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If you ever needed even more PROOF of just how powerful Internet Marketing was… well a few days ago Brendon Burchard's new book – the Millionaire Messenger – premiered at #1 on and

The Millionaire Messenger

And in a few days, when the next New York Times bestseller list is announced, there's a darn good chance it will be near the top of that list as well.

And Brendon has done this ENTIRELY with Internet Marketing. There was no book tour, no TV or radio… he's not a famous author, and he's not getting a big push from a fancy New York publisher.

He's just using the Internet Marketing tactics that we've all been honing for the last 10 years. He used his list, he used his affiliate partners… and he basically put together a very cool product launch.

(Click here to see how Brendon put together his book offer.)

This is something I've been talking about for a couple of years now… what we're doing in the Internet Marketing world is changing the face of the business world and the publishing world.

(Not to mention the world of education and even entertainment.)

And guess what… the people in those worlds are starting to notice what we're doing. They're seeing the results we're getting… and they want to get those kinds of results.

These are exciting times for Internet marketers…

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56 Replies to “Internet Marketing: even MORE proof…”

  1. Thanks for the heads up on Brendon’s new book—I wasn’t aware of it.

    I heard about Brendon last year; I joined his Experts Academy which I thought was fantastic.

    His stuff works really well when combined with PLF strategies I’ve found.

    Best Regards,

  2. Cool, I look forward to new books. Ive read most of the Prosperity Bible. Will be interesting to see what his take is.

  3. Jeff,
    Thanks for the book info. I am ALWAYS looking to study from those that have been successful and learning all I possibly can from them.

    What is a book like this REALLY worth? Makes you think.

    Thanks Again

  4. Internet Marketing is just getting started, just like Gary Vaynercuck said the internet it’s only 15 years old it haven’t had Sex Yet!

  5. Just got my copy the other day Jeff. Once I follow up with the folks I met at Mike Koenig’s Social Media Marketing Machine conference this weekend, I’m going to crack it open and enjoy it to the full.

    Everyone I’ve spoken with who’s done the Experts Academy says it is awesome. Will have to go sometime soon.

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    All the best,


  6. Despite all the trends towards ebooks, videos and audios a PRINT book still gives you the maximum authority and positioning as an expert. A lot of PR opportunities too! Awesome stuff Jeff!

    Cheers, Rob.

  7. Thanks for the heads up !

    As a “printed book” author, I always love to watch how books are being launched in the US – these techniques work like gangbusters here because there’s so little competition in Europe.

    I will be implementing some of these ideas into my book relaunch !


  8. That is an amazing statistic. Just when you think the internet and all of it’s promotional power has seen it’s day, something like this book’s debut shows you that we are just getting started.

  9. Okay, I’d like to play Devil’s advocate for a minute.

    I think Brendon is a great marketer, too, and I have enjoyed and learned from all the free videos he’s made. However, let’s look at this from a fresh angle:

    Brendon knows a gazillion people who he has signed up as affiliates, who make money when they promote his stuff. He himself has a huge list of people who like what he says or who have bought stuff from him in the past.

    His “amazing recent product launch” was for a $14 book, and he sold 5,000 copies out of the gate, using all these well-orchestrated, carefully-laid-out channels.

    Is that really all that impressive?

    Is selling a cheap $14 book (which he only makes a few dollars on for each copy, and has to split with his affiliate partners) to the thousands of people who already love you really that inspiring and motivating and laud-worthy?

    I don’t see it.

    I like Brendon, and I’m looking forward to learning more from him, but selling a low-priced product to a bunch of people who already love you is not rocket science.

    Or do we now think it is?

    Why did he go with such a low price? Is it because he was concerned he wouldn’t sell very many if it cost more than the average book out there?

    I don’t know, but I would guess so. Maybe it was to “get the message out”, which is a nice way of saying “I knew I couldn’t sell very many if it was more than $14”.

