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This week I've got an advanced topic – it's about how the best stay on top of their game. And it's about how the mighty often fall from grace.

Because once you've climbed to the top of your market, there's a whole new level of threat… and this threat is an “inside” job. Here's how to avoid losing it all…

Let me know what you think and leave me a comment below!

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71 Replies to “How The Mighty Fall From Grace”

  1. Hi Jeff
    I am happy about your Sunday video messages. It’s always an inspiration to listen to you. Never forget your roots and your reason why you are this person now. Reflexion about who you are and how you doing is a challange for the most people but the best way to improve your personality and your business.
    See you next week 😉

    • Hi Jeff…This video couldn’t have been more perfect both in timing and content as my business partner did The presentation, we have been planning since last February and into which I was to be Skyped, without even telling me he was going to do it ! I’ve not had the words to express what a betrayal this has been or how unprofessional and disrespectful it was after all the work i put into creating the prototype he used in the presentation. I’ve forwarded your video onto him, though i have no way to know if he will watch it. Your words hit the nail all the way through the board, not just on the head ! Our business will fail if he does not heed the words you spoke and change his attitudes and behaviors as you suggest. If nothing else, you have confirmed my experience and shown me that my approach has been the correct one all along. Thank you for giving me the support I don’t receive from my partner.

      With Warm and Deep Appreciation,

  2. Jeff,

    What a refreshing message about humility. It’s so, so true, and so rare to come across. And darn it if that Paul Myers fella doesn’t know what he’s talking about yet again. 🙂

    I’ve always believed that over and above anything else in business (and in life) it’s critical to strive to be a mensch, whatever happens. Staying humble and true to yourself is a part of that.

    And I totally hear you on the difficulty in getting honest feedback. It’s hard to find, but it’s a blessing when you do.

  3. Hi Jeff, I am trying to watch EVERY of your videos. I did find an echo in your Haters Gonna etc. However, I laughed with the comment that “They crucified Jesus.” I will file that one away.

  4. Amazing… yes its the truth. Jeff also ur critics help to keep you humble.
    But Ive seen you very humble and down to earth. It doesnt feel at all that Im watching video of a super successful marketer.

  5. Great video as usual, Jeff. I agree with you and am frequently turned off by all the gurus ‘pounding their chest’ about how much money they earn. I find it rather off-putting to be honest, because it somehow seems like their customers are only there to contribute to the overall figures.

    I find the best humility is gained by having my young kids around me – it doesn’t matter if I’ve had the best day of sales of my life, if my launch has just been amazing, if I’ve just been nominated for a big award… there’s always a nappy to change, or some food to mop off the floor, or some mess to clear up. 😀

  6. Thanks for the great videos Jeff, especially the second one (2/16). For the first video, I never forget all of my offline and online gurus (Stone Evans, Corey Rudl, Andrew Hansen, Brad Callen, etc.. etc…) and never forget where I come from. The Launch will be my ticket to come home or at least move to a place with the same culture (China is in my blood).

  7. Hello Jeff, thanks to you and your crew for the effort and quality of these videos. I love getting them in my email every week.

  8. “People hear what we say, they see what we do… Seeing is believing.” It’s hard to fake humility, I believe true lasting humility can’t be. Jeff, your humbleness is visible both in words and actions. Good stuff!

  9. Jeff, this is one of the most important videos you have done. It resonates with me at every level. Humility is the key to real and authentic success. For years, I held myself back from stepping into my own light simply because of witnessing at first hand the attitude and behaviour of so-called gurus as they experienced more and more success. They forgot their roots and the people that helped them get there. Having said that, it’s easy confuse humility with low self esteem. They are not the same. When a person is humble, they are coming from a place of willingness to learn and grow, gratitude and service. Low self esteem is believing ‘I am not good enough”.

    Thank you again, my friend for your contribution to humanity. I can’t wait to meet you in person some day.

    Love and gratitude,


  10. I LOVE these videos! Couldn’t stop at the first and have so many notes in my journal now. Thank you, Jeff. You are much appreciated.

