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I love the concept of the “Internet lifestyle”… in theory. The reality is, that’s often a fancy way of saying “tied to the computer, even on vacation”. But running a successful online business doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s what’s possible when you focus on your “Launch Life”…

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36 Replies to “Redefining the “Internet Business Lifestyle””

  1. Hey Jeff – perfect timing for me. I’ve just taken two weeks off in Byron Bay, a lovely coastal beach town in Australia and I came here to focus on my launch. For the first week, I was so tired and fatigued from working late at night back home, that all I could do was sleep and rest. I felt guilty because I thought I was procrastinating and just couldn’t overcome my fears of preparing the launch material, updating the website, preparing my email list and so on – and at the same time going through a detox program. Then today I shared with a mate about the problems I was going through and he was very empathetic and said how he has his “off periods” as well. Then driving back to where I’m staying at a local caravan park, I picked up a hitch hiker, and mentioned how I’m trying to launch a program for helping men deal with depression and suicide. He was so excited and shared with me how he has been researching this himself for the past couple of years and how important it is for me to carry on, to overcome my fears, and put it out there what I know, and when I get a few responses and help a few guys, how rewarding and confidence building that will be for all of us. He said how much lack of help there is for men and that I MUST keep going. I love those miracles, voices from the universe that encourage me to keep going, and tonight I was reflecting how much I really needed to give myself that rest and not feel guilty – and then along comes your video. Thanks – I was worried about how an online business could consume my life and it doesn’t need to be that way. It’s my passion to pass on what I know about beating depression because I have been there and survived. I need to use what I’ve learnt from the PLF because there are many men that have lost their jobs and need to create a new business / income for themselves that need help, support and encouragement. Now I can share just one more tip for those guys going through the same as me. If I haven’t experienced the anxiety, worry, fear, how can I help somebody else. So – thanks again.

    • Hi Athol,
      Great share – I am working through a similar stage and have used Jeff’s Launch strategies to help with marketing and promoting my courses and events also. Byron Bay is a special place – have fun and hope you connect with your flow!

  2. Hi Jeff
    Amazing, the wilderness and isolation of the Grand canyon comes through the screen.
    And good friends around too.Seems like a spiritual, meditative wash.
    You look good.At peace, at one.
    Not been out of the flat for five days, going out tomorrow.

    Much luck


  3. Hi Jeff, congrats on taking an extended trip. I’m also an outdoor enthusiast so that trip is a true blessing. I take lots of time off from work. Some years I take about 1 week off a month, other years it’s long weekends and a 2-3 week vacation. I LOVE my career and to stay energized I require that time to disconnect. I have to schedule it or else I get stuck on the work train. Thanks again for the reminder!

  4. Two years ago I was traveling for business every week. Every time I left, my son would beg me not to leave. The guilt and sadness I felt extended to my deep knowing that I was meant to do something different, but I was so scared to make a change. When I finally moved on I was totally lost… then I found PLF and Launch Club. Jeff and TeamWalker, thank you so much for your inspiration, coaching, teaching, and the community you’ve built. I’m starting off and have a long way to go, but the progress I’ve made from the time I got involved is amazing. And, I know I’m in the right place to constantly level up and create my launchlife!

  5. Jeff, can you post these on the weekday, so SUNDAYS we can all rest our minds? I like what Lee Milteer says in her book Reclaim the Magic: something along the lines of ‘Sundays are a day to turn off everything!”
    that is why I can’t do product launch formula right now. It would make me crazy with all the online stuff.

  6. I saw this video last week at LaunchCon and can speak for the 1000+ attendees that we were inspired in a profound way. Thank you for releasing it to your tribe. I’m forwarding this to budding entrepreneurs I know. As for me, I have a few places in mind for future unplugged adventures. Thank you for your inspiration and resources to help me achieve my dreams.

  7. I like watching inspirational videos. It helps me to keep and also grow my enthousiasm and energy. Cool video, love it 🙂

  8. LOVE this! What an amazing experience, inspiration and a great reminder to surround myself with people who have already been there to help me get where I am going! 🙂

  9. Hey Jeff, I am here! Free time? Until about 5 or six years ago I didn’t know what free time was. We farm and ranch so we live in beautiful country but we also work long hard hours caring for livestock and raising crops to sell and use for feed.
    6 years ago my father died and I inherited the business. And discovered free time, my father never flew in an airplane or took a vacation of any kind. In fact we only live an hour from world class walleye fishing but never took the time to go. Since his passing we began taking annual winter vacations to warm climates to enjoy time away and to take a break from cold temperatures. And it is wonderful to recharge.

    I joined the PLF life to create a new enterprise for our farm and ranch involving teaching and coaching commodity futures trading and investing.

    Thanks for all your inspiration

  10. Ahhhhh!!! This is amazing timing!!
    I am now 7 days away from “opening my cart” for the VERY FIRST TIME. I just launched my 4-Part End-of-Life Doula Video Series last week for those who want to become, or already are an end-of-life doulas supporting those facing the end-of-life and their loved ones. I haven’ even gotten all the way through your course Jeff, when I was down to road on my launch, but I studied YOUR launch to get ME to purchase your course, and I got your book, too – and am now waiting breathlessly for the outcome. I’ve already gotten about 1000 optins, and such an amazing discussion, so we will just have to wait a week to see! Stay tuned… If I can to this ins the DEATH BUSINESS, that most people don’t want to talk about – then anyone can do it! 😉 Many thanks for your inspiration and your terachings!

