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Things have changed since I started my first online business in 1996, but these are the three things that I obsessed over to build my business at every stage of my business…

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26 Replies to “Three Things to Get From Here to There…”

  1. Jeff, I love the newsletter idea and consider myself a pretty good writer. My business is a Travel Agency that specializes in Wellness Vacations and Group Travel. I like what you said about getting to that $10k mark but how after that it becomes easier. As a lifestyle specialist, I would like to learn more on how you generate leads. I also want to lean how to generate payments online.

  2. Sheraine Van Wyk


    Thanks Jeff. The simplicity of your message really works for me. Now to put it into practice

  3. You were great then you’re still great today . Authentic generous with your ideas and always relevant ! Thank you !

  4. Yes, Jeff, great answers.

    First is figuring it all out, starting with enamouring the perfect crowd and for me it is always the first step and a great plan of action.

    Right now the picture in my mind and the feeling in my body is like that of a tigress,
    getting ready to take a huge leap….
    Getting ready for a great race.
    This process is amazing and i feel my personal transformation that i am going through. I cant wait to create my results…

  5. Awesome advice. Great content as always. Thanks for the useful and wonderful info you provide👏💝👏

  6. Spending money to make money in the early stages is always a tricky balance. Take me for example: I bought a beautifully designed website (WordPress) that’s hosted by ShowIt, but now I’ve learned that in order to offer online courses on my site, I have to either buy a huge array of plug ins, which all add up to a fair amount of annual fees, or I can make my life easier by using someone like Kajabi, who will handle all aspects such as drip feeding content, marketing emails etc but they’re really expensive. I really want the site to be amazing when I go live, but I don’t want to commit to massive annual fees until I see some money coming in. ROCK-ME-HARDPLACE!!

  7. Great video. I see your original method still works😁😁😁. You got me to comment on both pages, something I don’t normally do😁😁😁. But as you said, if you do one, you are more likely to do two😁👏😁💝.

  8. Love this one Jeff! Great reminder to focus on the basics of list building. You look great by the way! Hope your eye is getting back to 100%

  9. Great content as always. Following. Offer Marketing. Got it. Thanks Jeff. You’re my hero. Still workin on the first 10k..

  10. Love this! Pure Jeff Walker. Simplicity will always win out over ‘investing’ in lots of bright shiny objects.
    Learn the basics that you outlined – REALLY learn them, laser focus on them – and you will be ahead of 95% of the ‘competition’ out there. That’s why you are still around …

    Passed $50K, working on $100K by actually doing LESS work.
    Love you Jeff!

  11. So cool, Jeff! You read my comment on your video! In your email and your intro you mentioned a comment from Scott. My first thought, was, “Someone else named Scott had a comment.” Then, as I was listening to you read it, I thought, “Hey, I think that was MY comment,” and it was! You made my week (and probably my month!) reading that.
    Great message, too, as always. You offered hope to me, and I imagine also many others, that it will happen if we focus on the right things to get us where we want to go. Thanks for reading that and responding!

  12. JEFF knows why RELATIONSHIPS are the HEART of your successes.

    Remember, they only care about W.I.I.-F-M. — WhIch means you want to crawl into the conversation already going on in THEIR MIND.

    GO DEEP …

    Thank you JEFF.

    Brad S Lloyd

  13. Great video and great advice! I’m currently working my way from 100k to 200k and it makes things much simple (not easy, though!) to focus on the “following-offer-marketing” trio. Thank you!

  14. I’m finally getting ready to launch for the first time! These videos are inspirational and help with focus. Sometimes I wonder if I’m launching too soon and need to develop more of a following. Other times I say, what can it hurt to launch even if it’s only to a small, quality list? Either way, your words keep me motivated. Thank you,

  15. Great story, Jeff! I am
    Well on my way to $10K and it’s taken me three years to get here. I am working on new offers and excited to launch this year. Hoping to meet you at PLF Live!

  16. Great talk and info, my friend just told me about you and im binge watching your videos also and you have some great nuggets! Creating a new offer for ETF traders and really excited to launch it with your help.

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