  11. This is such an awesome video. I have heard it said that Humility is the foundation of true confidence. This was such a refresher this week. I recently stopped working with a high end business coach (who you would know) because they didn’t value people, they had a huge ego and because of that didn’t want others to be successful (that scarcity mindset). So refreshing to hear this man!!!!

  12. hi Jeff 🙂 you’re so awesome and great and handsome 🙂 lol…no, but in all seriousness, this was a GOOD reminder….”don’t believe your own press”…I like that. 🙂 Have a great Sunday.

  13. Hello Jeff!

    Thanks for your valuable content.

    Could you point me to your coaching program form or , if you’re sold out, someone else’s program that has your approval and proved results?

    Best regards for you and your family!

  14. My mom and I met you at a conference you were speaking at while getting coffee. You were so nice, humble and caring — It’s the reason why we decided to follow you and eventually buy Product Launch Formula!

  15. Agree. The quote I am reminded of goes something like this: “If you and I both agree about everything, there is no reason for both of us to exist”. If you don’t get any resistance to what you are trying to do, it’s probably not the best use of your time. I like the analogy by Robert Kyosaki, the “crab pot”. When one crab tries to climb out, the others try to pull him down instead of helping each other get out. It is a reality of human nature, and one we all need to be mindful of as we all work toward climbing out of the crab pot. Thanks for great post Jeff, one thing I always recognize in your posts and videos is humility, and not false humility. Keep up the good work!

  16. Thanks for the great advice. It is coming at a relevant time got me.
    I enjoy your messages and look forward to the live event.

  17. Great message Jeff. Perhaps there’s a lesson about marketing here too. It’s easy to fall into the trap of drinking your own Kool-Aid. There’s a fine line between portraying yourself in a good light to the world and getting too big for your britches.

    We need to show our strong, positive side to potential clients and partners, but you are correct… We are all just people. When I work with people to craft their story, authenticity is one of the most important aspects I focus on. In part because it grounds you in reality . If you focus on being yourself it not only makes it easier to tell your story, but you are also less likely to fall into the trap of thinking you are Superman or Wonder Woman. You can be the best at what you do, but you are still you. Vulnerability can actually be a strength. I love your example of coming off stage and getting true constructive feedback. That’s authenticity in action.

    I look forward to next week’s video.

  18. Jeff

    Great message – we can never be over-reminded of the importance of humility.

    You nailed it! (However, there was one aspect of your presentation that could use a little more attention…:-))


  19. Jeff, I agree with all the comments that your humility is one of the reasons so many people follow you and welcome your advice. I think once we lose touch with reality and stop being humble, success naturally tends to leave our side. Thank you for the inspiration!

  20. Hi Jeff – it really doesn’t matter what level you are at – it’s always important to get that feedback on how you can improve. Your conversational style is always a pleasure to listen to. I am not a huge fan of getting a lot of personal ‘stuff’ from folks. I understand they believe it makes them feel more connected but for me I’m not all that interested in your personal life. Please, keep it to a minimum.

  21. Excellent points, Jeff…it’s an ongoing goal to stay somewhat humble and approachable. One of my early mentors, an HR vice president, told me “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”….a perfect thought.

    I’ve found for myself that while being a bestselling trusted industry leader is exciting; staying “down to earth” really helps connect with audiences, and relate. Authenticity & integrity, character & competency counts more than anything. I like how you spoke on the topic; thank you.

    – Ken

  22. Dan Calabrese


    Good message. So many successful people lose their humility. I think that keeping your humility in the light of success is not only important for the obvious reasons but also because it keeps you in the mindset of realizing that you can continue to learn from others (and therefore continue to grow) because you don’t know everything.

  23. It takes confidence and a realistic self-assessment to know who you are, what you have to offer to the world and to show up without pretense or false modesty. Anyone who can do that is a leader. You’re a fine example of that way of being.

