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Happy Thanksgiving!

And once more, back to the Gratidude Fountain of Awesomeness – the elixir that fixes pretty much everything that ails you…

Thank YouI just love Thanksgiving… a day dedicated to Gratitude. One of the things I've learned in my life is that the more I can live my life from a place of gratitude for all the gifts I've received… well the better my life is. In every way.

Including, not incidentally, my business. Make no mistake – the more gratitude I have, the better my business does.

It makes me more impactful. It attracts better people into my life. It builds my relationships with the people in my life. So many benefits… and so easy to obtain. Which is why I do my best to bring more gratitude into my life.

Of course, I'm not perfect – in fact I'm so far from perfect… well, it's downright silly. I can still get frustrated by stupid stuff.

But gratitude pulls me out of frustration… but only 100% of the time.

And one of the ways I've been able to stay in gratitude more is by building “gratitude rituals” into my life. (Check out my post here about the “Discipline of Gratitude”… it's one of the most popular posts ever).

If you aren't already doing this, you might want to try adding gratitude rituals into YOUR life. The impact is amazing.

For example, we have a team meeting each week. And the first thing we do in every meeting is a simple gratitude exercise. We “go around the room” and each team member shares something that they're grateful for in their lives. It could be as simple as the weather, or time with family… or a team member helping out on a big project.

It's not complicated, doesn't take long… and then we move onto business. But what a wonderful way to start our team meeting! It sets a completely different tone than if we just plunge into the latest project.

You get the idea – that's just one example of a gratitude ritual that I've built into my life…

So what gratitude rituals do you have? What gratitude rituals can you bring into your life?

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74 Replies to “Gratitude Fountain of Awesomeness”

  1. Hi Jeff. Spot on post. Among the things I’m grateful for is finding the community you’ve created with so many people genuinely willing to pitch in and help. That’s saying something, and it’s certainly a testament to your leadership and just being a nice guy as well.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and those who work with you helping change lives.

  2. I love the focus on gratitude. My day would always start and end with one of these….

    And then my heart focuses on all things visible and invisible to be grateful for.

    Thanks for all your work Jeff.

    Matthew (GratiDude)

  3. I think like most things in business, you have to start a habit of being grateful. It’s so easy to look at all the negative, that we can forget about all the positive. Taking a step back and realizing how good I actually have it helps me to be grateful for all I have, but the good and the bad.

    Thanks Jeff, for a great reminder!

      • When I first started doing this gratitude practice it was hard for me. Like anything new, it takes time but it’s like driving a stick shift, the more you do it, they less you think about it and pretty soon you are driving and shifting without even wondering how you got from A to B. For me, doing this practice has now become second nature, I don’t even think about it anymore. I spend time each morning when I first wake up to say to myself what I am grateful for. And then again later in the day, my wife and I both express what we were grateful for that day. We’ve actually extended it to express our love for each other daily. Just a simple I love you (with meaning) and maybe a soft kiss on her forehead. She eats it all up. The more we show the love the more love we feel. The Gratitude Fountain of Awesomeness is an ideal phrase! Thanks Jeff

  4. My partner and I live and work from home. We eat a lot of meals together. Something we do before a meal is share either, something that brought us joy or something we are grateful for. It very often sheds a different light on the days happenings. Cheers G

  5. Brenda Leguisamo


    Thank you, Jeff! Happy Thanksgiving! My gratitude ritual every morning, evening and throughout the day is being grateful for my life and every breath I take. I also share gratitude with people I interact with. I believe gratitude for life fuels love, genius, and collaboration for the greater good, worldwide.
    With gratitude,

  6. Lewis Lewis


    Thanks Jeff! That helped set the tone for tonight, tomorrow and everyday that lies ahead.

  7. Awesome & timely post Jeff!

    My family has had the tradition of saying what each of us is thankful for before Thanksgiving diner for years.

    It’s not until recently that I have worked on integrating “conscious gratitude” into my daily routine, and it makes a BIG difference in the day.

    Have a great turkey!


  8. Carleton Kendrick



    Not that we truly need data from serious, well designed studies to understand the value of gratitude but such studies do exist and they all state unequivocally that there is a direct correlation between how grateful one is to how much happiness one experiences.
    Peace and grace,
    Carleton Kendrick
    Family Therapist and Author, Take Out Your Nose Ring, Honey, We’re Going to Grandma’s

  9. Jeff – infinite Love & Gratitude to you and your family and not just today (or tomorrow), but every day and in every way. Thank you! I feel VERY lucky to have you as a part of my life.

