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So I just wrapped up a launch…

And as always, there were lots of lessons learned.

So, for this week’s video, I thought I would dive into the differences between Internal Launches and Joint Venture Launches. This one’s all about the pros and cons, and why I chose to do an Internal Launch this time around.

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23 Replies to “JV Launches vs. Internal Launches”

  1. I would love to promote PLF as a JV Partner. I have started teaching water and environmental consulting firms, water institutes and water tech startups how to find, connect and build relationships with, educate and enroll water utility and agency clients – all ONLINE (yes, even with the constraints of government contracting). By fall, I will have grads of my Virtual Water Education Lab who will be ready for PLF.

  2. Would love to have a conversation about the jv launch.

    Running a business with a youtube channel of +70k followers talking about social media growth.

  3. Lester de Souza


    Thanks for this clarification on the different uses of an internal launch and a Joint Venture launch. I would be happy to promote your work to the people I know. Keep me posted on the opportunity to participate in Joint Ventures with you.

  4. Alvin W Weiss



    Yes, I would like to be considered for your JV Launch this fall.

    Thanks for the detail in this video.

    Your transparency is a great learning tool and model for the rest of us.

    Thanks again…

  5. Hello Jeff,
    I would love to promote PLF as a JV Partner, I teach internet marketing and I talk about your processes and recommend it to my mail list.

    Talk soon.
    Best regards

  6. I never met a Jeff I didn’t like! That’s my son’s name. Looking forward to the training.

  7. I’d love to be considered for the JV in the fall of 2021! I really appreciate your knowledge sharing and the fact that you really layout all of the details and remain consistent! 🙏

  8. Great information about the difference in the internal and JV launch. Just getting started so probably need to do an internal launch first. Thank you for the tips Jeff!

  9. Dávid Péter


    Hi Jeff,
    Your video was clear and convincing. Thanks a lot.
    Peter David

  10. Randy Jackson


    Jeff, thanks so much for your dedication to adding value to the lives of those who have a calling to impact the world with their gift. I have observed you from a distance by way of one of your JV partners. I have come to appreciate the integrity by which you and your partner operate with. I would love to be considered one of your JV partners in November.


  11. First, I’ve read your book. LOVED IT! I’m a total convert.

    You’ve helped me to totally change my approach towards my business.

    In fact, I’ve shut down my marketing agency of 17+ years (Loud Creative) to start a whole new business, Whatbox Digital.

    I can’t wait to get my first launch done in 2021. Hopefully more than one.

    Love your content.

  12. Hello Jeff,
    Thanks for this wonderful insight about JV vs Internal.
    In January 2021 I launched my online programme.
    Confession; I didn’t buy PLF since I didn’t have the budget at the time.
    Instead I spent days and days listening and listening and summarsing and drafting out these 14h or so you give away for free during your launch in September 2020. Knowing you only keep these free classes on for a couple of days, I was working against the clock. It was not for the faint hearted, but I had no choice. I had to launch (was with my back against the – financial – wall).
    In this first launch I sold to 5 customers, based on an email list of only 200. My revenue was 2,100 USD. My email list is not automated yet. And I still don’t know how PayPal works (had to do all these things manually).
    And I didn’t have a product (to be fair and correct, the product was all in my head, I just had to work it out).
    But by hook and by crook … I did it 🙂
    I can testify that your free classes are fantastic (as you say, ‘the second best in the world’) and I cannot wait to buy the real thing (‘the best in the world’).
    Your future customer!
    Thank you so much.

  13. Elizabeth Marquez


    I’m so glad I found this video! I am just getting into online products and launches and this cleared up a lot of questions I had around this. I also love the algebra metaphor! I talk like that!

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