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Here's the one supertool I use to be more focused and productive…

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…

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54 Replies to “How to Be More Focused And Productive”

  1. Mediation improved my life and my business like nothing else.
    Start with two minutes for a week by setting a gentle timer. Think of it like brushing your teeth.
    Mental hygiene verus dental hygiene 😉
    Then bump it to three minutes.
    You’ll be at a 20 minute daily practice with ease.

    • I don’t think the point is necessarily to mediate ON anything. Meditation is what you make it – if it’s prayer, then that’s good for you, but that’s not necessary.

    • Yes, I understand you, Kelly. Just remember that one cannot see on the “other side of the fence” if they haven’t been there. You and I have been there – many have just experienced “this side of the fence.” And this world is not our home … (smile and blessings from a fellow believer)

    • Kelly…it may help you to know that meditation is listening to God…while prayer is talking to God. When you silence the noise in your head from the world is when God comes through loud and clear. The bible even talks about Jesus on the hill meditating. Hope that helps you understand what mediation is all about.

    • Hi Kelly:
      Meditation can be many things but the central concept is to *not think*. Of course, that nearly impossible. I’ve been told to merely look at the thought and let it slide away. Don’t force it away as then you are focused on the word/phrase/idea/task whatever. Emptying the mind and have a few moments of….(I don’t have the right words here). In the beginning it can be very frustrating and it takes courage to stay with it and start to find the benefit. I guess the point is not focus on anything. Using music can be very helpful for some. Hope this helps a little.

  2. Nice video – one thing I’m missing, though, is “How do I meditate?” I’m completely ignorant about this. For me, meditation has always seemed like a watered-down form of a nap. (“Why beat around the bush? Just take the nap!”) I know I’m wrong, but I guess I’m missing what the goal is and how to do it. Try to empty the mind and think about nothing?

    • Hey Mohan,

      There are lots of different flavours of meditation. But essentially it’s just a practice of focusing on your internal world and working with the things that are happening inside of you. Practicing to gain greater clarity and focus in the moment which can be used throughout your day, and your life. You do not need to hug trees or wear tight yoga pants to practice meditation.

      I’m currently working with people on a simple meditation technique, check it out and if you have any questions please send me a message through the site.

    • There are classes you can take that can help you understand how to meditate, what the goal is, etc. 🙂

      Look for classes in guided imagery style meditation. That is what works best for me. It’s like a shortcut to getting in the “zone”. Whenever I try to meditate by just emptying my mind, I find it impossible to stop thinking!

    • Brian Weber



      I recommend checking out a few apps. Headspace has a 10 day trial that starts with the very basics and walks you through starting a meditation routine. Calm also has a trial that does something similar.

      I now use an app called Simply Being that is a guided meditation. You can do 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 minute meditations with it. It has multple nature and music background tracks. I personally use the beach.

      Remember in the end it is time for you to be present with yourself, and to make it what you want. As Jeff said in his video no one is perfect at it.

      Good luck.

    • Mohan: My cousin is a certified mediation counselor for hospitals etc. She learned over a long period as part of her continuing education hours as a RN. She says the same as i’ve heard so often…sit up straight, breathe deeply from your lower lung so that your ribs expand at the bottom, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth almost like a sigh. There are plenty of books on the subject and many ways advocated by others but this is the basic model I’m told.

  3. Mary Anne Hipp


    I have started this journey….thank you for affirming this wonderful tool

  4. Very timely reminder Jeff – thanks! Knowing how much so many successful people are praising it does help to get one back to the cushion.
    I guess everyone has their own favourite meditation technique. I learned from a real expert – there’s a 5-minute meditation on YouTube which might be interesting for people who haven’t tried a Buddhist meditation before:

    • @Clinton: yes… lots of ways to get into a meditative state, and I’ve definitely gotten there through running. On occasion, I’ve gotten there on my bicycle. And playing guitar…

    • I agree. Jim Fix in “The Complete Book of Running” said he let his mind go where it needed to go, during his running. I have also heard Jeff talk about how important it has been to his success to have an attitude of gratitude. For me, my running time is my “hour of power”, when I let my mind go where it needs to go, when I take inventory of people and things that I am grateful for, and when I pray to give thanks to the Creator for this day to be alive. That is my meditation, and nothing for me works better than running.

