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I shot this one live at my LaunchCon event – it’s about how you can get off the “learning mode” treadmill. Here’s how you move from learning to doing…

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Learning won’t pay the bills… you’ve got to move from being a learner to being a doer. (Click to tweet.)

When you move from being a learner to being a doer, the whole world changes. (Click to tweet.)

If you're stuck on the “learning mode” treadmill, here's how to move from learning to doing. (Click to tweet.)

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30 Replies to “How to Move From Learning to Doing (part 2)”

  1. Thanks Jeff. We can get stuck into learning mode. Thinking we don’t have enough knowledge, you’re right we just need to go on and do it.

  2. Ricardo Alves


    I am starting now publishing. I ordered your book and I read it.

  3. Peter Mc Hendry


    Good stuff. I think I will start listening to what you are saying.

  4. can you share a link to part 1? can’t see that in the recent posts. thank you!

  5. There’s for many people the fear of missing out (aka FOMO) and they ask themselves if they are missing something important if they start now rather than “wait some more” and “consume some more info”. The business of teaching people stuff (no matter the industry) is so profitable also (or: mainly?) because of exactly this aspect, in my opinion: that many people are afraid of taking the first step, and they think they don’t have “all the necessary info” available “just yet”. So they keep on buying stuff. There’s also a big responsibility that (online) teachers have here. In an ideal world, the teacher actually helps the student to make those baby steps and inspires them to make them. A not so ideal teacher will do everything possible to keep people in a psychological need for buying more stuff. So, for the teacher there’s a trade off between short and long term success. I believe that if the teacher gives up the short term success and actually helps people to advance from a learner to a doer, this will be much more profitable in then end. How so? The student might not be in need for any more teaching, but in many cases they will become an evangelist and bring in more clients, clients that the teacher probably wouldn’t have reached in the first place. In the worst case, a student that was left in the need of buying more stuff will talk bad about the offering of the teacher. “Give a man a fish, and he will not be hungry for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will not be hungry anymore for a life time”. The reward for the teacher goes far beyond the financial reward.

  6. JeffL
    I teach decluttering (Downsizing for Dummies) and SO many of the participants get very excited during and just after the class but…
    the missing piece, though I do actually cover it in the class, is DOING!
    People are overwhelmed and, left to their own devices, fall apart.
    I continue to sort out what motivates people to ask for help, help one another, join the community…
    Thanks for the nudge to BEGIN again, in my process!
    Sorted Affairs

  7. Jeff,
    I am highly encouraged to take all of the amazing learnings from this weekend’s LaunchCon and put them to work. My eyes have been opened to how I might precisely use the ideas from LaunchCon coupled with your previous works along with Stu McLaren, Ryan Levesque and so many others that I met over the past 2 days. Thank you and your team for the inspiration. It is time to make things happen. Stay tuned…

  8. LaunchCon is great, and becoming a “doer” is just one of many terrific nuggets brought out at the event. You are rockin it, Jeff, and it is exciting to watch and be a part of.

    Keep it up, bud!


  9. Frankie Mancini


    Hi Jeff,
    I am AT Launchcon!
    One of the most amazing things for me watching your video this morning is that I was In The Room as the learning / doing theme was shared 🙂
    Your community is not only knowledgable and Pumped Up, but graciously welcoming and friendly. ……..OH! And Doing!!
    Thank You All!

  10. Joss Hobson


    Hi Jeff,
    I’m one of the 800 people here at LaunchCon. You have created such an awesome event making it so easy to draw the line in the sand and say yup – I’m moving from learning to doing. Joining LaunchClub enables taking each step with so much support. Thank you

  11. I would have been at Launchcon but couldn’t make it because I am crossing the line– hosting my first weekend retreat next weekend, and very soon launching my book and an online video series. I am so grateful for the community you create and your inspiration. I still feel much like a learner and I’m also doing at the same time!

  12. Thanks Jeff
    We all suffer from this at some point and the fact is many of us don’t realise this is our problem!! Once realised, the next step is to make the transition from learner to doer!
    Many thanks for the info and inspiration!
    Have a great week,

  13. Jeff I continued to be so amazed by what you’ve created by sharing your wisdom and generosity – LAUNCH CON was a blast, I’m so honored to be a part of your community, I encourage everyone here to lean into Jeff, his community and his knowledge because he knows how to get us into that place of true impact, income and inspiration. Love you Jeff!!!

  14. Sheila Galligan


    Resonate BIG with this “Learning does NOT pay the bill”. Ya got to DO IT!

