to “Day 8: So Close To Success”

  1. Ndifreke Atauyo


    Jeff Walker, This is a great lesson and an eye opener to me because it surely any business can have a huge impact with small change whether its on SEO, List Building, product lauches, web design or website re-design. It can increase revenue by great margin. Thanks Jeff – you are my man always.

  2. jill colomy


    I just love your videos. I always learn something from each one. Thank you for sharing. 🙂



    Congratulations! It’s so amazing! But I have a question: 20 years of online business, don’t you think there will be a time when people won’t buy your products anymore? I ask this because I’m brazilian and I’m trying to start this kind of business here, but I have this fear: one day people won’t buy products through the launch formula anymore because it’s going to be so popular. I mean, everybody will notice that it’s just a technique. What do you think about it Jeff? I admire your work and I’m one of Erico Rocha’s student here. 🙂 Joline

    • @Joline: People have been asking that ever since I published PLF in 2005. It’s been eleven years, and the launch results that my clients and students are seeing are better than ever.

    • @Joline,
      The only thing that’s stopping you is the voices in your head. Whether you believe you will succeed or whether you believe you will fail, you’re absolutely right. Just create your vision and go for it! Stop trying and start doing!

    • David Crabill


      I see this fear a lot with the entrepreneurs I help. I usually summarize it like this: “Worrying about your 1,000th sale before you’ve made your first one.” The actual truth is that the first sale is much much harder than the 1,000th.

      Before you take your first step in a marathon, you might think about whether you can take the last. Before you take your first step up a mountain, you might wonder whether you can reach the summit. But remember that in business, there is no finish line or pinnacle: it is an ever-evolving journey. Get started and embrace every step along the way.

  4. Dear Jeff, always worth watching your videos they are to the point and simple to understand well done on 20 years.. cheers John

  5. Thank you, Jeff. I appreciate the knowledge you are sharing with us in this video series. Very beneficial as always.

  6. Thanks for the video..very true!

    A little confused on what you meant by delayed trial. You said before they had a 4 week trial and then you would ask them if they wanted to subscribe… but you switched it to giving them 4 weeks and a day trial and then asking them?

    or did you mean you switched it to a 1 day trial and asked them if they wanted to subscribe after just 1 day?

    • Hi Chris,

      I’m sure Jeff will substantiate this, but justj in case he doesn’t have a chance to read your question, here’s what he was saying;
      In the 4 week trial, prospective subscribers received his newsletter every day, in the same way that paid subscribers received it:
      One day ahead of time, they received an e-letter with Jeff’s best thoughts on what would happen in the Market the FOLLOWING day.
      So the 4-week trial subscriber could put those ideas into play the same way as the paid subscriber could.
      When he switched to the Delayed (not ‘Day’ but Delayed) Trial, he sent out the e-letter at the END of the day he wrote about.
      In effect, one day later. Not in Advance, but after the fact. While the trial subscriber could then second guess Jeff’s newsletter to measure how did his ideas perform, he couldn’t actually USE the ideas because he received them at the end of the day.
      The great ‘aha!’ was that Jeff tested and found that by sending his trial after the fact, the trial subscriber would build desire to actually put the ideas to work for himself by subscribing.
      Hope that helps out!

      • Susan, I actually just wrote today, as I was confused about 4-week trial vs. Delayed trial. I wished I had read the comments first. Now what you say makes perfect sense. I even watched Jeff’s video twice, and it still didn’t make sense to me (what he meant by “delayed”)….all I could think was, “well, what incentive is there for someone to buy the actual newsletter, if they are getting the daily newsletter for free and for as long as they wish (on delayed trial)…then I thought, “well, maybe Jeff is only giving them partial information, and if they buy a subscription, then he’ll send them all of the info,” etc…..but you answered perfectly. And it makes total sense now. Jeff you’re a great pitchman, but you needed a bit more “explaining” to do, for it to make sense. Thanks, Susan!

    • I think he ment the information was delayed so they had less time to use it on the markets…. Then they would experience and feel the loss of an opportunity….. Therefore realizing the value of subscribing.

      Not totally sure though!…. I’m going to watch it again.

      Hope you have a great life, & find joy in all that you seek.