  5. Totally agree with this. I learned transcendental meditation many years ago, but I never seem to be able to get myself organised to do it regularly. Despite that it is a very helpful technique during stressful periods. More recently I’ve been trying mindfulness, and although I still struggle to do it regularly, even meditating occasionally seems to bring benefits. The main one is what Jeff calls “being present” in the video. Rather than dozing through the day on automatic pilot, mindfulness meditation helps you focus more on what you are doing, and worry less about everything else.

  6. Kristina J Mackid


    Thank you Jeff,
    I agree with you. I meditate more than once a day for about an hr or more. I have some of my own meditations I learned while in heaven that are amazing. And some I get sent by the best in the World. I have some of the most powerful Really Amazing celebrities in the World that are my personal friends. I have a very Huge List of people that are on my side and have my back. I do not have a list issue neither. The only issue I do have with lists is people that do not know the meaning of the word No. I did it my way and it turned out for the very best. I have countless people on my side would blow most minds on the planet what those numbers look like. I am very focused. I am an empath with more abilities than anyone on the planet today because they opened up wide and Wider when I died and was sent back countless times a totally different woman. Last week was a very harsh week for the super sensitive life myself. It was tough week for all of us but I have the best on my side that guide me as I do them. I have a few people that want to be my book launch specialist and a few publishing companies too. I am glad you are in the meditative state of mind too. My life has become super busy with unlimited invites. I have and continue to choose the best options for myself. There was one writers conference I was invited to attend earlier in the year but had to cancel as I was still too weak to travel with my wieght being very low. This was on advisement to cancel both my medical team and I. I was never given a refund that I asked for countless times or that it be applied to the next writers conference. I never received neither. That writers conference would have changed the course of a lot of people lives in a positive Light and possibly for me that has had nothing but adversity as a gift in life but done everything for everyone else. I became the light in the darkest realms of death and the battle with only God,the angels and my dog on my side. The light won and so did I. We became One.My list alone is mind blowing as is my one of kind in history story that will be published that is for certain. I have amazing people whom have stepped into to help me. They are the people you all know very well and see everyday on your TV,Radio. Talk Shows,former TV series, and musicians the world would give their right arm to be friends with. These are my personal friends,that have friends and so on that are also my real friends. I choose very wisely whom I will hang out with in my private life since returning to my public figure life. The people whom are my friends are the same way. That one award and one company would have changed my life. It was not to be as they would not have ignored nor kept my money. Life is full of choices. I have pushed beyond the envelope and risked it all. It turned out to get me the best most amazing friends on the planet. I am a mover and shaker and I have all the mover and shakers as my friends whom have my back not the people that lied and betrayed me. I had no idea for the longest time whom some of my followers off my fb account were. That in itself is mind blowing whom is really following me that I keep under my hat due to respect for them. Most of those people are the most powerful women like myself on the planet today! Its very exciting to have earned these peoples respect by just being me that is respected worldwide. Most of the people whom have my back are women. Thank you again for your video Jeff 🙂

  7. Hi Jeff, this is really weird because I bought a book yesterday called ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. He is one of the most spiritually influential teachers in the world. Our lives are so busy all the time and our minds are so overhelmed with constant chatter and neverending thoughts. It’s almost impossible to see the beauty and the wonder that surrounds us every day. I’m hoping that meditation will be the answer, I’m certainly going to give it a really good try.

  8. Hi Jeff,

    Getting silent – so important! We need to de-clutter the mind daily, otherwise, like anything else, it becomes an overload of thoughts that we can’t really effectively sort out and that makes for faulty and non-productive thinking. There are many tutorials on meditation. Like you said, the most important thing is to feel ease, gentleness and non-judgment of yourself while in the process.

    Any time we get reminded to meditate, it’s a good thing. Thanks so much for the recommended melodies app.


  9. Gerson Ferrer


    With this tool you will apply yourself to another type knowledge, self-knowledge to achieve.
    Most people are so confused about what they really want. When you know what you really want and matter to your, you can change the structure and drive yourself to your desires and dreams with least resistence. But you just can reach this stage, understand the structure and make a shift when you know yourself and meditation and pray are included in the top 5 best ways.
    Keep doing this amazing job Jeff, helping other peoples live a better live.

  10. Hey Jeff
    SO Glad you are talking about this.

    I also know that many people find it difficult to meditate.
    I’m curious if you have ever come across working with the nervous system at a deeper level — ?

