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When the pandemic broke out, I was devastated when I realized I would have to cancel PLF Live in Orlando. But then it occurred to me… why cancel? We could just reinvent it. And the results have been amazing. The fact is, there is tremendous opportunity for online businesses right now. You just have to decide to lean into it…

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30 Replies to “In Crisis… or Innovation?”

  1. Amazing! Well done guys! That’s a big thing to organise! I hope you allow it next year as well! Would love to attend!

  2. I would love to be able to take part in PLF Live Virtual course. I am a 72 year old guitar teacher who has been teaching guitar for over 40 years. I have a new video course that I would love to launch and sell. And being able to participate in PLF Virtual would be so beneficial to me. However, I don’t have a good quality camera nor do I have a good quality mic. Is there anyway you would be able to have a reply of the event? Any other suggestions. I would certainly appreciate your help.
    Sam Lyons

  3. Thank you, Jeff, for being such a wonderful Servant Leader. I am actively doing…setting up my online community. “I Am…Born To Win Not Retire.” You are a wonderful Yoda. 😉

    May you continue to be a blessing to our community.


  4. This is inspiring for all of us entrepreneurs.
    I have to admit change can be a challenge for anyone but learning to lean into change rather than being pushed away it has been key for me.

    I purchased the course, then attended PLF Oct 2013. From all the training I did (and I had purchased and completed most online trainings available) my testimony about this technique is that it only works if you use it.

    I run a multimillion dollar business that I started in 1999, anyone may wonder why would a successful business woman struggle with a launch…

    My business was only based on formulating & manufacturing products (supplements, anti-aging creams…) for the big box stores and putting their label on.

    In my heart I always wanted to launch my own brand, because owning your brand = market control of your buyers, and its a lot less painful to lose a client that spends a few hundred dollars per month than a client that spends a few million a month. Also a lot easier to have many of these small clients equaling a greater profit in the long run.

    My problem? Even I had every reason to launch I was AFRAID, I didn’t feel it…

    THE MOMENT ARRIVED: I live in the USA but I grew up in Spain and I speak fluent Spanish so I decided to narrow my focus to the Spanish speaking community in the USA rather than the English one.

    STEP 1: In 2015 I opened a Facebook page & YouTube Channel and all I did was to teach FOR FREE, seeding as Jeff would call it with videos, articles and so on. In 2018 I opened my Instagram page and I did the same. I just talked /taught health strategies answered for years every comment, EVERY direct message, email… FOR FREE (I worked a lot) now we still do but I have a team answering.

    STEP 2: I never sold anything even though I could… BUT I didn’t feel it was the right time or I was afraid I still don’t know. I called procrastination on LAUNCHING … LOVE MARKETING which is based on Jeff’s theory of serving and giving so much that when you finally launch the customer can’t wait to purchase.

    STEP 3: I observed my audience and their needs took note of everything they wanted to buy; they would ask me where they could purchase the items I was talking about I would NEVER SELL THEM anything which make them LOVE ME even more.

    Long story short, I grew my social media channels organically and slowly I am not huge but I do have over 1 Million Active Follows between Facebook Instagram and YouTube

    THE MOMENT ARRIVED: January 2019 came along and I felt it was the time

    I launched my new line but I never did a true launch, no discounts, not staggering of bonuses I just felt that if seeding worked LOVE had to work just as well if not better.

    RESULTS: I closed 2019 with over 5 Million in sales, direct to customers. During 2020 we are heading for a $20+ M in sales. I grossed during the 1st Q more than I had in all 2019. Currently we are growing in 2020 at the same speed as we did in 2019 25% growth over each previous month. The nice part of it is that my customers come back and purchase again and again.

    MY FAVORITE PART: I never wanted to waste money advertising and telling people I or my product was the best and they should buy it so all of this has been accomplished without a dime invested in ads or joint ventures or big discounts. Actually I never run discounts.

    TECHNIQUE: I just use PLF seeding daily but I never practice the big launch. Everything I do is LOVE my audience give them FREE everything education and hope that they respond my supporting my brand and they do…

    My new business is not as large as my older business which I still run but I know that in 5 years or less my branded line will be much larger than my private label business for other companies.

    I encourage everyone to NOT be afraid and to do something even if its a variation of what you learned from everyone else. My LOVE MARKETING technique is mostly based on Jeff’s teaching but its a blend of everything I’ve learned from everyone else, Kennedy, Kern, Schefren, Burchard… you name it, they all teach something but in my experience modeling and creating my own its what worked.