    Anyway, I’ve been receiving emails galore about this book launch, and I feel like I’m missing something in the “remarkable” angle that people keep sharing with me.


  10. Thanks Jeff. Brendon is awesome and he is such a dynamic speaker and teacher on the subject of speaking and how to leverage sponserships to grow your business. Can’t wait to read his latest book, “The Millionare Messenger”

  11. Kevin,
    I too follow Brendon and am one that raves about him. I think he is brillant when it comes to marketing yourself as an expert.

    That’s what he’s doing – marketing himself as an expert . . . to all the people who don’t know him as such.

    Those of us who follow people like him and Jeff, sure, him selling his book for $14 may not be much. But think of all the NEW people that will learn who he is through this marketing campaign.

    I know I have people on Facebook that have never heard from him who are asking me about his book because they saw a post about it. People who would not have heard from him if it wasn’t for his book.

    Sure, I post other things from him, but reading a short book like The Millionaire Messenger, can put these people in the mindset that they CAN become an expert when they were never even aware it was an option. They were never tuned into the other posts I left because they never thought it applied to them.

    Until now.

    And who will they turn to then??? You know the answer 🙂

    It’s brillant to me!


  12. Hey Kevin

    Sure it’s big he has added to mailing list, and the customers paid money to get on to it. He will probably get even more raving fans, because of the low cost of entry $14. He can then make a lot more money on the back end, by selling courses products etc to his new customers.
    People sell products often at a small loss in order to get customers on to their mailing list because the average value of a customer can be huge.
    Brendan has shown us Internet marketing at it’s best and an example of how to do it I would say.


  13. I agree that internet marketing is powerful, no doubt about it. I just disagree on what makes it so powerful. Business success is all about making common sense decisions, and we are all learning how to best do that in this new medium.

    In my opinion, where many people go off the rails is by labeling internet marketing with way too many adjectives. It’s hype, hype and more hype. Every “launch” claims the next big thing, but it really just delivers common sense in a different wrapping. This tactic works on some people, but I think it loses a bigger market in the process.

  14. Interesting.

    Thanks for the feedback and input.

    Teresa, so, do you think he’s primarily strategized this new book as a lead-generation tool?

    Sean, do you feel he’s taking a loss (or accepting tiny margins) in an effort to break into new market spaces?

    Or is he perhaps simply trying to confirm his status as an “expert” with the publication of this book?

  15. I got Expert’s Acadamy and also Jeff’s PLF3 and I still got Brendon’s book. I love both you guys. I think the two programs are married for life. I don’t think Brendon needs to make anything in dollars from this book. But, think about having it come out at #1 on a bunch of different lists. You don’t think people are going to be clammering for this and signing up for the programs??

  16. HI Kevin

    No, I don’t believe he is taking a loss, Look let me say I am just a beginner in the internet marketing space, but what I do know from reading and listening to the experts are that
    1) it can be very profitable to even just break even on the initial sale, Here Brendon would have made money however so he wins on both counts. (Jay Abraham was teaching this stuff in the 1990’s back end etc.)
    2) Yes as you say he is establishing himself as an expert, I have heard it said that internet marketing is recursive, in fact all learning is. You can learn a lot (I hope) from his book (which I have ordered) but you can learn even more by paying attention to the techniques he uses on us (His sales funnel prospects).



  17. What’s truly amazing to me, is how much free information each Internet Guru gives away to prove he’s worth hiring as a coach, Brendon set a new record in that area, IMHO, passing the mark formally set by RS a few years ago with his Internet Business Manifesto. Also, I might add that the PLF3 teasers were also totally loaded with great, free, actionable information. In the end, it’s all about taking massive action and learning from mistake.

  18. Jeff, I don’t think I feel the same as Kevin above.

    What I see is a guy, who just a few years ago started from scratch like the rest of us, has done what MOST of us haven’t (yet). And more importantly is showing us “how” he did it. I’d buy that for thousands of dollars. (and people do)

    I show graphic designers how to “package” their design services in order to command more money and position themselves correctly with their skills. And I have a passion for it. Just like Brendon.