  15. Jeff, thanks for reminding me about the baby-steps. In my stage of being an online-entrepreuneur I sometimes feel that everything happens to slow. But you are right. One step follows the other – there is only one important thing: move foreward.
    Thanks for being my teacher!
    Regards. Leif

  16. Catherine Faure


    Jeff, I made a commitment with our coach to start doing with a small baby step daily. I just did with you here. This is my first engagement. Thank you for the reminder. As usual, serendipity happens–your video came right on time for me to take that step. Isn’t this world magical sometimes? things just happen when it’s time. I know deep down that it is only a small step and that, with time, I will get to where I must be. There are a lot of obstacles on the way . For example, what you call perfectionism is a defense mechanism not to take action. Yes, but things are not as simple as that. As human beings, we act as wholes with lots of different motivations, fears, and habits. That last one requires full time attention to get it to disappear. In my case, I might be a perfectionist to start with (actually I am), but I have always striven to give my best–quality in anything that I produce is important to me. That is going to be one hell of an obstacle but I am not only determined but also resilient. That’s what will help me get results. Thank you for delivering such inspiring advice, always, and for the natural and simple way you do it.

  17. Catherine Faure


    Jeff, I just wanted to add to what I wrote before. Timing yourself for a task and sticking to it until the alarm rings is one way of making sure that you do take action in that space of time. You can continue to do what you want to do after, but you have lived up to your commitment. The feeling of having completed that step is something that will pull you to doing your next step. Actually, it just feels great. That’s it for now.

  18. Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for the awesome videos and energy. I LOVE your energy and positive passion – and I can tell you LOVE what you do too. I’m creating (have created) my first product and am about a week away from my first webinar. A BIG deal for me as this has been 4 years in the making. I should/could have done this more than a year ago, but for whatever reason it’s happening now. Fear has been a big thing for me… worrying about the worst possible outcome – “what if no one buys this” – “what if everyone calls me out because I don’t have any formal qualifications in this niche”. Such crap. The only way I’m going to find out is by DOING.

    Thanks man!

  19. Just got home from LaunchCon, and I’m still buzzing. What an amazing event! You not only attract the best teachers, but the people who come to the event are phenomenal resources, too. This was my first event, and I’m signed up for next year. I’ve been a learner AND a doer all my life, and I learned sooo much from everyone I interacted with – including ways to move forward and DO. I’m starting from basically zero, and came away with a clear idea of my product and my avatar. YES!!
    And I must say, for an introvert, you sure can rock it on the dance floor!! LOL!

  20. Toni Narins


    Jeff – I’ve been watching your videos for at least a year, and I’ve heard you say over and over – Get out to live events. Well, LaunchCon was my first ever live event….AND, I decided to up my game and go for the VIP pass. Everything you’ve said about live events is true….You meet the most AMAZING people, who are there to support each other and help each other. I’m a total newbie at this, and yet – somehow – I was able to help other people. That felt GREAT! I’m signed up for next year, and looking forward to it. Thank You!!

  21. Another great video; you inspire me as always…. I’m lucky if I get 50 at my seminars, congrats on taking it to the next level w/hundreds. The corollary to taking action is to not get too scattered; once one builds an empire sometimes getting more focused and not overdoing it can be a plus…figuring out the path to adding concentrated value as you’ve done is key. thanks for all you do, Jeff — well done 🙂


  22. I attended LaunchCon and was so inspired! After reading your book (Launch) and watching your free videos over the past 2 years, I’ve been able to launch my autism online program to parents and professionals from 40 different countries. I’ve been a doer most of my life, but after this weekend, I’m putting things in 4th gear and going to 10x my results and help millions of children and adults with autism around the world. Thank you Jeff for helping learners become doers and for teaching doers how to become super doers! You are changing the world!

  23. Doers smell doers!
    Yes! After 1 1/2 years of learning I am finally doing things. … Actually doing.
    And yes it is much harder than learning but also much more satisfying!
    Thanks for that encouragement!
    Full of respect , nomita

  24. Lauren Schlicht


    OK Jeff – you are talking to me on this one….
    With an engineering background I am big on collecting all the facts. Trying to understand where the fear is – fear of making mistakes, fear of looking foolish or not having all the information, etc.
    Been paralyzed for several years but have bought all the courses, worried about having the right cameras and lights, etc, etc….
    Now I know just do it!!

  25. Debby Jones


    I just posted on your survey that you sent out on 10/27/16. I then found this set of short videos. Thanks for reading my mind and helping me not be afraid to just get started!

  26. You are ALWAYS so incredibly inspiring. Thank you so much for all you do. This was a fantastic video, just the gentle kick in the you-know-what I needed today!

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