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Engaging with my community was easy when I was just starting out. I had time for conversations with my subscribers and to reply to every message that came in.

But as my business grew, I had to find new ways to be available for my audience… without having to spend the entire day stuck in my inbox.

And I eventually realized that as you become more successful, there’s a point when you need to start moving backward. 

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31 Replies to “Moving Forward by Moving Back”

  1. Thanks for this very important reminder, Jeff! ⭐️ Even though I still consider myself a newbie, I definitely see the value of “moving myself back in the funnel”. ☝🏻

  2. Hi Jeff. I’m not quite sure I understand your point here. Are you saying that we should go back in our funnel? We should be more available?

  3. Thanks sharing this: I am new to your community having seen your interview with Patrick Gentempo on Money Revealed 2020. I was inspired by your talk to (finally) read your book which was transformational for me. I am at the “I’ll talk to anyone” phase of my digital business, so your advice is slightly premature. Looking forward very much to your next PLF Launch and joining your community for real. Best wishes Steven

  4. Bill Loeber


    What I heard is the need to scale up your processes in a way that mirrors what you did in the beginning, except you are not doing it all.You are cloning yourself as you get bigger

  5. My tiny biz is only 2 months old and I can already see this challenge! This morning I actually woke up guilty about it, wondering how can I keep responding to all the DMs while still having time and energy to create products?

  6. I am at this turning point now. I just don’t know exactly how to scale. I did my biggest launch ever but now I have over 200 questions in my courses and it keeps me up at night. I don’t know anyone then me that can answer, even me sometimes I got to research but I know my subject, but now I don’t have enough time to get to it. Any tips for this crucial transition welcome!

  7. Lisa Cartet


    Happy Sunday to me…thank you Jeff for these gems of knowledge and highly useful information!

  8. I have six children, so I hear ya! This is so true. The key is to keep moving forward as you move yourself back. Thanks Jeff!

  9. Jeff, thank you for sharing your experiences. I look forward to having to make these sort of calls in the future. So by moving back your availability how do you stay in touch with what is going on with your new people? do you have meetings with your staff and they keep you posted of what is going on with us/them or do you delegate decisions, answers etc to the team . If so do you go through a process of training so that they know “your voice: and thus “represent” you more accurately?

  10. Darlene Atkinson


    First, Thank You Jeff, you’re willingness to keep these great videos coming.
    I did come from a very big family I was number 10 out of 12 siblings, Being one of the last my older
    siblings raise me because my mom was busy with two younger siblings so I kind of got send down the line for my older siblings to raise me. I get it. When business grow and grows it get like shift to others who willing to take on the task to help others, in return I being 10th child service my older siblings. I do know what you are suggesting or talking about. Again thank you Jeff, for great videos sharing continually.

  11. Melissa Ariola


    I am not in that level right now, but still thank you for sharing those words, Jeff. It is much appreciated!

  12. Part of what challenges me in the realm of accessibility and availability in all my emails, written responses to posts on my courses, and conversations is the time and energy drain, the income value, and the creative joy I get. Those who pay to have conversations with me are my first priority. 2/3’s of my income comes from 1:1 conversations. Because of the spiritual nature of my work I find great inspiration in the client calls, but the financial return on my time is minimal. I really feel in a bind here. One of the reasons I am in Launch Club is to learn the tricky art of transitioning to course income from conversation income. I really need to think this through strategically. This video has spurred me on to face this challenge. Thanks, Jeff.

  13. Really interested to know what is on those bookshelves! What do you read? – for business, for pleasure, for education etc?

  14. Thank you for your thoughtful sharing, Jeff! I’ve been struggling over how to get my 1st launch done in the past 2 years. I have knowledge and content (I’m a professor in education area, teaching teachers and parents), but I don’t have usable and ready products to sell. Perhaps more importantly, although I have just set up my own website, I’m not clear about the process of “launching” a program or products through either my website or email. When will be your next online training, and how can I follow your schedule? Thank you so much!

  15. Thank you, Jeff! This feels very timely as I’m at a place in my business right now where the amount of emails coming in from my subscribers (non-paying clients) is starting to get overwhelming for me to respond to, so this was a really helpful reminder.

    I also appreciated what you said about being “available” affecting your positioning in the marketplace – the more available we are to speak to anyone and everyone, the less valuable our time seems, which makes sense. It’s great to have this in mind as my business continues to grow. Wonderful video, thanks again 🙂

  16. That’s a good reality check, Jeff. Sometimes it feels “unfair” (to those who reach out and want to connect) to pull back, but my sanity is important- so I get it.

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