    So when I see him freaking out on video about how much he loves his business, I get a sense that THIS is what makes him so successful. Being passionate about what you are doing for other people and genuinely wanting to help them.

    And to be honest, I’ve been told by a lot of my customers that THIS is the very same reason they wanted to do business with me too.

    And if anyone gets anything from his teachings it’s to BE YOURSELF and everything else seems to work out better.

    I hope he sells a million (or more) copies and helps millions more.

    And Jeff, you’re right on for aligning yourself with a guy like that. To anyone reading this GO GET HIS BOOK, and watch his free videos, you’ll thank yourself for it.


  19. Love what Brendon’s done to demonstrate the power of what we do. Great exposure, new names in his sales funnel, and a ripple effect which will play out for years.

    Additionally, The New York Times Bestseller List is compiled completely differently than the lists on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Jacqueline Suzanne did the same thing back in the 70s when she got thousands of bookstores to pre-order Valley of the Dolls which put her right at the top.

    Interesting beast, the bookselling industry. Their labels carry a ton of weight in perception.


  20. Hi Kevin,
    I think of this book as full of great content (I’ve almost completed it) and also a great source of lead generation to his other products. It’s a win on so many levels.

    Dan Kennedy, the guru of the gurus, has been writing a commercially printed book at very low cost for quite a while and it gets people into his funnel.

    If, like me, you discover Dan through those less expensive commercial books, it often leads to a monthly membership to his newsletter, which could lead to seminar attendance, and even higher priced info products down the road.

    You have got to start some folks in at a low price point, give them incredible value as this book certainly does, and then who knows where it could lead.

    p.s. I just attended Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Bootcamp and the foundational principle is creating a small, inexpensive book that helps establish your credibility within your niche and it was an ironic sense of timing to get this book just prior to the bootcamp.

  21. Thanks for the information about Brendon’s new book. I’ts amazing what the power of technology and list building can do to make a book to become a bestseller. I will definitely purchase this book because I would like to share my personal experience with others while showing ways them to improve their lives. Thanks Again!

  22. Thanks Jeff, Once again you bring value to your followers by keeping them informed on whats going on in the world of Internet Marketing.

  23. Did you miss it?

    Brenden captured people’s mailing address. That’s HUGE! The offline marketing game is still gigantic, not to mention that all of these people paid money to be on that mailing list.

    Great example of an excellent book launch that will further brand him as an expert.

    Thanks for sharing Jeff.

  24. Thanks for your response(s).

    I am not saying that Brendan isn’t awesome. I agree that he is a good teacher, and that he knows what he’s talking about. I like him. How can you not?

    What I am saying that all this “holy cow look at this amazing book launch for a dirt-cheap book” hype is a little confusing to me. This is not a revolutionary accomplishment in this space.

    Is he awesome? I think so.

    Is this book launch thing getting way too much credit? I think so.

    Listen, we give standing ovations when A-Rod smacks one out of the park, not just when he hits a single with no one on in the middle of the fifth inning. Unless we’re obsessed with A-Rod. I guess the die hard fans of Brendans are thrilled at every small move forward. And they have the right to be.

    The temptation is to pour accolades on every action of an expert. The responsible thing is to step back and ask ourselves “Did something remarkable actually happen?” Otherwise, we’re vulnerable to losing our perspective on achievement and goal hierarchy.

    I have yet to see how this baby book launch to private, personal lists, heavily saturated with affiliate flavoring fits the standard of “remarkable”.

    Oh well, I suppose I don’t need to understand it, either. Just musing, and thought I would share what was in my head.

    Thanks for listening 🙂

  25. Paul: I totally agree.

    Did Dan rave about how amazing it was that he sold some books?

    Nah. He just did. That’s all I’m saying. I don’t see remarkable things here.