  10. Hey Jeff

    I recently invested in Product Launch Formula……lovin it.

    But to the point…..I have a list of about 8K buyers and friday I sent out the following e-mail….it was the most well received e-mail to my list ever. Since I’m in your PLF now I figured I’d share it here for everyone.

    Swipe it …use it… (my list saw me develop…..many of them said it brought tears to their eyes.)

    here it is

    Subject: thank you…

    Today I just want to take a moment and say thank you.

    In the last few months my life has went from the mundane 9-5 to actually having the freedom i’ve dreamed of.

    It wasn’t easy at all.

    For years I struggled putting up blogs. Trying this…..or trying that….and all of it just seemed to fall flat. I put up squeeze pages and tried to build lists only to see nobody open up the emails. I threw up sites and ran backlinks at them only to see no real traffic.

    ….and not until recently have I started to have success.

    I’ve been landing clients regularly, making a decent amount off of facebook, and most importantly I’ve gained you and fellow warriors trust.

    And that means the world to me.

    So today I just want to say thank you.

    Thank you for supporting me and my launches.

    Thank you for trusting me enough to open my emails and listen to what I have to say.

    Thank you for changing my life.

    Thank you for everything,


    thanks Jeff!

  11. There was a time in my life when I thought I did not deserve anything. Grew up in a difficult way and pretty much had whatever was left over.

    I don’t think that way anymore. And what changed my life was being grateful. Not in the “there but for the grace of God, go I” kind of grateful, but in the way of living a life filled with gratitude for everything.

    I made my screensaver into those flying words that say Thank You. So whenever my computer has to wake up, that is the first thing I see. I started a new website dedicated to living in this way and just the simple act of sending out an email everyday to people has reinforced my belief in the power of gratitude.

    That has been quite an amazing thing. I feel better, look better, smile more, laugh more, and relax more. Gratitude, for lack of a better way to say it, has completely transformed my life.

    Thank you for posting this. I hope your holiday is wonderful.

  12. I wish I could recall who shared this exercise with me… but it escapes me.


    1. Write out a list of everything you would like to have in your life.

    (Im going to ruin the punch line)

    2. Once youve done that take a close look at your list and see if youve included the stuff youve already got… that was once “something you’d like to have”

    Its interesting, because at on point or another we all believed “these thing” would add fulmess to our lives… yet once we get them we blindly move onto more things…

    …things that… again we wont appreciate.

    Thanks for the post Jeff I enjoyed it.


  13. great stuff Jeff. Gratitude is not always “sexy”, yet is one of the most powerful unrated forces in existence. my partner developed a unique duplicatable process that has helped people who have been raped, children murdered, seriously tragic events and in a matter of minutes to hours take them to a life-changing place of gratitude FOR those horrific experiences. if all of us got a call from our doctor saying we had one minute to live, i bet we would talk quickly to our loved ones and only have two things to say-thank you, and i love you. that is the place we take people. so thank YOU so very much for your wisdom and all you did to learn the PLF and you simply will have no idea how many lives around the world you will have at least an indirect impact on through your work. enjoy your new class and of course, your holiday with your family. btw, i bought cases of the the alchemist and gave them out for years to friends and family and co-workers. prosperous regards, dr. mike

  14. Thanks Jeff!

    Gratitude is generally not celebrated in most countries. I’m glad to live in one that dedicates a whole day to just that.

    Grateful beyond words.


  15. Jeff,
    What people need to take away from your post is that it is Thanksgiving everyday, not just around the Thanksgiving holiday. My gratitude ritual is that I have a gratitude journal that I write in every night before going to bed. Letting all of the good emotions digest while I am sleeping.
    I am grateful for all the people plus me that you have mentored in the world.

  16. I once had a dream about a gratitude fountain. It looked like a drinking/water fountain (or as they say in Wisconsin, a “bubbler”). My dream self found it on a thrift store shelf and wondered why it was dry and empty. I realized upon waking that I needed to metaphorically re-install my gratitude fountain and get it working again.

    Interestingly, this post is the only time I’ve ever heard the term “gratitude fountain” outside of my dream. Since I just joined PLF I find it a meaningful coincidence. Thanks for the reminder.

  17. I’m grateful to have found Product Launch Formula at the perfect time in my life. I’m even more grateful to be surrounded by people who really care about other people and making this world an awesome place. Thank you, Jeff, and everyone reading this blog! You guys are all awesome and I wish you all the best with your businesses and your lives.