    While I believe meditation is important, so often people jump into meditation before they have good foundations in place, and so many people meditate ON TOP of huge fight and flight instincts (our automatic nervous system protection mechanism) that are buzzing at a very high level –many people “THINK” they are more calm, but they are simply micro-managing the stress very cleverly inside of them.

    This is a topic I’m DEEPLY passionate about, especially for folks in the conscious business world. I’ve been working with more high level players and they become quickly humbled when they realize how dysregulated their nervous systems really are… especially when they’ve been “thinking” they’ve been calm and well for years.

    Anyways, would love any opportunity to connect.

    I LOVE your vlog/blog – learn a lot and inspires me, And I would love to teach you perhaps something that you’ve never considered…

    I put this out there as I know you like to be on the cutting edge of things.

    Irene xx
    PS. I’m even in “launch” mode right now for my online course!

  11. Gary O'Neal


    Hello Jeff and everyone,

    I’m new to the neighborhood. How can I go wrong with a little bit of meditation. I love it and starting a streak today.

    Gary O’Neal

  12. Thank you, Jeff! What I love most about what you said is this: “no one is an expert meditator”.

    A long time meditator myself, but one who has strayed, perhaps, as he tried to keep up with all the pieces and parts of growing a mission driven business in the expert industry, you have reminded me to sit on this glorious Sunday morning, to let my mind settle, and to return, once again, to being a whole, complete, luminous beginner.

    I’m so thankful to have you as a guide and a mentor!

    Much love!

  13. Hi Jeff, i totally love ur plf free videos. They r jst awesome, and jam packed with useful info.
    thanks a ton for that. And thanks for ur blog too, will soon b watchin these videos too. 🙂

  14. As you let go of judgement and ego positions, you become more attractive from a purely human standpoint. People sense you’re there to help, to contribute to all life–including theirs. It makes all the difference.

  15. Meditation is really powerful, but it isn’t easy at the beginning… Five minutes seemed to last forever. =)

    As your t-shirt alludes to destination, here’s something along those lines:

    Have a wonderful week!

  16. The inner critic can talk us out of giving our energetic gift to the world, the beautiful gift we were born with and meant to develop. Meditation helps the inner critic to stop talking about how we’re not good enough to give it.

  17. Hi Jeff,

    It was no surprise to hear you meditated. To be able to function at the level you do and still be present for your family simply requires it. Kudos to you for starting and not trying to be perfect because you know that’s not what it’s about. I’ve had a meditation habit for many years and don’t know where I would be without it-period! Don’t want to find out either-LOL!

    I would also suggest Omvana to your readers as well. They’ve got a ton of free stuff to get you started and it’s just a great product all the way around. I have no relationship with the company or Vishen Lakhiani either.


  18. As a clinician, i’ve read, witnessed, experienced, and been taught a wide range of techniques… many of which fall under multiple, generalized names such as meditation, mindfulness, presence process etc. The most helpful I have found are those that incorporate the four major parts of who we are as people. (Beliefs, minds, behavior, and feelings). As a part of my practice, I use a method I developed over several years that I am currently writing a book about, and have begun introducing on my blog called FILTER(ED) LIFE. Part one of a two-part introduction of this is on my blog… I hope someday to take advantage of all the learning I’ve gathered from reading Jeff’s book Launch…if you haven’t read it here is a free promotional recommendation 🙂 thanks Jeff

  19. Yes Jeff you have right, meditation is a great thing to clean up our mind.I meditate every morning and just as you said I’m a better person because meditation.Thank you great video.

  20. Hi Jeff, thanks for this video and your thoughts about meditation.
    Here is my experience:
    I practice meditation nearly every morning for about 30 minutes (I wake up 30 minutes earlier as necessary to do this). I read the bible, thank God for at least 3 good things of the day before and write them down in my diary. I ask for forgiveness whatever comes in my mind. Then I remember me who I am and who I want to be.
    This is very useful for me to stay on track and to focus during my day. As you said, this is an investment in my life to be more productive and focused.

  21. Great meditation exercise embedded in the talk of Prof. Barbara Fredrickson on LOVE 2.0 at min 13:38.
    She even demonstrates the scientific research why this kind of meditation is healthy.
    Greetings from Berlin, Germany

  22. I have never tried meditation but after watching your video about it, and hearing how you were “so much more pleasant to be around”, I’ll follow your advice as well as share it with others. Nice video by you, as always.

