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The age-old question: is email dead?

That’s how much Morning Brew—a strictly email-only based business—recently sold for.

$75M says “no way”.

So no, email is not dead. Far from it. It’s still one of the best ways to make money online.

A lot of people think social media is where all the juice is these days, but if you want to drive revenue, then guess what is still the king?

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14 Replies to “Morning Brew just sold for $75M (so is email dead?)”

  1. I remember back in 2009 people were asking this same question, Email works just as well in 2021, we respond to email much more than we realize!
    Getting good quality addresses is becoming more difficult, so you have to provide genuine incentives, like 100% good value incentives.

  2. For the dependability, stability, capacity and control alone, email beats every other way of nurturing leads.

  3. Mercedes Pelaez


    Through email we can opt for various communication strategies. I think … with good practice and a well-planned strategy developed by successful digital marketing agencies, the results will be good.
    Many thanks Jeff.

  4. Thanks Jeff, agreed it is still the best source of revenue for myself and clients also. No matter what traffic sources we use or add, email lists and follow up has been key. Morning brew built an impressive business. Email is definitely not dead.

  5. Wow! 75M!! Agree, email is SO NOT Dead!! Go Email! I started using email to stay connected with my clients from the beginning and I still do! Initial introductions, new offers, events, how to’s, just checking in. Just started using short video emails. Jury still out on the results of this. Thank you, Jeff for all the value you share! – Cynthia Wolf

  6. It makes since Jeff.
    But being knew to all of this… What makes good email?
    Do they all have to be supported with a Video as you did with this one.
    What’s next?

  7. Email will always be the gold in your business!
    I think it’s just got to be in alignment with your subscribers. My business is working hard on building my list of the ‘right’ people. I offer incentives but I also continue to deliver. One of my businesses has over 101,000 members but it’s all on social media – so if that goes down…….. yep it keeps me awake some nights.

  8. Thank you for this great content, Jeff! Yes, I think you are absolutely right with this email stuff! And you gave some advice to make the emails nice and with good value for the subscribers. If you make some more videos on this topic, this would be very great – because especially in the beginning, how can I build this friendship you mentioned? Off course I can imagine some ideas to that, but if I talk or write to friends I can be with all interesting informations there. But with the followers, they want to hear about only one theme. How can we make this one theme so various, that we can write about it month or years?

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