  24. Great video. I had a very long, exhausting week including meeting your son for the video shoot! I’m on launch 5…. Only one year ago I blasted onto the success scene. I am now starting stage two which brings me back to the terror, the humility to ask what is it I can do that will uniquely serve my mission to help marriages.

    My field has lots of ego… And it is extremely important to me to create a more universal, humanist tone. I think you are on to it when you say we need to bring nice critics in closer. I think I’ll talk to my small team about this and maybe figure out how to make them an official part of a review team. I dont want to get lost in myself or in praise. The upside to marketing however, is the people we serve vote with their wallets. Hopefully that keeps us a little honest about what people like vs what we think they should like.

    Excited to finally get to the live event this year!

  25. Jeff,
    I love your inspiring messages that you choose to share with us. I believe one of the original definitions of humility is “to see things as they truly are”, and in that context we are never our press, our accolades or our rah! rah!
    Rather, we have that opportunity daily, be it through yoga, meditation or some other practice, to breathe deeply finding the joy and gratitude in the quietness of our unique being in this life. Perhaps this is part of humility?

  26. Love the video and advice. Being humble is a very good quality to have don’t like being around ego maniacs

  27. Lovely post, Jeff. Many thanks.

    Too many dudes in this game are “proud of their humility”! 😉 but you’re the real deal.

    Happy Sunday! 🙂

  28. Loved this post Jeff!

    Every time someone who is a master of their field admits that they need to stay humble and true to their core values, it is always a constructive and knowledgeable environment (which they build through their acknowledgement).

    Please do some more videos on the importance of building relationships with people built on cooperation.

  29. Jeff, I am so thankful you are in my life. You teach me a great deal and also have a great ability to remind me of things I already know. And today is no different. Thank you for your presence. I so appreciate you!

  30. Amazing! I’ve just watched all 16 videos of one of the world’s top expert entrepreneurs at work, and it felt like I was watching and listening to an old friend …. and you do “humble” so well. So much excellent advice too. Thank you.

  31. Rose Scarlet


    Hi Jeff! Thanks for the great video! It’s such a nice way to start the week. I bought your book a couple of months ago and have been watching your archive videos since then. I hope to launch my product in the next couple of months or so. And guess what? I just got my FIRST email subscriber that I didn’t already know and/or isn’t related to me! WooHOO!

  32. Hey thanks for the great reminder Jeff! We have all heard this over and over from great mentors… As Eric said: It’s easy to fall into the trap of drinking your own Kool-Aid…

  33. Hi Jeff,

    This is so true, I really like what you mentioned in this video.
    Thanks for sharing!

  34. Thanks again Jeff! Your conversational style is so attractive to so many. Thank you for crafting your business around your life principals rather than the other way around. Always value your insight.

  35. Oke, here my first comment because i’m so bussy with looking all the great video’s about PLF.

    I believe in one thing only….. success is an choice
    So i’m not trying but DOING it.

    Thanks for everything…

    Best regards to all

  36. Great words. Love the video: the message AND the technical part too.

    I’ve always been a subscriber to the thought “the same faces you see going up are the same faces you see going down”.

    Thanks for the inspiration. And thanks to Ray Edwards for telling me about you.

  37. Hi Jeff!

    PLF was the first internet marketing course I ever bought back in 2009. Then I attended Date With Destiny in Dec 2010 and saw you there! I was so thrilled when I met you because you were exactly like you were in your emails and you were so excited to meet me. I still remember that and bring it up sometimes when I talk about being authentic in your marketing. 🙂

    You’re awesome,

  38. Great video!

    I think we are all human at the end of the day.

    Although many of us will be aware of our strengths, it’s how we use them to provide value to our network/audience.

  39. Great Video Jeff. Besides thinking you are the BEST of the BEST, the most attractive thing about you is your REALNESS. I got that the first time I saw you doing a video and again in person at PLF in Scottsdale. (Not to mention the Secret Headquarters!) Humble, brilliant, creative and just REAL. I am still “pinching” myself.

    Thank you for who you are that inspires me and thousands (millions probably) to be more of who we are!


