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I am not one of those guys who loves to try crazy new things, just for the sake of trying crazy new things. But sometimes, when you step outside of your comfort zone you find new ways to bring even more value to the people in your world. That’s what this video is all about…

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So a few weeks ago, I published one of these videos, and I said I was about to jump off a cliff, I was about to try something brand new. And I actually put out two videos about this and it was about this live launch that I was about to do instead of releasing a bunch of prelaunch videos, we were actually gonna do an entire prelaunch via live broadcast. And what you can see behind me is our map, the map we put together before the launch of how everything would flow together and long story short, it was an amazing success.

It was one of the best launches I've ever done. It was just huge. We created massive value in the market. People absolutely loved it. Most of the people that went through it  just raved about it. We have thousands and thousands of comments and so we deliver massive value and then the sales results were fantastic, so, huge innovations. And it got me thinking a lot about innovation and these are sort the spectrum of… after coaching so many different people, some people are just, they want to the latest and greatest and newest, they're just fascinated by what's new.

They're always looking for the latest new thing. And then on the other end of the spectrum are the people that don't wanna change anything, they have to drag 'em kicking and screaming into every change and we all live somewhere on that spectrum. And I'm probably midway there. I might even be a little bit more towards the kicking and dragging end of the spectrum. I am not on this end where it's just I have to do the latest and greatest. But then when I look back at what we've done over the years in the business, we've just had massive innovation after massive innovation after massive innovation.

All the way back, 2008, back when everyone was shipping CDs and DVDs and books, I was one of the first people to put my course, put a high end $2000 course online, 100% online delivery. I wasn't the first, absolutely was not the first, but I did it in a bigger way. I was one of the most innovative in doing that. Three or four years ago – massive change in the way we did video. We went to a real storytelling format with lots of B-roll, massive, massive change. We weren't the first one to do that, but we did in a big way that brought it out to the market in a big way.

Now, with the live launch that we did a few weeks ago, certainly not the first person or the first company to do a live launch, but we did it in a really big way that's never been done before on a bigger scale with a bigger audience and a bigger spotlight.

So, in innovation, the way I like to approach it, is I don't wanna innovate just for innovation's sake. I wanna innovative when it builds real value in the market place and when it builds real value for my business. And when it continues to establish me as a leader in the market.

So often, I'll look at someone else testing that leading edge, and then I'll take that and I'll adapt it. And if you look, that's one of the best ways to innovate, is look sideways, look at other industries, look at other markets, look at other niches and see what they're doing there, and then evaluate it. Can I pull this in and can I make it work for me? Like I said, I'm not a fan of innovating for… just for innovation's sake. I'm a fan for innovating when it's going to get you results. Now, there was some real risk here. It was really brand new what we were doing.

I delivered 14 hours of free content as part of my prelaunch, that was a risk. This is what was up here, I was thinking through all the flows, and when I mean flows, I mean once someone comes into your world and they have joined your list, they've opted in for your stuff, then what is their experience at each step of the way? And how could I take that and help them navigate through 14 hours of content in a way that keeps them engaged and gets them increasingly more engaged, and builds community, and builds commitment and gets people interacting, and then leads to the sale.

And I guess that's what I get paid the big bucks for, is thinking through those flows. Everything you see here, was really about thinking what those flows were, what was the experience gonna be like for people coming in, now that we had a live broadcast instead of doing videos. So a little bit about innovation, it was a huge, huge win for us. Super excited about this new format. It doesn't replace Product Launch Formula, this is just a latest evolution of Product Launch Formula. Does it mean everyone should do a live launch? Absolutely not.

It all depends on your assets, your positioning, your content, how you are on live, whether you can perform live, or whether you do better on video; thousand different questions.

This isn't the be all and end all, but it was a massive innovation and a huge win, and it's going to be a huge win for a lot of other people doing live launches.

So I'm Jeff Walker, wherever you're watching this, scroll down, leave a comment for me, and let's go get 'em this week!