  18. I really needed to read this today, man. Sometimes you need to be nudged and re-aligned to what’s most important in life: gratitude and giving. So with that, THANK YOU JEFF!! 🙂

  19. I am grateful for great health, family, friends and love in my life. I am grateful too for the extraordinary opportunity we have as entrepreneurs to make a difference in our circumstances and the world around us. Jeff thanks for your guidance, integrity and generosity over the years. My ritual is to tell people directly how much I appreciate them…like I just did! Happy holidays, Jeff, to you, your family. and your awesome team!

  20. Thank you Jeff for being a positive light that reaches me via a computer screen! I don’t know you, yet I do, and what I know and feel in my gut is that you are one of the good guys. I am, for sure, so grateful for all the blessings in my real life but also for all the opportunities online and the ability to learn from really nice people who truly care, like you. I wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

  21. Thanks to YOU for this wondeful post. I love the way your meetings start: that’s very inspiring.

  22. Thanks for the reminder Jeff. My gratitude ritual is to run through some of the things I’m grateful for each morning before I rise out of bed. It sets up my day to be the best it can be and to keep me focused on the good so I can create more of that.

    Today, I am grateful for you for I know that because of you, my life will better and better and better from the moment I was introduced to you and your work.

    Warm regards, Ingrid

  23. Jeff,
    I love that you have a gratitude circle prior to your business meeting. I feel every company should do that. Great blog!

  24. Jeff: Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. And to all fellow PLFers everywhere. Those I’ve of you I’ve already met and those of you I look forward to meeting. We have much to be thankful for.

  25. Gratitude to who Jeff? If someone hasn’t been the source of the good things in your life, what’s the point. It’s like saying I’m going to celebrate giddyness, frustration….. butter. I mean, c’mon man. And a ritual of gratitude? Doesn’t that just seem a bit ironic? That something which should come spontaneously if we look at the gifts and not mechanically? Is it so hard to say that there’s Someone supplying the good? Someone whom we acknowledge as the Giver of the good? I appreciate the idea of gratitude but if it isn’t focused on and directed to the Source of the things we are grateful for, it is just an endless feedback loop, or irrelevant. All that said, wishing you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  26. Renee Barnes-Orozco


    Thank you Jeff for being so detailed oriented in your presentation of PLF.

    I also feel thankful for morning walks, watching my dog play fetch with such enthusiasm, when my kids surprise me with thoughtful words and for fun spur of the moments.

    I am also thankful for opening up my eyes to change, for laughter and love of the moment. And for being able to learn. LOL and all these pre-black Friday text pics my son keeps sending me for black Friday shopping!

  27. Thanks for a great article on gratitude, Jeff. I really liked what you said. I just wrote an article about gratitude for my online magazine yesterday and published it today. Every time my business has had struggles of any kind, the first thing I do is I stop and think of all the things that I am grateful for.

    With that new perspective, it becomes a lot easier to resolve any issues.

    It’s so nice to see that you truly “get” the energy of gratitude.

  28. Every morning right after I wake up, I do gratitude ritual. I start to count and thank you for God blessing, starting from thank you for the breath of life, the bed I sleep on, the room I sleep in, the lovely flower bed sheet, each part of my body working in order and so on.. the rest of my day filled with peace .. knowing that God in control of my life, my present, my future, my business and every single thing. Wish every one does it..then no war inside and outside of minimized conflict in family and with others too 🙂

  29. Devin McMahan


    What a timely message. One that’s lost in all my concerns and worries. I remember when life seemed much simpler with nothing to pull my concerns except school. There wasn’t the pressure or knowledge of all the things I could be doing. Just one or two simple things.
    Before I had a room full of courses, books, DVDs that I accumulate faster than I can go through and implement.

    It’s so easy to loose joy and wonder at all that is possible. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to make the life you want, and not be miserable doing something you don’t enjoy that you end up miserable and worried and wishing life was simpler.

    Something so easy as changing your focus. Enjoying where you are, the people in your life that may give you motivation to not be like them, or the people that you enjoy being with and push you and encourage you.

    Life is a great adventure and it would be a shame to miss it trying to do the next thing.
    Thanks for the great reminder!
    Aloha, Devin

  30. Hey buddy

    I 110% agree and have experienced exactly the same in my life. I now make sure that the first at least 5 minutes of every run I go for is spent giving gratitude to everything that I have now in my life that I love. Simple things, big things, stupid things, serious things – no matter what – giving thanks feels awesome.

