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Social media. Paid traffic. Joint ventures and affiliate relationships.

These are all valuable ways to build your online business. But there’s one marketing tool that tops them all… and never gets old.

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25 Replies to “My #1 Go-To Marketing Tool (Still)”

    • Michael Verlemann


      Rafael, my recommendation is to take the updated and extended version from summer 2021 here:

    • Mariela Guzman


      I am so glad I’ve watched this # 1 rule go to marketing tool and I am also thankful you talked to me in that video, I feel better about creating a list and getting more confident doing this thanks a lot Jeff!!

  1. Hi Jeff, I wish you would provide a replay of your upcoming Live workshop. I am 74 years old and have limited sight and being able to watch a replay at my convenience would be so much easier for me. I have been following you for many years. And at the price you are offering this workshop, I could finally afford it. Please consider my request. I look forward to hearing from you.

      • Hey hey!! 😎

        Where can I find the link to just sign up for your Product Launch Formula Coaching Program?

      • Hi Jeff, thank you for getting back to me. I’m familiar with the course you mentioned, however, I would really like the upcoming Live class. Please consider my request. I would appreciate it. I’m sure there are others out there in my similar situation and would love to have a replay.

  2. Yes I’m in from your book. I want to learn how to find the traffic for them to give their email

  3. So true, once again. Ever since I read Launch, I set up a lead magnet on my site, been building my list, and getting ready to apply the Jeff Walker Pre Launch Framework. Thanks for all your gifts of wisdom, Jeff!

  4. John Kremer


    I really love the power of email lists. Any direct marketer would tell you that the key asset in a direct marketing company is its lists. Not their products. Not their beautiful catalog or website. Not their long sales letters. But their lists. For online marketers, the key list is your email list.

  5. I’m sure glad you taught this to me (and everyone) a long time ago. You always have said this. I think you said once “your email list is your savings account” at one of your conferences or in Launch Club. can’t recall. but I know it was an ah ha moment for me. It’s hard to believe only 20% of the speakers on clubhouse realized that. yikes!

  6. Cleveland Gardner


    Jeff no one is better at delivering value in an e-mail than you. That is why reading your emails is not a burden or a bother. The emails that are burdensome come from insulting liars who are hard selling you all the time and barely even tell you anything about their product. Baffling. Cleve

  7. Kristen Strother


    Many of my clients are Gen Z young adults—what are your thoughts on email marketing with this group? Is it still the best way to market, and any special considerations?

  8. Will Bralick


    Hi Jeff!

    Yes, but how do you grow that email list from 0? You have to start somewhere and if you have no email list then you cannot use the email list to grow the email list. People who are just starting don’t have an email list and have to use social to generate traffic to their landing pages to generate the email list. That is why so many startups were talking social rather than email lists.

    Best wishes,
    Dr Will

  9. 7 figure owner here. Jeff you are spot on with this one. The most important thing you can do. In business is to build your list.

    Use social (and other sources) to start building your list.

    Social media can help you find your voice and your audience.

    Email is a fantastic low cost way of staying in touch. Like any friendship, the more you stay in touch the better the relationship.

    Once prospects have hit your qualification points add direct mail to keep your brand physically in front of them.

    Keep up the great work Jeff! We will have to grab that cup of coffee sometime.

  10. Dreena Burton


    Jeff, thank you for addressing the “burden” thought and also having people unsubscribe.

    I’m growing with that, not creating stories in my head about what might be going on and rather just delivering what I can offer to people through my emails.

    So often, we create stories that aren’t even factual, requiring perspective-shift. Appreciate you talking about this, as it’s easy for us to get caught up in that idea.

  11. Klaus Gehlhaar


    Hey Jeff,
    I’m debating with myself whether I should do PLF Live and give myself the famous kick in the b… Just listening to your comment on the best tool (still!) I tend to agree: Social is a big rush of too much info and not at all focused. When you have people that suscribe to your mailing list, they are 100% focused or almost. The worst about FB and so on is that each time you post yu don’t even reach the people that follow you and liked you, but only those you promote to. It is a total ripoff after building an audience of 80K followers we find that it does not help to reach our target when posting. On the other hand, an email address is someone who has genuine interest in your product and can be reached directly, not just by chance. In Europe we have the problem with GDPR, it is much harder to get to people, but in the US for sure it is still easy and succesful. Since we are launching our US webstore, I guess it makes total sense to do PLF Live. See you there, Klaus

  12. Pia Andersson


    Well, a Danish Facebook Group expert that I know, says, that one of the most important reasons for getting people in a FB-group, is to get them on your list. You have so much more opportunity to impact them in their inbox than on SoMe.

  13. Excited for PLF Live 2022 this week. Ready to LAUNCH in a different way. Super excited to learn how to leverage my small audiences and create an Internal Launch 😃

  14. Hi Jeff,

    It was a pleasure reading your book, Launch. I love how you incorporate stories, your approach, mindset, and lifestyle, providing real value, all these resonate with me. I recently watched one of your videos about the importance of building an email list, but I feel resistant to checking my email inbox. Even with leaders that I admire, I prefer to watch and read their content on social media or anywhere else, but in my email inbox. I am okay with checking functional emails from banks or similar sources, as well as those from friends and clients. However, when it comes to emails from people whom I have subscribed to, I may open them but not read them, even though I am able to read and write long-form content on Facebook at the same time.

    How would you suggest I overcome this resistance towards emails before I start sending any emails to other people?

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