    I believe in the power of books to establish yourself as an expert. I think it would be hard to ignore their power. Selling some extra cheap ones quickly is a great way to let more people know how cool you are, and how much you can help them in the future.

    It’s just not as difficult as it sounds for someone who has lists of 100,000’s of people kicking around and being used.

    Am I wrong?

    If Jeff Walker wrote a book (hey, nice blog by the way Jeff), don’t you think he could sell 10,000 in 2 days, without the help of the traditional publishing guys? Sure he could. Easy.

    There is nothing remarkable about it, that’s all I’m saying.

  26. Hi Kevin,

    I do see your point, though but I would argue that it is indeed remarkable. 🙂

    I can’t remember the exact statistic but such a small percentage of authors actually hit that mark that for anyone to get to that level is pretty amazing from the standpoint of a commercially printed book.

    And to circumnavigate the “traditional means” of getting books in the hands of people like Brendon did showcases the power of the net, his ability to marshal the forces, and message.

    And speaking of the message, I would add is that Brendon’s book was simply loaded with great content and great writing and I can’t help but think that it will only help bring more into his network (me included! :-)).

    I was actually surprised that how much he revealed not only about his plan for marketing yourself as an expert but also how much he revealed about the expert industry too.

    And like Jeff does with his work (which is fantastic) between the free content videos and this book, someone could put together a workable strategy to do just this. Understandably you’re not getting the interaction, the extra depth of content, but it is still great material.


  27. @Kevin to quote you “I don’t see it.”

    I hope I can shed some light so you do “see it”. Don’t think of the $14 book as his one and only revenue source. This book is the top of the famous marketing funnel, it can be free reports, videos, PDF’s and in this case a book. (profit or not does not matter.)

    When you think about the affiliates, think of all the people they know that may now get to know Brendon that did not before. They benefit from marketing the book and other products Brendon has, and Brendon now has a customer he would not have had otherwise.

    As new clients and customers of Brendon’s get to consume his products and benefit from them, they tell others and the cycle increases gaining momentum.

    Now the bigger profit picture: If you consume products and like them and tell others about them, and you grow and earn more income from the process, might you be likely to see what more advanced things you can learn from Brendon? Can he now charge more for each step, knowing he has helped you earn and will continue to if you will follow what he is teaching…

    Everybody wins. Brendon obviously makes a good living from this, you as a new client that keeps progressing has now changed your life for the better and maybe helped a few others to do so as well.

    DON”T FOOL YOURSELF like I did, I first read this concept in one of Robert G Allen’s Multiple Streams books, and immediately stopped myself, as I did not want to see him get richer off my money… What a fool I was, I missed the fact that had I jumped right in, he would have done everything he could to see me win, not just to make more money from me but to help others succeed, that’s just who he is, and I have met Brendon now and believe as others have stated, he has the same passion.

    (I have since wised up and did a similar #1 bestseller list launch for Robert Allen who I now call a friend and mentor, using what I have learned on the internet.)

    I hope I have helped you to “see it” and that you can benefit from my mistakes, and not take 6 years I did, to start on the path that can set you free…


    Rick Dearr

  28. This is so cool. When we are first struggling in IM, as I am, we think we may have jumped in too late. The “Old Timers” have been in the business six, eight, or even (egads!) ten years. The market’s saturated, dominated, we’re excommunicated.
    But the truth is, it’s wide open. There’s unlimited potential and opportunity. We’re just getting started and for the first time in my life I think I’ve jumped in at the beginning of the gold rush!

  29. Truly awesome to see Brendon Burchard’s new book #1 on and But, I can’t get excited about this being purely an example of how Internet Marketing is changing business.

    He founded Brendon Burchard’s College Success Bootcamp in 2006, then went on to built a platform around his book Life’s Golden Ticket. Brendon is smart, motivational, hard working and now very well connected.

    Brendon has been a powerhouse content producer for the last 4 or 5 years. His books, newsletters, products, and appearances now inspire nearly 2 million people a month.