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22 Replies to “When Innovation And Value Collide”

  1. Hey Jeff, you said you’re not a fan of innovation just for the sake of innovation. By definition, innovation is only innovation when it adds value. Invention is easy; innovation is genius. An invention is usually a “thing”, while an innovation is usually an invention that causes change in behavior or interactions.

  2. Tia Rodgers


    Thank you Jeff your information is very helpful and inspiring to a castaway like myself. I thank you for sharing. May you have a blessed and prosperous rest of the year.

  3. Tania Marinaccio Sotiropoulos


    Hi Jeff!

    Do you think a live launch would be suited to well programs online?? I’m most comfortable connecting directly with people…

    • James Mansfield


      Hi Tania: We are exploring doing something along the lines of wellness- for example we came up with this: perfectly preventative protocols promoted – modern medicine talks a good preventative plan, but do they actually implement same? modern medicine is a trillion dollar business and a good preventative plan would significantly reduce that revenue.

      The protocols we’re envisioning involve dietary/lifestyle controls, system cleanses and encouraging mental/emotional/spiritual well-being. We think a power packed, high-energy live launch would spur subscribers to join and others would be positively curious. Keep in touch I have alot of other info and research. thanks.

  4. I had my first offline course semi online already in 2010. I’m one of the more innovative people in Sweden but I seem to always be a few years ahead and maybe use new things a bit too early before the market is ready.

    You’ve inspired me to do a live launch next time.

  5. Thanks for the consistent motivational messages. It’s easy to doubt one’s success and you are able to put movement back on track.

  6. So exciting to watch you innovate Jeff like this.
    I’m like you; I look sideways and watch what the Masters are doing… especially you.
    So happy to hear this was a big success and
    CONGRATS for the bravery in innovating and
    leading the way for those of us who watch you, our Master leader.

  7. Darren Smalley


    I came across this video just now and explored more because of your use of the word ‘risk’. Well, when everything is 100% performance based, there is no risk. I’m happy for your success

  8. Nice one Jeff, always taking launching to the next level.

    I’m interested in the results between this live masterclass and the one you did last year with PLC. I’m still using the old PLF system so I’m really interested in the results, if you don’t mind sharing 🙂

  9. Namaste Jeff – you are a true innovator, powerful and inspiring leader – – supporting us all the way. I call it Raw and Real (the title of the radio show I am about to launch here in Saskatoon Saskatchewan). There are not enough words to express my gratitude to your team and YOU.
    Enjoy your Sunday! Blessed be. Love only

  10. I got a question: why did you feel like the live launch would add more value VS. the traditional recorded videos launch. I mean except for the Q&A wich you can always do live as a bonus to the recorded videos. I love your content Jeff, thank you so much!

  11. Thanks Jeff!
    Your willingness to try the live launch drew me in to walk with you in it. I’m grateful for your transparency and the way you model walking in faith. You’ve helped me move off my extreme resistance to change dime.

    John Willsea

  12. Jeff, I’m new to you and to PLF and I’m building my list for my first launch. Your content was great, but what I think you do so well is in the “details”. I left one comment during your 14 hours of live! I was so surprised that you and/or your team replied. Furthermore, the reply came with thought and attention. You’re a great example to me of ‘how to do it right’. Thank you.

  13. Great Jeff. You have encouraged me because I do better live than in writing or in a pre-recorded program. Now I have to think of my Pre-pre and pre launch material differently. Tom

  14. Jeff, thanks for defining the big picture of designing a product launch…thinking through all of the “flows” of experience, each step of the way, continually building engagement & community, when someone comes into our world.

  15. Live luanches are the bread and butter of online galleries. There knowing how to apply PLF for online galleries is vital. Thanks for the ‘why’ looking forward to knowing more about the ‘how to’

  16. I loved this. I feel like looking at your program was looking sideways from my industry.

    I am jumping off my own diving board about to stop using hope marketing and moving forward with a huge time and energy investment. I’ve been going over my energy balance trying to save my family from my medical issues.

    Thank you so much for helping me by giving away some of your information for free. I wish I could have seen it for longer or afforded it when it was available for purchase.

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