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Does working 16 hours a day 24/7 make you an entrepreneurial hero? I don’t think so… Sure, there are times when you have to work insanely hard to get your business off the ground. But hustling crazy hours is not a path to long-term success…

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Hustling crazy hours is not a path to long-term success – there is a better way. (Click to tweet.)

Stop buying into the myth that building a great business comes at the expense of having a great life. (Click to tweet.)

Building a business takes work, but you don’t have to make it so hard on yourself. (Click to tweet.)


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19 Replies to “Do You Need To Work 16 Hours a Day?”

  1. “If you don’t know the harbor, no wind will be the right one”, said Seneca the Younger, an ancient Roman philosopher and statesman. Meaning: if you don’t know what your goal is (aka ‘the big why’) you will have no way of knowing when you arrived, thus you will keep on hustling, chasing that ‘thing’ that you want to reach but you don’t know what it is exactly.

  2. Just what I need to hear! I’m in the beginning phase with hopes to slow things down soon and enjoy the great life.

  3. So true Jeff. I read a book about putting 10 times the work into anything we do. There was some truth in the book but the concept is flawed. We only have 168 hours in a week. 16 * 7 = 112 hours. If effort were reversed the non 10 x’er would only work an hour and 36 minutes average per day.

    What I got out of the book is a change in investment thinking. What would 10 times the return look like? Could a change in the mix bring that return without burning people out?

  4. Hey Jeff!

    Really liked this video 🙂 As a starting entrepreneur, who is launching my first online program/product soon, it is definitely difficult to sometimes find that balance between work and rest!

    However, as I’ve been experiencing my own health challenges, my body provides a very good physical indicator of when I need to take some time away from the laptop!

    Earlier this summer I was totally frustrated by how much (or little) I was able to do, in fact at one point, the effects of a new treatment left me lying in a dark room, unable to look at either natural or artificial lights (laptop, phone screens).

    Now I realise that building my business CANNOT come at a cost to my own health, especially since my business and upcoming program is all about helping people, women especially, find balance in their lives.

    As you say, you have to have a long-term sustainable business plan and also know where you’re heading, what you’re trying to achieve and the BIG WHY. Without those, you’ll soon burnout or go crazy…or both!

    Keep up the great vids!


  5. This message was so for me today!
    With 2 kids, a husband and all that…and a week after launchcon I am feeling torn in my priorities!
    2 things instantly resonated;
    1. In the beginning you have to work extra hard! Yes. And be aware that this is temporary
    2 have a life while changing the world! That way You are sustainable!
    Thank you Jeff Walker for reading my mind and giving me the exact food I needed!

  6. I’m with you, Jeff. After having worked really hard for many years my main practice is learning to trust, listening for the incredible ways life is trying to guide me, and surrendering into that path. As I continue to practice that life gets easier, better, and much more nourishing. Thanks for being so true to yourself; it guides me.

  7. Anson McDaniel


    Good word Jeff. So true that no amount of business success is as valueable as your relationships. Thank you.

  8. James La Trobe-Bateman


    Great words, Jeff
    Wonder if you have read the short booklet called You2 [squared] by Price Pritchett? Has an angle on this. Actually yo do too. One of your invaluable bonuses is an interview with Eben Pagan on the topic of 10X ing your business while keeping your life.

  9. Isabel Dréan


    You’re so inspiring Jeff. Thank you for your words. Needed to hear this…

  10. Amazing Jeff! Thank you for the inspiration to create my amazing life! I think its hard at the start but the payoff will be so great in the end. I am creating my ideal life and thankful for the support that you and your team has given me in Launch Club. Everything comes with a bit of sweat and hard work.

  11. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks so much for this message. Everything for me has been about working hard. Time to
    Change the mindset!

  12. I’m working as much as I can to get our first product launched. Working from a caravan on the road is more difficult than I thought but doable. If you are working from an office with stable internet you have it EASY! It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for the short term then I hope to slow down a bit and work smarter. Delegate tasks etc. Thanks


  13. Wonderful message, Jeff. Just what I wanted to hear. I’ve been going off-balance in the last few months and your post is a wake-up call. Gratitude.

  14. Sandy Sherman


    I’m just starting out and trying to get my message out there. My hours are long and hard and I want to have the lifestyle of my dreams. so, working long an hard is the way it is right now. I can’t afford hiring people to handle the techy stuff right now. So, yeah, working 16 hours is sometimes what we have to do right now. Love you Jeff, want a great lifestyle and have it in my plan. I know that I’m working toward the dream life, and I am very clear on what that is. Thanks for your message. I appreciate it.

  15. Thank you for this reassurance! I’ve always thought I wasn’t getting what I wanted because I wasn’t working hard enough. I do work hard when I’m enjoying the process. Its during those stressful moments when I feel I’m not pushing myself enough to get the results I want. This message reminds me of why I’m doing this! Thanks!

  16. Jeff! Hi! You have helped me & my business so much! I always love your videos but today I was thrilled to see you address this limiting belief that we have to hustle to be successful. My whole mission is to show people how slowing down actually HELPS us feel more fulfilled, helps us open to new ideas, and ultimately find the success we seek on ALL levels… and you hit it right on the mark. A agree – sometimes yes, of course – long hours or what I call yang energy is necessary and beautiful. But without the time off, the vacation, the family time, the “yin” time… we end up suffering in one of the really important aspects of our lives… and it can creep up on us really fast. thanks so much for spreading this vital message to your community.

  17. Hi Jeff.

    I gotta agree about your thoughts on the matter. I think you need a system to keep the business running. Developing the system is an ongoing thing, which is dynamic.

  18. Awesome Jeff! Great video as usual. Your videos never fail to inspire me.

    I am with you about working less, taking less projects, spending more time with family, etc. Looking forward for more great stuff from you!

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