    My point is; part of the success of this new book launch is the hard work he has been putting in for many years. To credit just internet marketing tactics, like list building and affiliate marketing, seems a bit misleading to me.

    I’m just as excited about the potential of using internet marketing as anyone, but I would like to see more emphasis on reality. Reality is far more interesting than happily ever-after :). For those just starting out & trying to build expert status… learning the reality of differentiation, keyword research, targeting an ideal client and driving traffic to your website is the foundation. Growing in popularity through affiliate marketing and list building is a second step.

    Nevertheless, cool book launch!

  30. Thanks for the replies, again.


    Umm, I guess I wasn’t as clear as I should have been.

    I get the value of the book.
    I get that it’s a great lead-gen tool for him.
    I get that it allows him to penetrate more minds and hearts with his message.
    I get that it’s smart to position yourself as an expert.
    I get how marketing funnels work, and love them.

    And I get that Brendan is an expert. I do. I agree. He is an expert. Who wants to help people. Lots of people. And he will succeed in doing so more and more, in my estimation.

    What I don’t get (and what you didn’t address) is that selling 5,000 books with a massive machine in place to promote it to 100,000’s of people is not remarkable, so why are we all agreeing that it is?

    Is it a smart marketing tactic? Of course, I never questioned that, it’s a brilliant method. Utter genius.

    But it’s not a remarkable result. Not by a long shot. It could be that he’s actually a little secretly surprised that an inexpensive $14 book from “The Millionaire Maker” himself did not sell faster than it is.

    This was an all-out launch for a $14 product, to 100,000’s of people. And 5,000 grabbed one really fast. Is that remarkable? How could it be? If he sold it for $1,000, and 5,000 grabbed one, I’d say wow, that’s really something.

    If he sold it for $500, and 5,000 people grabbed one, I’d say “good for him”. Impressive.

    But 5,000 people at $14? Wow. I don’t see it.


    Comparing Brendan to a typical author is definitely giving him a competitive advantage. The typical aspiring unpublished author sits in their house in the middle of the woods, and pounds out their work in solitude for months or a year on end, hoping desperately that a publishing house will read it, love it, and agree to carry it. And they fail miserably.

    Or they release it self-published to their small cohort of friends and family online, and hope that a few besides their Mom buys a copy.

    Brendan has released this on a MASSIVE scale to his own raving fans, and his affiliates raving fans. It’s not the traditional model, for sure, but it’s certainly not “winging it”, either, or just making something amazing, and watching it take off with wings of its own.

    This was a carefully-engineered product launch for a $14 product, released to a gazillion people, bolstered by rabidly supportive affiliates.

    The question no one has asked:

    “If this was a $14 information product in any other format/medium/shape/size/form, and not an actual book, would we be declaring it as an enormously successful product launch?”

    And you keep coming back to how awesome the content is.

    Please make no mistake: This is not a conversation about the merit of Brendan’s genius, or the efficacy of his book release as a brilliant marketing tactic.

    This is about whether or not a well-positioned and armed-to-the-teeth (marketing-wise) expert selling a few thousand books online on the cheap is an incredible achievement worthy of endless accolades.

    You know what I think about the answer to that.

    I’m really fascinated by the adulation. I think it speaks volumes about the nature of the beast that is part of our tribe.

  31. Jeff,
    No question that the blazers on the internet are changing the landscape of publishing. The same type of thing is happening in the entertainment world as far as music etc…

    The marketing methods are the real key and the net as you already know is just the medium that allows for the removal of the antiquated middle man. Kudos to all involved.

    This, along with most of the other launches you get involved with deserves the the “True Marketing Genius” award.

    Keep climbing!

  32. Brendan got alot of help from his JV partners – a couple million emails sent out, a few hundred thousand opens, thousands of purchases later. This was not an overnight success story, it started when he began helping other years ago and built & built..

