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If you’re waiting for the perfect moment before you launch – the moment when you know everything is just perfect, and all the stars are aligned… then there’s only one thing you’re going to guarantee: your FAILURE.

That’s what this week’s video is all about…

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57 Replies to “How To Guarantee That You Will Fail”

  1. Jeff
    Totally agree with you. Stop perfecting and start doing.
    Today is the day to launch the imperfection of a brilliant idea
    The baby steps are not in the learning. The learning is in the baby steps
    Thanks for the reminder
    Really needed
    Hope to meet you in person soon


  2. Jeff
    Thank you for the reminder.

    The baby steps and doing are not in the learning
    The learning is in the baby steps and doing


  3. Great video!
    Was having a conversation about tribes and products just ten mins ago with hubby and then he sent me this. Love your delivery style too.

  4. Thanks, Jeff — My biggest takeaway from this video can be summed up by your quote: “If you try to even get most of the stuff, the reality is the market will have moved by the time you get there!”

    So undeniably true! This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks so much for these videos!

  5. You’ve been reading my journal again.

    Thanks for your “perfect” timing.

  6. Excellent point Jeff! I also think that the speed of the leader is the speed of the Gang…meaning that if you are looking for Perfection before you launch and your prospects, when you do finally decide to Launch, will notice or recognize that you are a perfectionist, will delay in making their decisions to buy your product until they get it perfect… all of the stars are aligned, the planets are in position and the Sun is going to rise at the perfect time. I like to think of it as progress not perfection as my personal affirmation. Again thanks Jeff for your thought-provoking videos and comments. Make it a great week!

  7. Ok Jeff, I’m on it! I’ve been stalled on the book with zillions of words that i cant seem to get exactly right. I’m jumping back in right now… through the eye of my own needle

  8. I’m right in the middle of pre prelaunch, and have been procrastinating the videos because I only have a home made studio with a few lights and my iphone.

    No more procrastination, it will be ‘good enough’ to get my first launch out there. I have an email list of 800 who have signed up for the personal invite list for when it launches. I was using the excuse of video and waiting for the list to grow bigger but it’s been a month now past my original target to launch.

    Thanks Jeff – this was the kick in the ass I needed.

  9. i am building an e-mail list., and getting my tribe. Like, spas around town, random people, people I meet, etc…

  10. Thannk you!! I am working myself into not being unnecessarily a perfectionist! However,could you mention some signals that says that you are definitely not ready?
    Kind regards,


  11. Diana Burns


    Thanks Jeff. I have been following you for months now and this really hit home with me. I am the ultimate perfectionist and tend to procrastinate taking action until I think I know all there is to know about my subject. I will try to look past this and start wih baby steps to learn by doing so I won’t be wondering ‘What If’.

  12. I so needed to hear this today! This is totally me. You put it perfectly that perfectionism is just another form of procrastination eek! I’ll remember that -Thank you Jeff!

  13. Hi Jeff l am a struggling marketer. My 50th birtdaycpmes in May, how do l make it a product lunch?
    How can l brand myself on the internet? I really find it difficult to know what l should stand for.
    I really need to brand myself.
    I thank you so much

  14. Jeff, thanks for the pep talk! I have a story:

    My hero is my son who just turned 30: he is legally blind, has an autistic son, and is a relentless, serial, entrepreneur. He prefers to work from home so he can care for his son while mom goes to work, so his businesses are all on-line. As I’ve been dithering about how to get my project going, he told me to just start. “You’ll learn what you need to tweak by doing it, that’s the only way”. Argh! That feeling when your KID gives you great business advice…..

    Love watching your videos!

    • @Kathryn: your son is an inspiration just based on what you’ve told me here… and I’m sure there’s a lot more to his story!

  15. Awesome Jeff. I appreciate this as when I’m doing things for the company I work for I do an excellent job of getting things done by not trying to be perfect. When it comes to my own business I am a supreme procrastinator by trying to be perfect.

    • Stephen MacLeod


      Jeff, great topic… Perfect is a fancy word for Procrastination… I agree wholeheartedly… I am going to stop trying to be perfect with my business growth yet be responsible to my audience… Thanks I will embrace your advice…

  16. Timely video, Jeff (I’m sure it would be timely most anytime, wouldn’t it?)… as a recovering perfectionist myself, a have to say that it applies not only to “perfect,” but to “excellent” and even “really, really good” as well. I’m repeating this to myself and everyone “in waiting.” Get your work out there and get on with it.

  17. Hi Jeff, you got me on this one. The metaphor all makes perfect sense and here you are in Telluride running the eight minute gondola down in town. The gondola video, wow. Hits home 100% since this is where I live; seeing it in real time. Just get started, put your best foot forward, smile and make sure to get out into the woods and have adventure along the way.

    Thanks, Daniel

  18. It is a thrill to feel I don’t need to be so concerned initially about the approach to getting my point across. I have made some great refinements over time to pieces that didn’t seem that great when they began. When there was enough to go on, and enough related material, it became possible to just use the right content for the right presentation. Thanks, Jeff!