  11. Jeff, I’ts about balance. We must always remember that at the end of the day we ask ourselves what “we do I feel good about?; have I shared a smile, a small kindness?” When I feel like a break, I grab a book. It’s my escape and when that book is finished, I’m ready again for the world!

  12. Hey Jeff,

    So many of your tribe mention how perfect the timing of this video was. I agree. . .on so many levels.

    We are meant to commune with nature; it rejuvenates and inspires, centers and completes us. It is great when you take the time to focus on enjoying life because, at the same time, you begin to develop a real longing for work again.

    The inspiration we gain by being home again (one with nature), fuels our creative passions and our desire to make a difference in people’s lives, helps our business growth go through the roof.

    Thanks for shariing your life, knowledge, and inspiration with your tribe. . .you’ve helped so many make a REAL difference in their, and their clients/customers lives.

    P. S. The Sunday video has taken the place of “CBS Sunday Morning” with Charles Kuralt and Charles Osgood. Now, that’s saying something!

  13. Your message is very inspirational, motivational, adventurous and full of reminders of what you can do when successful in your own business! Also, it displays, reaches out and speaks loud and clear of how peace, tranquility, meditation and happiness can be created, globally, too!

    • Agree… but it’s too high ! (sometimes I can hardly listen to the words)

  14. Kelli Smith


    Hi Jeff, I wanted to give another point of view about this lifestyle too that is incredibly positive. I’ve had chronic migraine since I was 18 years old… I’m now 48. That means there are periods of time where I have severe pain and other symptoms like vertigo, nausea and many sensitives to light, smell and sound almost every day. Being a consultant in the Internet Marketing world and working virtually for over a decade and now owning my own business and being control of both my environment and my schedule is what ALLOWS me to work at all with this chronic illness. Working a standard 9-5 job in an environment I cannot control would be incredibly difficult for me if not truly impossible… so I am incredibly grateful for what the Internet development community provided me in the 90s/00s and then the Internet Marketing community has continued to give me since then. The ability to work virtually and not have anyone know about my illness unless I tell them is just incredible freedom for me. Just wanted to share this additional incredibly positive outlook on the lifestyle! Love you Jeff… and your team… you are such a positive influence in our community… I have been following you since before your first book and PLF release. All the best… Kelli Smith. 🙂

    • I love what you said, Kelli – and another benefit I see is the ability to reach people I couldn’t otherwise. I live in a very small town – so small, we don’t even have traffic lights! – and there are only so many people I can reach from here. I’d be driving all the time – and driving myself a bit mad, too! – without this path to reach people. So many blessings, for us and for those we’re here to serve.


  15. I am still amazed every day with what the Launch Life has made possible for me and my family… and I am so grateful for it.
    Tomorrow I will meet with a mastermind group for four days, here in Mexico. Can’t wait to share the incredible experience that I went through at Launch Con. Thanks for sharing this video, Jeff. It made me feel like I was there again.

  16. This is SO INSPIRING… Thank you, Jeff and other PLFers!
    I could feel my heartbeat quicken as I watched:)

    So… I have your Launch book at my side…
    I’ve watched your pre-launch videos and taken copious notes…
    the website is (finally!) up…
    now I’m learning, stepping into the email and social media marketing piece this week…

    With the support of your guidance and the trail you’ve blazed, and the God of my understanding and my own circle of friends, all of us cheering each other on, I anticipate doing my first launch this month.

    I am so grateful for your success, in part because you’re helping to light the way for all of ours.

    Thank you!!

    Joanna “Nicci Tina” Free

  17. OMG, Jeff! What gorgeous scenery.

    Plus, you hit on something really important to me…re-entering business life after a phenomenal experience. And that phenomenal experience can be anything from great marketing events to a romantic getaway to horseback riding.

    It can be hard to shake that deep connection with the world after something like that, and want to get back to “business.” But the truth is, your business (and mine) helps you continue creating more of those moments. And also helping other people.

    Talk about a win/win.

    I love your freedom mindset. After all, we’re all here for a short time. Might as well squeeze as much out of life as you can. You’re an inspiration.

  18. I didn’t know what ‘lifestyle’ meant until recently. It sounds pleasant, and it is. A lifestyle business includes fulfillment as a meaningful part of life, more than just a linear business routine that leads to massive success. There are also a few lifestyle entrepreneurs that are having massive success, and I believe the number is growing. It seems to me that when someone is that successful it would make sense to create space for the important things. At least, one would hope. Here’s to meaningful choices, which somewhere along the line necessarily includes abundance and fulfillment!

  19. Yes, the “lifestyle” is a diversion – it’s easy for me to become a unpaid Pro-Athlete as it were, running everyday, yoga four times a week, smoothies and watching youtubes on health and nutrition and planning my next ultra marathon…

    Have to stay on target and keep producing content and building my business…

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