  33. @Kevin,

    OK now I think I see where your going…

    I guess we can get a little jaded when looking at book launches and such when we hear about the Harry Potter and other BIG launches.

    Comparing this to those would kinda beg the “what’s the big deal” question.

    So in the big scheme of book publishing, I think that Jeff’s point may have been more along the; “no book tour, no TV or radio… he’s not a famous author, and he’s not getting a big push from a fancy New York publisher.”

    Which does again show that PLF works across more than just “make money” Internet Marketing circles, and the book publishing channel is a little different animal.


  34. Hi,
    I’ve also followed this guy for a while. He’s smart and has learned all the tricks from the IM gurus, packaged the same stuff and sells it again using some new age stuff that we all can become superstars earning millions. The book is of course a way to attract newbies into his sales funnel and something to use (after he’s checked his bank account) for promotion later on. So everybody is using the same formula: use IM tricks to sell to newbies – use the amount earned as a proof for the next product showing how rip off newbies and so on ad infinitum. Add some BS gimmick also, in this case “did I live, did I love, did I matter”.

  35. Jeff, you are right. It is obvious to prove that how I am doing business here in Japan. I had never expected that I would have a business and employees in doing business on internet when I was working at big companies until ten years ago. What would be the future will be like? I think we will see it as we work in internet society. Hope your PLF will be more visible and used in that sense. And I can help on that…. Nobuji Kanai

  36. Internet marketers have been as creative than offline marketers. Implementing online strategies to offline businesses is definietely a great way to expand our reach when it comes to touching consumers.

    Good to see those kind of success stories !

  37. Kevin,

    I don’t understand what you’re missing here?

    To someone else just getting started and reading a book like this that explains in detail “how he did it”, (getting started from a t.v. dinner table) I think it shows the “newbie” that what his book does is show you how to “get to this point” where he makes a $50,000 plus week happen.

    May not seem like a lot to you, but to a rookie that IS remarkable enough.

    I feel that his book was for more than publicity, but to truly help people by giving back a little.

    I personally feel strongly that as my “practice” grows (due to the genuine hospitality of people like Brendon) and I have the ability to do the same (give back to my community for as cheap as I can), I WILL. Obviously I have to get to that point 1st but a book like this WILL help a lot of people get to that point too. And like Brendon says, “Did you live, love and ….

    I just think if anything, he’s “giving back”.


  38. Even as a happy PLF 3 owner … I gotta agree with Kevin here. I think he has nailed this spot on. I don’t see anything that remarkable here.

    The only thing Brendon has demonstrated is a great talent for creating joint venture partnerships with powerful allies. If my 6-year old nephew had Jeff Walker, Don Crowther, et al. promoting for him, he too could have a book at the top of the Amazon bestseller list. For a day or two.

    I don’t think the Amazon stunt really proves anything. Lots of folks with far less firepower than Brendon have done it. (They even used to sell courses to show you how to do it). Now if three months from now his book is still at the top of the charts, THEN he has done something noteworthy.

    Show me someone who doesn’t know Jeff Walker, Don Crowther, et al from their Aunt Millie who debuts their book at #1 on Amazon with only internet marketing, and that would demonstrate the power of online marketing.

    This is not to say Brendon may still be the best thing since Dan Kennedy. Judging by the nice words about his past stuff, he probably is.

    I just think having a knack for developing powerful friends in high places, and using them to help make your stuff popular for days, does not a great marketer make.

  39. @Rob @Kevin: I have to be a little careful with what I say, because I know a lot of the behind-the-scenes numbers and facts and such. But I think I can safely say that the number is a LOT higher than 5,000 copies. I’m also expecting that in a couple of days we’re going to hear some impressive results about the NY Times bestseller list, but that’s just pure conjecture right now. But if it happens… well, making the NY Times list NOT an easy thing. That is WAY beyond an “Amazon stunt” (and you’re right, there have been LOTS of amazon launches – but this is far bigger picture.)