  19. Thanks Jeff. A very timely reminder! My big block is “Do I know enough?” to coach on this topic (personal finances). It’s what I do for a living as a debt counsellor, yet, when I plan for putting my own product out there, I get stopped. I’m giving that mindset up. I know enough to get started, and like you said, I’ll learn and grow along the way. Cheers!

    • @Jason: if it’s what you do for a living, and you’ve been doing it competently for any reasonable amount of time… then you definitely know enough.

  20. Thank you Jeff!
    I’m going to get out there b’cause of you!
    I love how you say “b’cause”. I’ve never heard anyone say it like you do (except my brother)!!!

  21. Thanks Jeff

    We have been battling to pefect our website….until today. .when we decided to jump into the deep end just before your email came through……and start our launch TODAY… Thank you for the heads up … from Cape Town…

  22. Oh Man, thank you Jeff, I may be contending with some of this, nervous that bad news travels fast and that any element of mediocrity will b e used to take the whole thing down on my head. I developed a product that has garnered great feed back and just need to get it out there. The website is there, say 60% there, and it just needs some minimal completion. I needed to hear this. Its time to apply some of this wisdom and get in there.

    Thank you so much!

    Phil Donovan

  23. Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you for this video! I couldn’t agree more because I have had to overcome my own sense of perfectionism (embriodeled with insecurity and fear).

    I’ve read Launch already and am eagerly awaiting my own copy from Amazon arriving any day. The launch process terrifies me. After 20 years as a web designer and brand strategist, I’ve had to turn my thinking on its head (pun intended).

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re gift and passion is immeasurable. I just made your book assigned reading to one of my clients. Your name came up in three conversations today with clients and colleagues (yes on a Sunday!).

    You’re one of the few “online marketing” gurus I truly trust. And I’ve seen your launch method work successfully in action. In my opinion the launch of Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable album and your marketing used it to the letter. Just my guess, no one has ever corroborated. Just as an example, but once I realized it, I was like, “hey, they used Jeff’s launch strategy.

    Thank you for being a teacher, role model, and inspiration. I’m a big fan!!!

  24. Thanks Jeff. I’m looking forward to seeing you at PLF Live and accelerating my move forward. I would love to be a new John Gallagher success story. My web site is underdevelopement and should be ready by PLF Live.

    Thanks Jeff. Inspiring as always.

    I found this video today and it made me think of you and your affection for your guitar(s)!
    I thought it was pretty good…if would be cool to be able to play even one of those solos…
    Looking forward to seeing you and all my fellow PLFers in a few weeks.

  26. Thanks Jeff, great to hear your comment, good to have your message that learning as a way of life. Just self-published my first book, had to to get it done, felt good to get it done.

  27. Virginia Reeves


    You can never learn everything so just get in there and start making it work NOW. Nothing is going to be perfect – so true. Few things in life ever fall into the category of having to be more than the best you can do at the moment.

  28. Jeff – This is my biggest issue. Ironically, it’s the hurdle I tell others they need to overcome Ha! Practice what you preach is key! Thanks for the constant reminders. You’re like that little voice in my conscience… But in a good way. Craig

  29. Rainee Carlson


    “A fancy way to procrastinate”. Yep, Thank you for this straightforward, concise and to the point video. I’m admittedly a constant learner afraid of failure and mistakes, so I appreciated the encouragement of “just get started”, “everyone starts somewhere”. Best advice Don’t wait “as you get out there”… “it’s like peeling an onion, you’re going to learn more and more and more “… “if you wait until you know everything, the market will have moved”. Thank you Jeff

  30. Jeff, I know what you are talking about since I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist myself. Also I hear you talking about “your tribe”, “building your tribe”, etc. Now I know what you are talking about, but I have seen comments and questions from others that would indicate that they are not sure what you mean. Could you please talk a bit about what you mean when you say tribe, how you identify one’s tribe, and who one can reach that tribe.

  31. This describes me perfectly. I’m hoping PLF Live will give me the courage to get out there! Thanks!

  32. Thank you, Jeff. Incredibly well said! What was the “new thing” you learned about launches yesterday after 11 years of teaching it? 🙂 Very excited to be with the PLF tribe soon in Phoenix 🙂 just a few weeks….

  33. Your messages are so inspiring and empowering. I am completely engaged with the content of your videos. I am buying your book for sure. I am learning so much. Getting ready to launch my passion into a real business. Thank you so much Jeff

  34. Jeff is correct, there is no PERFECTION, I heard of the perfectionist attitude DECADES AGO , and I must admit it took me DECADES to see through it in myself and others that it was a SELF DECEPTION MIND GAME instigated by your own “monkey mind”, the mid brain LIMBIC on your higher neocortex :computer brain. THE RESULT I CONSISTENTLY SEE IS THAT YOU DON’T DO !!!!!……….NO ACTION, NO WORK DONE, NO ACCOMPLISHMENT,,,,,,,,, !!!! i COMING FROM emotion of fear and insecurity……..IT A mind game. SELF DECEPTION.

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