    Great post


  31. Thanks Jeff for your article on gratitude, however reading Bruce’s quote…
    “Gratitude to who Jeff? If someone hasn’t been the source of the good things in your life, what’s the point. It’s like saying I’m going to celebrate giddyness, frustration….. butter. I mean, c’mon man. And a ritual of gratitude? Doesn’t that just seem a bit ironic? That something which should come spontaneously if we look at the gifts and not mechanically? Is it so hard to say that there’s Someone supplying the good? Someone whom we acknowledge as the Giver of the good? I appreciate the idea of gratitude but if it isn’t focused on and directed to the Source of the things we are grateful for, it is just an endless feedback loop, or irrelevant. All that said, wishing you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!”

    it seem he dosen’t see anything to be grateful for…WOW! REALLY?

    I know we all go thru things in our lives, the up’s and down’s in’s and out’s that life but I tell you I’m grateful each and everyday that God let’s me rise to see another day because it not promise to any of us, if your having success in life then your truely bless.

    Remember these simply quotes:

    Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

    Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

    Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

    Anthony J. D’Angelo
    Les Brown
    Dr. Seuss

    You know I’ve never had a bad day all day, what I mean is this, when things are going bad in my day I simply start my day over I make a gratitude list of what’s good in my life and i’m thankful for that, and don’t worry about things I can’t control ( it’s useless to waste energy on things you can’t control).

    It is said that we all come into the world with special gifts in our hands designed to make the world a better place, for this I am grateful, Thank you Jeff for all of hard your work, I watch your passion lastnite in your presentation how you found your break thru how you wanted make your impact on the world and now you have done that….

    God Bless & Happy Thanksgiving Jeff.

    Darryl H

  32. Jeff and Your friends;
    I have been reading what has been posted here and it all touches my Heart. I am an old man of 82 years young i like to say as I believe in the way you people do. I am not very active on the computer as I am always busy helping the old folks here In Alma Nebraska that can`t do things for themselves. Gratitude has always been a part of my life even though I have been taken a few times for always Trusting everyone until they prove otherwise. I do yard work for these old friends of mine and never charge anyone a Dime.One of them is an old Preacher who will be 100 years old Valentines day. My wealth is built up in Heaven as that is where it should be.
    I give all of my blessings to God as He helped give me my hearing back. I am a Disabled Veteran with 100% Hearing loss in both Ears. I now Have my Hearing back in my Left ear with a Cochlear Implant. I want go into detail about this as it is a long story. My Gratitude is by giving God all the Glory where it should be given. Thank you Jeff for the Opportunity to write what I have here. People need to be aware of what they can give instead of what they always want . AMEN.

    Hank Jensen ( My Nickname )
    USAAF Veteran

  33. Writing down our thanks and seeing others being thankful is a great way to spend a few moments on Thanksgiving Eve. Thanks Jeff 🙂
    Personally I’m grateful for surviving Cancer and being able to sit on a mountain and see the beauty and grandeur still left in this world.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to all our men and women who are serving and defending our country and aren’t able to be home with their loved ones, may all of our thanks be felt around the world this Holiday Season.

  34. Atif Yaseen


    This is good sign of starting a day, the work or any meeting that we must add a gratitude exercise.

  35. Dear Jeff,

    YOU SAY….PROVE…That’s the Beauty of your Marketing and of course the system you present.

    Thank You Very much for giving such wonderful and productive stuffs to society.

    To Our Success..

  36. Hi Jeff, I’m grateful for all the amazing things God has given me so far in life:-) Thank u for sharing the Free product launch info with me. I was not in a financial position to buy the product Formula when it was up for grabs, but next time round I will be one of your first customers….

    God Bless you and all those you care for.

    T. Fitz

  37. iCyberSurfer


    Thankful there are people like you.
    iCyberSurfer now catch those jive turkeys….

  38. Every time I think about the importance of gratitude, I think back to the post you made where you taught me the new phrase “the discipline of gratitude”. Cause it requires discipline. I believe it’s a skill that must be devloped. The more I’m thankful now, the more thankful (and happy) I’ll be when I achieve more. Instead of using desperation for motivation and depend your happiness on what you achieve, you can see the success as a bonus – and be EVEN happier when it arrives!