    So great seeing Jeff re-creating and SERVING I encourage everyone to use this valuable knowledge and to feel your audience but most important. WE HAVE TO JUMP and take the risk of failure.

    Best wishes

    ~ Coco March

    • Thank you, Coco. Your story is inspiring and I appreciate your walking us through the steps. It’s a unique application of PLF combined with your own best instincts and strengths.

      Jeff, I love that you took us behind the scenes for your virtual live event. You always keep it fresh!

  5. Dan Calabrese


    Great message. especially in this day and age, long before this virus it is either adapt or die. Great line, “either you can or can’t”. Like Rocky’s trainer Mickey said, “There is no can’t! I don’t know can’t!”.

  6. Thank you, Jeff, for a great PLF Live 2020 virtual edition. I’m learning so much!

  7. The first two days have been truly amazing. I had no idea the incredible value PLF LIVE gives participants. New ideas, new paths keep opening up in my mind, and I get writer’s cramp trying to get them down on paper.
    I finally understand what a community means and can do for a person’s mental and spiritual well being.
    I still stand at the periphery, watch, listen, and take reams of notes.
    But not for long. Soon, I hope to contribute and encourage those hesitant many who stand at the edge of success and fear taking that first step.
    I have a roadmap now—an achievable roadmap. That roadmap extends to LaunchCon 2020–and LaunchClub.
    Thank you, Jeff and Jeff’s team.
    Indeed, let’s go get ’em this week.

  8. It looks AMAZING!! And the energy in there is incredible… Really Jeff, this is next level stuff. Being able to serve over 2000 people virtually, and have such a personalized experience. Just amazing. Can’t wait to learn more about it.

  9. Alvin W Weiss


    PLF LIVE – an inspiring event. And a great pivot. 2020 – the Year of Your Great Reset. It was / is so inspiring to see leaders change / merge / pivot / duck and roll / and just deal with the current reality and make stuff happen. Regardless. 2020 is the year to reset the way that we do and see everything. And think what is possible. Face the reality that Auntie ‘Rona changed our lives. And ask the question, “What does this make possible?”

  10. Sergio Hazard


    Jeff, many thanks for all your work and contributions, the virtual stage looks amazing! Many blessings and great success on the PLF 2020.

  11. Have you read The Code of The Extraordinary Mind…the world has changed daily for all my life. I’m 81 and never been out of work for a day. We have your work and really don’t take ourselves so seriously. Just do the work and move on adjusting to the movement of the earth. We get up and dress for the business day and move forward. Acceptance. Let’s get on with it. Please don’t repeat the same old over and over…thankful we are well!
    Thank you!

  12. Joined during the Pivot in April…got the course, just finished Virtual PLF Live…teary eyed at the close. Met a few people in the community and, oh yah, joined Launch Club. When I think about it, it is happening fast, but now is the time!!! And you guys are very special. Thanks for an awesome first experience!!

  13. I have Just finished PLF Live 2020 and I am so grateful that It was a virtual event this year because if it was live I wouldn’t have been able to attend.
    I’m in Australia and I have been up all night attending Day three. Normally I have been going straight to bed after the all night sessions but the adrenalin is so strong at the moment that I feel like I just have to take a couple of baby steps towards my Launch and take a small action to keep the momentum going before I get some sleep.
    I am so grateful for the opportunities that have been gifted to me. Thanks go to Jeff and his Extraordinary Team.

  14. PLF Live 2020 was AWESOME! You did such a great job, Jeff and Team. Very grateful for the learning, support, and camaraderie. What a great community you have created! I’m doing my first seed launch on June 17th and am so excited about it. I know I CAN do this!

  15. Jeff, thank you so much for holding PLF Live as a virtual event. Because I am baby-stepping my way through the Silverton edition, I felt that I wasn’t “ready” for the in-person Orlando event. The idea of attending virtually was less intimidating and made more sense financially. You know what, Jeff? I ended up wondering why I had ever had doubts. I connected with amazing people, I picked up useful tips, and, best of all, I forced myself to push way, way, way past my comfort zone and put what I was learning into action. Thank you, Jeff and Team Walker, for pivoting to this virtual event!

  16. Jeff, thank you very much and to all your team for PLF live 2020. The virtual version gave me the opportunity to able to attend and I very much appreciated the opportunity. PLF live was excellent and has put me in solid position to be able move forward. Thanks again.

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