  23. I love your secret! I was dying to know what makes you more focused and productive. I have been meditating for many, many years although recently fell off the wagon with some much change happening in my life. Strangely enough that is the important time to meditate. Thank you for this little boost. I would be glad to host community meditations to help people (and myself) get in the groove.

  24. Great vid Jeff. Thanks. Question what do you do after you meditate once the first stress of the day impacts you? Thanks

  25. Dear Jeff,

    Thank you for the video and sharing your thoughts on being more focused and more productive.

    While I agree that securing for yourself a moment of solitude on a daily basis is crucial, I think there’s more to it than what you seem to portray in the video. Yes, it does help you to refocus. It does help you to gather your innermost thoughts. It does help you get away from all the noise and hectic days and lets you have a bit of a rest to be able to go full throttle, eventually.

    What I you neglect to mention, which I’m sure you or some people in the comments here may be doing in their meditation is that what you within yourself during that meditation time. Some people have likened meditation to be emptying your mind and not think of anything and to just be quiet. I believe meditation is more than that. I believe for a meditation to be effective, it has to be the time when you organise your thoughts, your worries, your concerns and allow your mind to regroup, prioritise, reminding yourself of the Why you are doing what you do, currently.

    Meditation without the above process, to me, sounds just like a 10 – 20 minutes powernap that some productivity coaches I heard previously have been recommending too. Powernap, incidentally, have been said to increase focus and productivity too, after said nap.

    That’s my thoughts, what do you think?

    • Well, I don’t claim to be an expert on meditation, but no… I wouldn’t agree with this. I’ve listened to a lot of people who have a lot more meditation experience and wisdom than me, and I’ve never heard anyone talk about a meditation where you’re sorting out your priorities and worries.

  26. Definitely something I need to implement into my life, and it’s interesting how you can be more productive by spending focused time “doing nothing”. I know that taking walks without music help me focus and be more productive, so I am already sold on the concept. Now it’s about putting it into action 🙂

  27. I agree, meditation is fantastic. It’s seems to be a catalyst for making things happen, and living a happier life. I’ve meditated off an on for several years. When I’m on a roll like right now, everything is more in the flow. I’ve lost 104 lbs. in just under a year, and meditation has been a big part of it. In fact I’m working on a weight loss guided meditation right now to do a PLF seed launch. Thanks Jeff, I’m hoping to take more of your training asap.

  28. Thanks Jeff, I have been resisting meditation for years – I’m going to give it another bash 🙂

  29. ken ca|houn


    Good topic. I write my best copy after quietly meditating in my king-size bed with lots of down pillows and comforters….clears the mind. I’m only patient enough to do that for 15-20 minutes at a stretch, though.

  30. Hi Jeff,
    So exciting to hear that you meditate and as someone else stated above, not surprising.:) My sister and I are Interior Designers and “Launched” our first line of organic designer meditation cushions this year. We are extremely passionate about teaching others about meditation and the importance of having a sacred space in our homes and offices. I watch your videos weekly and was very excited to see this one. We too vblog about meditation and I love that more and more people are becoming aware of the tremendous benefits!! Thanks for sharing!

  31. This is a great reminder, Jeff. Tuning into your five minute video last week has inspired me to be more intentional in my regular practice of meditation. For me, it’s moving beyond a cerebral way of prayer. I’m invited to encounter God in deeper places of my soul. It’s the seed of creativity and awareness I wouldn’t otherwise have. Dan Siegel calls it Mindsight. I agree that those who practice meditation are more attractive to others. There seems to be a deeper/safer emotional connection with self and others! Keep up the good work, Jeff.

  32. Thanks Jeff. Meditation does help, but it’s a big skill on it’s own. Takes a lifetime to master I believe. Tried it and gave up couple of times. I could take the whole day!

  33. Thanks for your post Jeff. I, like others in the comments, wonder exactly *how* to meditate. This post was sent me on a search to find a good guided meditation for free, and that can be trusted. So when I found one, I came all the way back here to share it with everyone in this thread.

    I found an iTunesU course that has guided meditations. It is produced by the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. In iTunesU, search: Mindful Meditations.

    Hope this helps someone,

  34. Sir Richard Branson has said that the 1h he dedicates to physical exercise every day brings him back 4 hours of productivity.

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