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If you’re just starting out, here’s a critical thing you need to remember about your launch: 

Your first launch is only your first launch.

Now it might seem like I’m being “Captain Obvious” here, but this is critical. Because it’s easy to think your first launch is a “do or die” moment… To put an incredible amount of psychic or emotional weight behind it.

But the reality is that unless you quit, you will have another launch. And it will get better. And your offer will evolve. 

And your market and niche will almost surely evolve. (Mine did, as did almost everyone I know.)

So remember, that your first launch is only your first launch.

And that’s what this week’s video is about:

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44 Replies to “About Your First Launch”

  1. This was EVERYTHING I needed to hear right now. I’m launching an online business for my son diagnosed with severe autism. Launch date is 3-7-21 (his birthday), which is less than 3 weeks away. I still have so, so much to do. This really encouraged to me to just launch. Launch, Learn, and Leap (forward). Repeat.

    Thank you Jeff!

  2. Thank you Jeff. Very timely. I just launched this week and learned so much about myself. Feeling totally deflated with the result but will pick myself up and try again.

    • Same for me! But I will launch only with few of the content ready. I will move onward with it when people will hopefully drop into the program I am offering.
      Jeff seems to exactly know where we are!

      Thank you for yet another wake-up call, Jeff!

  3. I needed to hear this today – not for my first launch, but for my second. I started working on my first seed launch 6 months ago, closed cart about 2 months later, registered 15 with 5 returns, and have spent the past 4 months trying to complete an 8 week course (long story – I finally hired someone to help me deliver the last component promised next weekend.) I’ve learned a lot and made changes – will be much more prepared for the 2.0 version! Now, I am finally ready to starty second launch – and I think I am even more nervous for the 2nd launch!

    Jeff, have you ever made a video on the SECOND LAUNCH? Could you?

  4. Yogev Zenesh


    Jeff thank you so much for the value you provide. Love it!! Thanks again buddy

  5. Thank you so much for this reasuring video. I have just launched and sold 3 copies so far – not as much as I’d hoped for and there has been so much inner critic coming out but the truth is that it has taken so much effort to get to this place and I need to keep going. I have read your brilliant book and I hope to do your course one day! Thank you

  6. Perfect timing. Gearing up for my first launch of my membership and it’s helpful to remember all of this. One of the biggest things my first launch opens the door for – besides potential customers- is the pathway to my second launch. Thank you for the big picture reminder! 🙌

  7. Great stuff Jeff. The beginning of the beginning matters – so that you discover yourself and believe in yourself. From that pedestal you need to train your thoughts and direct your efforts toward higher realization. I am now on that pedestal, and do understand what it all means. Coming from you, one who has navigated it all the way is so genuine and registers right within.

  8. Yes! Just what I needed to hear this morning! I have the landing page written for a week and I just need to put the offer out. If I don’t shoot for the basket I won’t score. Thanks for this message Jeff.

  9. Wise words from the old master himself: this is a journey, a marathon not a sprint do-or-die
    You know even though i have been working with the WWW fro over 20 years, I have yet to actually launch something for myself; I have always been helping others to build something and offer technical consultations!
    I may be launching this year sometime, so i will check back Jeff!

  10. Sooo timely for me…thank you! Your wisdom and sharing of experience is just invaluable … initial inertia and persistence. HUGE…so appreciate you.

  11. I needed to hear this today too!

    I recognised over the past couple of days I may be self-sabotaging, but haven’t listened to Jeff, the more you put it off, the longer it takes to get it done.

    I’m on it and back on track. Looking forward to my launch.

  12. This is so timely for me too, Jeff! I’ve set dates next month for my first launch–which I’ve actually been working on, building momentum, since I enrolled in PLF. (And for a lifetime before this.) Experiencing some “holy terror”. Realizing how much more I still have to do. But I’ve decided “Ready or not, here I come!” It will be whatever I have managed to create by then.

