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In the middle of unexpected travel and entrepreneurial chaos… let’s double down on the good work we’re doing…

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25 Replies to “What It’s Really About…”

  1. I stumbled across you via Hay House and a few other inspirational sites, I have so much respect for Hay House so I simply had to listen to your workshop and this video. You’re just a normal guy getting paid to be himself! Christy Marie Sheldon mentioned that in her Abundance master class. I too want to be paid to be me and that’s my new mission in life. I am meant for greatness…I’ve always known it and felt it! We all are but most people have no idea that they came here to share their unique gifts. Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm, I’m doubkeing down my friend!

  2. Hi Jeff
    The occasional lightning flash was beautiful but glad you got off the beach. Congratulations on completeing your launch. I renewed my PLF and currently going through the bonus sections before module one tomorrow. For those who didn’t sign up this year, spend some time thinking how you want to design your life. Jeff’s message is true, double down on what is important to you, get clarity and maybe take his PLF course next launch. The integrity of these weekly videos is the base for his entire program.
    Jeff and Jon have a safeflight home…. but wait until the storm passes.😊

  3. Yes, it truly is the best feeling in the world. Thank you Jeff. Although I wasn’t able to afford to step up this year. I am in the middle of launching too and its been really really helpful to accompany you on this journey. On Saturday I am screening the movie Magic Pills as a fundraiser for a charity Homeopathy for Health in Africa that are doing amazing work with AIDS widows in Tanzania using homeopathy alongside conventional treatment. I hope its OK to give them a shout out here.

  4. It was an awesome launch! 😍 excited to be back again for another round of PLF to get my sacred work out there. Thanks Jeff!

  5. Zdenko Mahmet


    Thanks Jeff from the bottom of my heart for your lectures which were so inspiring that moving me on! Good bless you Jeff.

  6. I tell other entrepreneurs it’s theirbjihbto market because the work they do changes lives for the better, but it’s good to be told it. Let’s do this!

  7. Hi Jeff – I bought your program in 2016 and then was in a massive car wreck in early 2017. It took me a year and a half to recover and now I’m back to work through your program to launch my women’s money program. I am grateful to get the new updated version. Bravo!

  8. Jeff – You are so right about the price and value. I recently became a Certified DreamBuilder Coach with the Life Mastery Institute. My initial investment was high, but I saw the value and did the work. Took me one month to do the lessons because I was diligent and was serious about being a Certified Coach. I’ve now invested in your launch program as a second step to launch my DreamBuilding Vision Workshops for strategy sessions to help client’s achieve their dreams and purpose in life. Can’t wait to get started! Judy Wiley

  9. Definitely a thumbs UP, Jeff.
    I love your work and everything about the way you inspire and care for us all.
    Tempestuous weather in Florida. Take care.

  10. Hey Jeff, love this series of videos and number 3’s “Move the free line” concept explanation was totally new to me and really cool. I’ll be employing that approach for sure. And vid #4, very inspiring and touching. Love all your work and how you really do put it all out there for free and offer the deeper engagement for those who want or need to dive in at a greater level. You model well what I feel a lot of us are in process on and or are aspiring to. Thanks!

  11. I am so glad there is a JEFF WALKER, yep you. I appreciate so much the 4 day FREE workshop you provided and I AM ALL IN. Spirit asked me to keep detailed notes on my journey with you and I ALWAYS say yes to spirit. We will see what I am up to. LOOK FORWARD to the next few months with you and your team as I learn what PLF is all about and become a SUCCESS story. Thank you !!

  12. Love how you are training people how to think about themselves, sales, launching, pursuing their dream, and simply taking the next step. Trusting your trip to South Florida went well. I’m anticipating a life transforming experience with your PLF program I just registered for this past weekend, thanks to Robert Martinez! Love your passion, your authenticity, and that you are truly prepared to deliver what you promise! Thanks for your exceptional role modeling!

  13. Te Aroha Haunui


    Thank you Jeff for what you are doing for the world. A true inspiration on how just being “you” can make a difference in the world. I was not able to join this round, I look forward to the next round. Thank you so much for your vision and service to the world. We are all truely grateful.

  14. Jeff, you are the most decent human being I’ve seen in the online business launch training space. God bless you and most of all, thank you!!

  15. Thank you, Jeff! You are an inspiration. I appreciate how much good you do! I’m ready to double down this year on helping people! I can’t wait to start the new PLF program!

  16. Jeff Walker …..Your sincerity Just hits the spot! …the “heart”!
    Bless You!

  17. Hey Jeff,
    You Ok? I can’t even imagine what kind of energy goes into the live Master Class and huge launch that you just pulled off would take. You look both grateful and humbled but also overwhelmed and exhausted. Hoping the reason you’re in Florida isn’t a trying, difficult or painful one for you and your family and you’re just a little tired after some long days but getting a well earned break.
    Congrats on your Amazing Accomplishment and wishing you well.
    Sending Love and Gratitude, Patrick

  18. Hey Jeff, you said it: helping others make an impact, that what this is all about, making an impact on others, and then help them again make an impact on others again – people honestly helping people, I love that. Thanks for your fabulous trainings! Building up to my launch and being a success in impacting others! {_

  19. Thaaaaaank you, you do wonderful great work! And you helped me so far, making little babysteps in the right direction. The knowledge you offer, the inspiration you spread, is priceless! 🙂

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