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Asking questions is a GOOD thing. But it can also keep you stuck, especially if you’re spinning your wheels worrying about making the “right” decision. I won’t claim to have all the answers (no one does), but I can say this… everything I’ve managed to accomplish in the last 25 years is because I did this… 

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55 Replies to ““Forever” Decisions (or Getting Unstuck pt. 5)”

    • Martin Strydom


      Thank you. Today is the day I make that decision. He who dares wins!

  1. Love it! I’ve stubbed a lot of toes but I know so much more now which means I’m getting closer. Thank you.

  2. V. Nia Shell


    Thanks so much for the encouragement to just make the decision and not ovetthink.

  3. I want to shift from working for a small business, Montessori teacher, to being self employed, as tutor and as an artist. I’m not young and I find my stamina is demenishing. I’m trying to balance my limits with time and finances to make this change. Over my next break I plan to revamp my website to prepare for this change. I am building a mailing list. I may have about 50 people and I have 50 to 100 on Facebook. I have to retire from the classroom at the end of the school year, will take social security, but no retirement fund. I have to make this work. I also need to spend time painting. I’ve ordered your book. I might be able to take your course if I make enough money first.
    Best strategy?

  4. Ana Maria Pardo


    “Failing into success” -I love it! And, really, isn’t it just experimentation? You take action, get a result, review it, then adapt and experiment again. I see only wins here – thank you!

  5. So true. When I realized that, my life changed completely. It’s no fun to go down a path and realize that it wasn’t the way you envisioned it, but you’re still much further ahead having done that than nothing.

  6. Chris Brandlon


    Every so-called failure is a learning experience, and a step along the path to Who-I-Really-Am. In my experience, finding that spot of true authenticity is the point of the journey, not the money we might make with a successful venture. Businesses come and go; the truth of Self remains, and is the real objective of all we do. Thank you Jeff for your outstanding contributions!

  7. Jeff- you don’t know me, but you know my issues.

    Thank you so much, for “getting unstruck.”

    Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years.

    The only way to break the pattern is to quit, or take action and “get unstuck.”

    Thanks again for a wonderful message.

    God bless and stay safe.

  8. Ronald Beal


    From military leadership training, especially when under supreme, life preservation decisions:

    “Do something, even if wrong, do something!”

    He who hesitates is lost!

  9. Scott Reading


    I love these videos Jeff because they are very concise and straight to the point. Thank you

  10. AMEN!!! Did exactly that this Friday – – enrolled in WFF. I was praying how to get unstuck, how to move forward, and what I needed in order to shift out of a pattern and there was Don on the chat – – Don being present for me, staying present with me throughout was exactly what I needed. God walked me onto chat that night. (GOD – – good orderly direction). Heartfelt gratitude to and for you Don, Jeff. Thank you for your integrity and honesty. See. you on the inside. Blessed be. Love only

  11. Super encouraging! This is extremely affirming in where God is leading! Thank you for your teaching.

  12. Simple …simple but so Ker💥pow !Thank you I am going to go get ‘em this week – xO

  13. Exactly right Jeff. We all cant move without. making that decision. Doesn’t matter if its wrong, we will learn and move on again. Great video, great message.

  14. Thanks Jeff. Great advice and there’s never been a better time to get going and take action with your online business.

  15. Thank you, Jeff. I needed this right know. I’m so stuck and my knees are bruised from trying to run before I could walk.

  16. Jeff, you have no idea how badly I needed to hear exactly the message you gave in this blog post. Onwards……ever forward…thank you brother….
    Oz…PLF Owner…

  17. Decision making procedure:

    1- use excel, or free spreadsheet of goolge or free openoffice. You need a spreadsheet. Or paper and pencil and eraser. Pencil, not pen.

    2- suppose there are five different potential products you have. Which one to start promoting. Make one row on top, write all products on that row.

    3- meditate on the answer of this question: what are the parameters that are related to this product. Have pen and paper near your meditation seat. Think about that question and meditate. When some parameters come to your mind write it on paper. For instance, buying price, selling price, time of delivery, how much you personally love that product, ….. many parameters are there. Write all of them on the left column of your sheet.

    4- now you have a row of products and left column of parameters. Write a WEIGHT number on the cross section for each product and each parameter.
    You have three weights:
    1- not important
    2- neutral
    3- very important

    5- now you have a table with all numbers. How do we decide which product is chosen?
    Go to the bottom row. Each product has a column of numbers under it. In that row, add all the numbers of that product.

    Decision is simple: the column related to each product that has the maximum number is the chosen one.

    Have a happy time


  18. Grateful. But I’m still here!!! Not stuck, not standing still. Sometimes it’s just a bit tough. And that’s ok. Just keep moving. Step by step. Just the first next step.

    Thank you.
    With love, Mariella

  19. “Fail your way into success” – I really love that! Makes me feel inspired that almost any action is ‘right’ action to get me moving!
    Thanks a million, Jeff!

  20. Tommy Aiken


    Great stuff Jeff! Also, you had a video way back about selling and how we need to look at it differently .. that we are providing a service that is helping someone. How can I access that video again if you don’t mind?

  21. Sara Whittall


    Story of my life. I am in full view blocking my own route to the next step… sort this one out and bingo! Thanks for the reminder of what’s really so very obvious…

  22. Thank you Jeff. Your support and cheerleading is greatly appreciated. This is a video to keep handy for being reminded of this important message again – when needed.

  23. Omg thanks Jeff! You could say this a million times but it always good to hear. Make a decision. Take action..a step. I’m keeping this video to review. Thank you!

  24. Your point is very well made!! We can all improve by taking action at the best time, which is usually much sooner than we currently do.

    By the way, the SAS avoid your “he”/”she” conundrum, because their motto is actually: “Who Dares Wins.”

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