    I gratitude,

    Thank you Jeff for being congruent and sharing your wisdom


  39. Thanks Jeff, wonderful post. I have been keeping a gratitude journal for a couple years now and this daily practice has changed my life. Spending a couple minutes each morning and finding things to be grateful for starts my day off in a positive way. Many times I’m grateful in advance for what the day will bring. For example, today I am so GRATEFUL that I will have a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family and my in-laws. My father had a stroke back in August and I am signing him out of the rehab facility to spend the day with us. He is extremely excited to be getting out for the day and I’m thrilled to have him here – with his favorite dessert on hand, coconut cream pie!

  40. Thanks Jeff. I am SO grateful to have you and your team and community in my life! After attending your recent live event, the reality of who you are and what you stand for was so evident. You are one of the most authentic and sincere “teachers’ on the planet. Not only do you “practice what you preach” you embody it. So today, I appreciate who you are and am grateful that my path has crossed yours on this incredible journey of life.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  41. Happy people are grateful for what they have. Unhappy people are not grateful for what they have. They are focused on what they don’t have.
    My ritual: 3X a day, every day, I stop in the middle of whatever I am doing and openly express my gratitiude to God and the universe for what I have.
    I am extremely happy in my life. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
    I am grateful to you for the opportunity to share this grace with others.


  42. I’m grateful that ‘an attitude of gratitude’ is one of the world’s perpetual, never-ending, timeless principles. 😀

    Thanks so much for this reminder, Jeff.

    I’ve been watching your videos lately, and I’m grateful to watch them, they’re so uplifting! The vibe between you and Brendan Burchard had me smiling big 🙂

  43. it is quite easy to get caught up in the day to day things of being a entreprenur and forget to stop, take a breath and be grateful and take stock of what you have accomplished… its been just 4 years since I bailed from the corporate world cold turkey (with no real solid plan) and have just about replaced my 6 fig job from creating a online biz around my passion. It has not been easy… and Im making up as I go… I sell a physical products with a IM twist and there are precious few in this IM space that sell physical products to model or to go to for help.

    One of my fav places to reflect on what is going on in my life is on long road bike rides… I sometimes just look down at my legs spinning the gears and am grateful for being able to do such a simple thing…that gives me freedom with the air rushing past me and reminds me why we all are here in this space together… we yearn for meaning in our lives, to make a difference and creating the lifestyle we want…freedom.

    I am grateful to be in the company of like minded people.

  44. In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in christ concerning you[1thes5:18]Any one that can think will find things to be thankful for.If you need a raise,then learn to praise.Blessings and happy thanksgiving

  45. Hi Jeff
    What a great reminder, no matter how things appear as so overwhelming. We do need to take the time to be grateful for what we have. The freedom we have to speak, read and follow our dreams. So many places in the world others cannot. I am grateful for the roof over my head, family, friends and pets that love me. I never have to go hungry. When I look around, although I do not have my ideal life, others will never have an opportunity to ever have a life as good as mine. Thank you for reminding me all of this today.

  46. The opportunity to be alive in this planet called earth and live in a country where we are free to become whatever we wish for is a great motive to be gateful!!!


  47. Thanks Jeff,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…

    I’m very grateful for what I have… 3 healthy children and a good wife.

    Now to find an online business that would make a couple bucks alowing her to retire.


  48. Happy Thanksgiving
    We have a ritual of doing a thanksgiving prayer every night before dinner, acknowledging what we’re grateful for in our lives.

  49. John Carlton


    Jeff — Great stuff, as always. Short and sweet, yet loaded with spiritual value.

    I’ve forced myself to take it even one step further over the years — when I replace something like my keyboard (I thrash ’em so thoroughly, that they seldom last 6 months), I hold it and take a moment to thank it for its service. Sounds silly, but simple acts of gratitude tap a deeper well of spiritual connection to the universe.

    Thanks for the reminder to never skip the gratitude, dude.

    John Carlton

  50. There´s nobody else that I admire the most in the internet marketing than you Jeff,and you know why? It´s just because you´ve been the one who has made me feel gratitude with all your free content and gifts.You´re all the time giving yourself to the world.I hope some day to be honored having you as my mentor.

  51. Hi Jeff and thanks for your great post. One of the things I’m always grateful about is the experts community that we belong to. Not sure where exactly it started in my life but I’m grateful that I have the privilege to be around insightful people like you. Happy thanksgiving 🙂

  52. Jeff. Great post. When I worked at Wilderness Awareness School, we started every meeting with the Iroquois Thanksgiving Address. It was shared by one of our founders, Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp, who passed away last year. It brought our minds together, and left our egos and agendas we could focus on why where were doing the work we were doing. Everyone brought their best to the table. Here is a version…

    That site is a school that Chief Swamp started with his Nation. He was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize at one point.