  40. Great message Jeff. Humility is a very powerful attribute and enhances the intimacy of your connections with people. Since the time of the Illiad and the Odyssey, the Gods do not like Hubris. Not only must one be thankful for any good turn of events, but one must be humble for Poseidon can easily send a storm your way to sink your ship and send your crew to the bottom. Your humility is genuine Jeff…and your students can feel it and learn from your example. Thank you.

  41. Not at the top, yet Jeff, but I am working that inner game! I am working webinar into a seat lunch for parents of teenagers. My very first presentation ever is tonight! I am digging deep! OK, back to reviewing the seed launch videos one more time. Thanks Jeff!

  42. kathy sexton


    I love your humility!! So many others beat their chests and display their egos.
    Your humbleness exudes from you! I just bought your book on Amazon and
    it’s unbelievable!! You are so approachable that any fear of starting a
    business is extinguished!!! Keep up the great work!
    Kathy Sexton

  43. Hey Jeff, sound advice. Can be easy to get caught up in the moment & come across the wrong way. Your humility shines through. Thanks again. Craig

  44. Hi Jeff

    Great message. I have lived in Miami Fl 25-years and recently went back to my home town in Wi of less than 10,000 people. I hadn’t been back in 20 some years and I was shocked. It’s a very poor community and it just overwhelmed me with emotion because I had forgotten where I came from. One word Gratitude! Bill

  45. Hi Jeff, as always, another cracker this week! Thank you so much for sharing, me and my partner Chris are nearly ready to do a quick launch of a brand new product to our own list before making it evergreen to the general public, so we aren’t at the “guru” stage, but still, really useful video at this stage. Thank you!

  46. Hi Jeff

    What a great message, words and actions to live by personally and professionally. Gratitude is such an important awareness. I am so inspired to reach out to my mentors and family today.
    thank you.

    I have been struggling so much with social media, my struggle in keeping up with the ” media Jones’ ”
    where my business fits in all of it (which desperately needs a bigger presence) and also personally, as a role model to my children by teaching and instilling values and balance with social media.

    This is the first video I have watched from you and gosh, what a gift this was. Im looking forward to following your lead:)

    Thank you for “your gifts”,
    Cathy Braffet Richardson

  47. “I don’t really live on compliments. As a matter of fact, they have a way of distracting me. I know a whole lot of musicians, artists out there who hears the compliments and thinks “wow, I must have been really great” and so they get fat and satisfied and they get lost and forget about their actual talent and start living in another world.” Jimi Hendrix

  48. Great topic and highly pertinent Jeff! It is important to acknowledge there are people who will pounce at any weakness to ‘take you down’. You must remain humble and grateful even in the face of great resistance. Be careful who you let in your inner circle.

  49. As always you bring out realistic points that affect us all-I am always impressed by people who still have time to assist those who are very much less successful than themselves, who understand that they were once clueless if it was not for the help of someone more powerful than they were a few years back – it is a hard road, and it can be a valuable journey if we offer a little of our ‘light’ and discoveries with people who can benefit.

  50. I so agree, ego is ugly… keep yourself humble not just for your audience but for yourself. Favorite movie quote… “You can not fill a cup that is already full”

    thanks Jeff

  51. Thank you, Jeff. I’ve enjoyed your presence in my personal growth side of business for months… this quick video is another gem. Keeping on the real side of marketing and online business development. 🙂

  52. The easiest way to stay humble is to stay grateful. If you can bring forth gratitude every day, you’ll stay grounded and keep your perspective in check.

    Great advice, Jeff. Thanks!

  53. As “all” ways, what a GREAT GREAT GREAT post!!!

    My new quote today… is INSPIRED by you Jeff!

    “The art of being (and becoming) at the same time, is TRUE humility”
    Lisa Snow

  54. I am looking forward to meeting this humble and down to earth person at PLF Live 2015 🙂

  55. hye
    i am a french man and i don’t speak very well.I think your video can help every body.Don’t forget where we come from.i aggree with you simplicity, humility and keep my valor.

    This mental things will be operated every days before working!

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