    You might not be impressed, but I am. Smart marketers (and you both seem like smart marketers) know that the real reason you do a launch isn’t to make money, but to generate clients. It’s been my experience that a client is worth 15x what a prospect is worth.

    So let’s use that 5,000 number. Using my number (based on long experience, but we don’t know if it’s accurate here)… those 5,000 buyers are worth as much as 65,000 regular opt-ins. Now let’s just say that when this is all done, Brendon’s number is really something like 20,000 (not saying it is… but would not be at all surprised), that’s the equivalent of 260,000 opt-ins.

    There has NEVER been a launch in this space that has been done HALF of that number of opt-ins. I can’t recall any launches at any price point that have done 20k buyers (though I don’t know the inside numbers on some of the clickbank launches).

    But that wasn’t even what the main point of my post was about… it was about taking IM to a different world. The traditional publishing world is a different world than the one that we inhabit as Internet Marketers. They have their own ways of doing things and work on their own timetable. Brendon just turned it completely upside down.

    There is obviously a sea change going on in the old-world publishing space. That was already happening. But if you don’t think that what Brendon just did wasn’t a significant moment in that death spiral of traditional publishing, then I think you’re missing something big.

  40. Thanks for this update and information Jeff.

    It’s SO exciting that people are beginning to notice what you guys are doing in the internet marketing industry. The haters can go get…..lost. 🙂

    I’ve never been a big follower of Brendan Burchard…moreso JW, that Kern and Eben Pagan. But I might stick my head in to it and learn more about what Brendan’s got in store for us all!


  41. RE: Kevin Dubrowski: A simple brilliance in that strategy was that by selling a LOT of books right out of the gate draws attention to the book! Look at it… for a few dollars less per book he achieved #1 status on Amazon! What a ranking! Once others see it there it draws attention. Then, he sells more books to new people. And draws attention to himself. Which sells more of the higher end products he offers like the seminars, and draws bigger attendance. It’s the marketing funnel at work. I’ll expect to see it in the airport kiosks shortly too.

    He used his list ( I don’t know how many e-mails he sent out to achieve 5,000 sales but the point is he won the ranking game) to raise his ranking on Amazon which gets: a) noticed; b) draws attention and sales; c) which draws and more people into his sales funnel. PLF 3 covers it pretty well… initially give high value content for free or very low cost and it draws people in, develops trust, gets people to know you, and upsell from there.

    The amount of money you make is in direct proportion to how much (good) attention you get. Think of this as strategy in the long term, not just a short term tactical money bonanza.

  42. I think Jeff has a point here; people outside the IM circus are taking note of someone like Brendon, who promotes his hallelujah stuff using JVs, social media and video marketing. He’s a one-man show selling for millions, without using old media, outdated ad agencies, all of which are big, expensive fat cats. But this is not new, Tim Ferris did the same with his book. Newspapers are going online or die. Same with cable TV and the music industry. In any case, good news for the rest of us, we’re ahead of the game.

  43. @ Fredrik, you’re right, JW you’re most def right (Q for you).

    I have a comic book (graphic novel actually) that I am almost done with the 1st edition of right now (going to print next week-ish) and I’m trying to wrap my head around how I can use the same techniques for it.

    I understand how it’s done in regards to a book like Brendon’s with the massive amount of IM’ers out there..

    @Jeff, Any insights on how this strategy relates to a product like a comic book? (I know, I know PLF3) but seriously, is an industry like physical publishing good for such a product WITHOUT the use of IM? Or is a digital version the best avenue. (even though it would be really hard to keep it out of the public space if it was digital)

    Thank’s Jeff.


    p.s. this has now become my favorite blog to watch.

  44. This is a very good topic… Hopefully it will inspire some others to look positively toward their own lives and take the plunge!

    I personally believe that everyone has something of value to offer the world but it is tough for most people to see that within themselves.

    Sounds like Brendon’s product is worth a look..!