    I’m doing a cross between an internal launch and a seed launch. Internal–in that I wanted to design it with the FORM of the Internal Launch–3 PLC Zoom meetings that I record, then the 4th enrollment meeting with Open Cart, etc.–because I have done the work live before and have a small but responsive list, so I’m not starting from scrath. It’s a Seed Launch in that I’m getting a lot of feedback, being clear with people that this is the first time I’ve done this deep work online–they are pioneers with me, it is what it is–that sort of ffeeling.

    So I felt encouraged to this point in my journey just to go for it, knowing that it will continue to evolve. It is an illusion to think I need to wait until I have it “right.” It just needs to be a reasonable best-shot snapchot of what it has become at this moment!!!

  13. Thanks for this Jeff, great timing as I am currently working on my first launch offer. It was good to hear this and to take away from this that this is a journey and things are not written in stone. Change and flexibility are always part of any journey. So will take this with me as I prepare for my first launch. Thank you.

  14. Maxwell Ofoegbu


    Hi Jelf, I just listened to your video above and indeed I was blessed. I am currently walking towards my first launch, though not my personal product. But Jelf, i think there should be an acceptable/meaningful first launch. Please at what point can one say one has indeed made a meaningful first launch?

  15. Patricia Casello-Maddox


    Thanks, Jeff. This will be my first launch and I am learning a lot already. I am excited and scared. What if it bombs? Well I believe failure is feedback. I am a life-long learner and willing to see where this takes me. I appreciate your sharing on Instagram’s and your beginnings.

  16. Jeff, thank you.
    You continue to inspire and encourage me. I just want you to know the value of that in my life right now. I think many of us want to know we’ve made a difference, that we’ll leave behind a powerful, impactful legacy on which others can build to make this world a better place.
    You are doing that, my friend.
    The best thing I ever did for my business was to join PLF. My first launch brought 9 sales. One might say that’s not much, but to me, and where I am in my life, it meant everything.
    I don’t know if you’ll ever see this. I hope you do. It’s important for me to let YOU know you’ve made a huge difference for me, personally and professionally.
    On to incorporate my insights and recreate my website to prepare for my second launch.
    Judith Cassis

  17. Mike Frederick


    Coming from a military background, I am a fan of military idioms and quotes. Patton famously said “A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.”

    Actor Hugh Laurie said essentially the same thing in a way possibly more in line with your take: “It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.”

  18. Paul foster


    perfect timing Jeff – about to record the PLC videos this morning. So much uncertainty to power through – thanks for the pep talk!

  19. Thank you Jeff!
    Perfect timing as I am getting ready for my first Seed Launch. I have product, Lead Magnet, Shot of the Bow 1st email, and planned to launch Feb 21. . .then I moved it to Feb 25th . . why? . . .because: “I was not ready”. Now once again the “Nonsence Fog” is desending upon me and I am now moving my date to March 15th because, you guessed it. . . . . ” I am not ready”. . . . . .Please say a prayer for me as I once again forge my way through my “Nonsence Fog of I am not ready.” I know the answer is . . . . . “Just do it” and consider it a learning experience, No Big Deal. Thanks again for your Wisdom!!!!

  20. I think I have launch trauma. I launched last year in December during the holidays and am still reeling from the stress and strain of how much work there was for it! Now, I am in list building mode and I am feeling queasy about launching again…

  21. Thanks for this message Jeff very timely and much appreciated. I think I will listen a few times to let it sink in 🙂

  22. Thanks Jeff very timely info, I’ve my 3rd course launch next week and learning lot every time and earning too!

  23. I’m in the same bot with many posters! I launched this week, beset with difficulties, only one sale ($300) so far. But I’m not discouraged… just taking the learning and moving forward! Thanks, Jeff. Great message.

  24. Hi, what if you make nothing in your first launch? How can you motivate yourself to do the next one?

  25. Or maybe it is like when you become a musician and everything ist focussed on that first professional gig. Once you made that, it doesn’t end there. It now starts…

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