      • Just realized…. The person I just responded to was named Chris too. Could get a little confusing for anyone reading the thread.

        Sorry Susan, I didn’t see that you had already answered the first Chris In a far more eloquent and consise manner….. Thanks for clarifying this for both of us.

        You go & grab yourself a great life too.

  7. Good morning Jeff.
    Todays video reminded me of the ‘one moment’ I decided to go to a writers group in the city.
    I had been living in a large country town and moved 9ooklm to Brisbane, did not know anyone, [ apart from my oldest child, the reason for my move ]
    I am thankful for that trip by train and bus into a group of fun, welcoming people who are now my friends. Last school holidays I travelled 650 klm by train to stay with a writing friend for a week and edit her book. xxx we had the best time, she and her sister own a café, I sat and drank fantastic coffee and eat homemade yummy food and read her novel, while she worked in her busy café, at night we laughed with her family.
    Last weekend I spent one and a half hours each way travelling by train to one of my writing friends home to visit for the day and do a House Blessing for them.
    I am telling this story as I have just sat and wondered what my life would look like if I didn’t meet with the writers group…
    with love Anne Jennings

  8. As usual, a down to earth, yet subtly wise presentation. These videos the past few days have been quality stuff. Grateful Jeff.

  9. Ndifreke Atauyo



    PFL has changed my life. It’ll continue to work for new businesses even in the next 50 years. I’ve used PLF for my web design services in Nigeria and it generates me great revenue monthly. I organize FREE Live Seminar, build my email list and offer 100% free valuable content where attendees watch me live and build their own websites live step by step, click by click. After each Live Seminar – I’ll announce the registration for my high coaching paid training on web design and paid traffic with a series of 5 – 7 free content emails. The sign up for this training is huge and it happens live @ my home base office here in Calabar, Nigeria.

  10. Hi Jeff, nice one, it took me back to 1987 (pre-internet) when I decided to launch a physical newsletter based around

    ‘small business ides’ as I had loads rushing round my head at the time.

    I was subscribed to a couple of established monthly newsletters so I ‘poached’ some of the names and addresses of the

    advertisers and mailed them my offer – it was a little below 100 as I remember but the great surprise was that I got

    exactly 25 x £25- cheques mailed back to me over the next few days …. GREAT!! I thought, and then I got a couple of

    phone calls from subscribers saying I really should make this an MLM opportunity using a fixed 5×5 matrix that would be

    easy to control.

    After a little thought I agreed and mailed my 25 subscribers to tell them of the plan …. All Hell broke loose and

    cheques came flying at me from all directions – AARRGGHH!!!! …. Yep! You guessed it. (OverWhelm) I returned every cheque with an apology letter saying I’d had second thoughts about the newsletter and that I wasn’t going to carry on 🙁

    I had no complaints, just a rather bashed Ego and more importantly ‘reputation’ – (or at least that’s how it felt).

    Come the age of the internet when it should have been a whole lot easier to repeat the success and I’ve still not had the

    Cojones to try again 🙂

  11. Hey Jeff, I really resonated with this video. I have been treading water for a few years now stuck at that $10K to $20K online mark. I have just found it really hard to break out to $1m. I have actually done it for a few clients but have yet to do it for myself. I share your view that all it takes is one lucky break from a webinar, a launch, an optin, that turns the tables from treading water to really flourishing. I really hope this happens for me. I know I am at that make or break point in my business so just surging out past that right now is the key. Sharnee

  12. Thank you Jeff for the great lessons. I have a question which I hope that you would answer in the up next videos. If I am going to start on-line business do I need to make a financial plan?

  13. Jeff, I watched this video twice, and I still don’t understand the concept of a “delayed trial”….I know your business then shot forward 7 or 8 times from previous year’s revenue (when you only offered a 4-week trial)….but if it’s “delayed,” and you are giving them an entire newsletter daily anyway–what is driving them to actually PAY for the newsletter? Are they getting something extra when they finally pay? Or perhaps you were only giving them a “partial newsletter” under your delayed trial program, until they actually bought? Please share what I am missing here. I love your video series, btw. Thank you for taking time to share your own expertise with us!

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