  45. For those who haven’t heard, he hit number #1 NY Times best seller. He told us at the Expert’s Academy I attended this weekend. You’ll see it officially soon.

  46. I bought his book from Amazon, and have loved it. The book came highly recommended from a few respected sources, and I’ve found it “note worthy” – meaning I’m getting a lot of good notes from it. 🙂

    For those that have said that they already know the material he talks about in his book, or that it’s basic stuff, just remember…you don’t truly know unless you do (act). You can know about, but you really don’t know unless you’ve actually achieved what he has using his methods or methods you have come up with.

    The most successful people I’ve met are continual learners and put-into-practice-ers. Brendon seems to be one of those types of persons and his insights are valid.

  47. angelnaphtalie


    I happen to love the strategy in which ‘The Millionaire Messenger’ by Brendon Burchard, was presented, and marketed. I was one of the earlier birds who ordered it. Normally, I would not have bought or even looked at the whole idea, via email, or any other way. But, Brendon, himself presented it in such a way that I couldn’t refuse. A call to action. I had been following him, for a short time, and had been really impressed by his work, and presentations, that I welcomed his honesty and excitement about anything he was teaching or talking about. He really does have alot of passion in what he does. He loves what he does. So, it doesn’t matter how he sells, or gives away, or how much is brought in because of the way he does it, as long as he does it because he is passionate about what he believes in and wants to share it. You go Brendon. Loved the book! I even gave it to my children to read. Spreading the Fire, the passion, and the word.

  48. It is a great book. I am only 1/2 way through so far, but I can already tell how much value Brendon is giving. When he talks about not growing your company with too many employee’s, that was very interesting. I can’t wait to finish reading and get the rest of the story.

  49. I bought the book about six weeks ago. After a prompt from Brendon’s marketing campaign.
    I’m glad I did. I have combined it with a new philosophy that I have adopted (thanks Jeremy Fransden aka Sterling) of actually doing the exercises. If there is an exercise, do it rather than just read personal development for the sake of entertainment. Doing that is nearly as good as going on some expensive courses. Now where did I leave that copy of Tony Robbins’s 30 day programme ? ..

  50. I have the distinct pleasure and honor of working with Brendon Burchard, and have for nearly 3 years. His genius blended with his business experience and sheer drive to succeed and share his knowledge with others is nothing less than extraordinary. These add up to wisdom that he passionately and truly loves sharing with his students at seminars, and thousands more online. And there is a tremendous amount of indispensable content available on his websites for free. Yep, FREE. Go see for yourself.
    The book is incredible, and what he shares with the reader, as well as in his videos online and throughout his seminars is all reproducible, and he wants us all to go out and do just that, in order to be successful. No hype, just step by step actionable items. Using his strategies and Jeff’s system, anyone can do what they want. (By the way Jeff, I finally met your brother. What an actor! Let him tell you his cowboy story…)
    Once again over this past weekend, I had the privelege of working with Brendon for five days, as well as with Bo Eason and Roger Love, who are a superb actor/coach and the best voice coach/trainer in the nation, if not the world. No matter how many times I am present with Brendon and the other gentlemen, my toolbox continues to overflow and I gather more skills and strategies that I can apply in my businesses that very Monday after returning to my office, or immediately after seeing a powerful training video. It’s that simple. So, in a word, NO, he’s not just filling a funnel. He has what we can use and many just don’t know it.
    Brendon’s not about hype and there are no tricks here just to sell books. He doesn’t need the dough, but there is a huge visibility factor that he’s created by doing the book launch all himself, and YOU CAN DO IT TOO. That’s his point. So, now in a phrase, I LOVE and RESPECT THIS GUY for getting it done and letting us all know that we can too in simple and authentic fashion if we just take action!
    Thanks Jeff for the forum, and thanks Brendon for the knowledge and passion.

  51. awesome post Jeff.
    brendon is an awesome fella.
    …just got his book too. 😉

    i’ll be meeting him later on this year.
    p.s i love your blog!


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