    …Now our minds are one…

  53. Lovely article man- every day at breakfast with my wife we express 5 things we are grateful for…. We try not to repeat the same things too often except how grateful we are for each other. I beleive we borrowed this daily exercise from Tony Robbins.

  54. Hey Jeff-
    Thank you for bringing the power of gratitude out into the light of every day! I believe there is absolutely nothing that is more profoundly life affirming than being in a state of grace that only gratitude can bring.

    I am a new PLF member and this post has brought a new level of comfort to me for making the decision to join. I am so inspired!

    I’ve been living gratitude for a long time now, and some might be surprised at where gratitude can be effectively employed.. Dog training, for example…that’s my business and I offer the gift of success through gratitude to my clients regularly!

    Thanks again.

  55. Hi Jeff, Of course the best things in life – and one could argue the most valuable things – are free. Expressing gratitude is a product of our thinking, of our mind, which came to us free at birth! Gratitude costs nothing yet is of value beyond measure. Thank you Jeff for all that YOU give and bring to the world.

  56. Jeff, I love your post!

    It’s just awesome, a fountain of gold is what a gratitude fountain is, and I’m happy to share mine to anyone on this forum who chooses to take value from it.

    I wake up and smell the roses, well no, but I make these intentions of gratitude 😉
    By expressing who I am every glorious morning, I feel the certainty of everyone else knowing deeper who they are, and I feel the connection between everyone rising. And I deeply truly appreciate that.


    *I am an expressor of humanity
    *I am timeless connecting success
    *I am a dancing economy
    *I connect human beings to who they really are
    *I intend to rock everyone, at everything, at least in my domain, which is connecting
    *I connect people to appreciating themselves

    It’s important to me to go through life, knowing who I am and powerfully using the gifts I was given and focus and put my awareness into positivity throughout a day. And the list I have above is habitually in each and every action I make everyday and it shows. People can feel it.

    Everywhere I go, as I change and grow, which is usually fast and powerful, everyone around me is elevated. We grow as one, and thanks for giving me an opportunity to share! I’m so happy to have found this site, it is a refreshing outlook on all that is good in life.

  57. Thank you very much for this short n sweet stuff to remind. Its greatful to thankgiving grattitute. Thanks once again

  58. I Looooove this article. I am such a Gratitude fan that I started a website about it. Do not forget to keep the” Thanks” in Thanksgiving.

  59. Hi Jeff, couldn’t agree more. I keep a gratitude journal and add 6 things to it everyday. I also advise all my clients to do the same. This qY they have a mentality of abundance rather than lack. Cheers

  60. Great post! I love the gratitude exercise and will implement it right away! What I have is a gratitude rock which is really just a plain old pebble that I keep as close to me as i can. When I feel it in my pocket or see it on my desk it reminds me how much more I have than just a rock in my pocket and how much abundance I have in my life.

  61. Thanks, Jeff…I just reeled off ten things to be grateful for and it took less than 5 minutes…not exactly sure if that means anything, but it does, in fact, feel inspiring…

  62. Came across this post after signing up for your “Start from Scratch” program (Excellent, btw!). I remember a T-day when I had HUGE gratitude. I’d just moved to Santa Cruz from Idaho – a “meat and potatoes” state if there ever was one.

    So I go to a potluck gathering with new friends. Lots of food: pies, salads, side dishes, etc. And I look at the turkey. Except it looks funny. “What’s with the turkey?” I ask the host. “Looks different.”

    Then she tells me the words I’ll never forget: “That’s not turkey, It’s ‘tofurkey’. You know, tofu turkey.”

    “WHAT?!” I gasp back. “It’s NOT MEAT?”

    So I go into a catatonic stupor, hardly believing it’s possible to celebrate T-day without a turkey. And then the doorbell rings. It’s Kenny. He’s carrying a big platter, which I eyed with hope. “Whucha ya got there, Kenny?” almost ready to launch at him.

    “Turkey,” he says. 14 people at that gathering, and not a soul to compete with for the drumsticks. In that moment, I had gratitude!

  63. Jeff,

    Take a look at the work by Dr. Robert Emmons or read one of his books. I love it when there is something that I know (for me personally) and then to have science prove the point. Dr. Emmons did some very compelling work on gratitude. You’ll love it!

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