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How do you move from learning to doing? How do you actually get started? When is it time to stop planning and researching… and start building your business? This is how I did it…

This question came in on my Facebook page… go over there and like that page; it's one of the best ways to interact with me.

And please leave a comment down below. I want to hear about the big pivot points in your life – what they were and what they're going to be…

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116 Replies to “How To Move From Learning To Doing”

  1. Great video response to the question! Like Zig Ziglar said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”. I am mostly like you where I like to research, research, practice, then take action. I have learned that this can be crippling if it turns into analysis paralysis. But I think the moment you ask yourself, “Am I ready to start actually taking action on _____” then you probably are. Just get started and make forward progress.

  2. Right on Jeff – when you say “It’s not about perfection.” Oh, that one stopped me for a long time – and just giving that up as been amazing! Thanks for sharing and your support!

    • @Dori: I know, but the great thing is that you just did it – you moved from learning to doing, and you had massive success!

  3. Jeff, this is timeless information!

    The essential piece from what you’re saying is that by starting, we are able to get valuable feedback from those who are watching and then be able to scale that upwards.

    It was great to meet you back in Nashville at Dan’s event. I met your brother in San Diego last month at Stan & John’s event (great guy too).

    Domo Arigato.

  4. “get it out there” – enough said. You can think about stuff, you can learn stuff, and you can plan stuff. If you never GET IT OUT THERE, then no one knows about it and you won’t effect anything or help anyone. I put just about everything I do “out there” – even the not so cool stuff. Over time, it allows me to pick and chose my best content to showcase.

  5. thanks Jeff. what a beautiful video, so inspiring. i must confess i am the kind of perfectionnist paralysed one……I always find something to stop me and go back to procrastination. the last event is some one installing a robot txt on my dashboard page…so a good real reason to fight against technical issues and no going on my project’s realisation. However, any way, i decided to go on and oovercome these issues…..
    you are deeply generous and your video helps me a lot. thanks again.

  6. Simon Hamilton


    Hi Jeff,
    Really refreshing to listen you you, so simple and straightforward.

  7. How did you know this is what I needed to hear this morning? 😉 For the last several weeks I’ve been absorbing as much info as possible from your “How to Start From Scratch” program, and planning out my site, but I’ve been holding back until I have all my content done to actually start it. Guess this is the week to make it happen! Thanks so much, Jeff!

  8. Thank you a million times, Jeff! We are both ready-aim-aim-aim-fire types who love to learn and tend to perfectionism. Last year we began to transition to doing, and we have seen good results with applying what we learned in PLF. You are an inspiration, because you show us that we have a shot at success, that success is not determined by personality, but by persistence.

  9. Henk van der WIjk


    This mental hurdle is a real threat that you have to overcome quickly!
    How? Well…know your target audience, know which solution you will provide to solve their problem, know how you will reach them with your message, then….jump!

    • @Henk: actually, you will never REALLY know your target audience until you start to engage with them. So your steps are good ones, but you will constantly be refining who they are and what they need… so the best thing to do is start communicating with them, and start that process of figuring out who they are, what they need, and how you will reach them.

  10. Great sentiment. As an aside, would love to know, Jeff what you used to take the video on and get such a good sound quality?

  11. Hi Jeff,

    Great video. So true. Until about three weeks ago I was on the aim-aim-aim fire train too. Since taking the plunge with no attachment to the outcome I’ve leaner es tons, had some great exchanges with folks and gained a bunch of confidence.

    You’re always right on target. And I love that you shot this video while out playing. It’s a great reminder to not try to always be so perfect.

    All the best!!

  12. I agree with you completely. Just get started and then pivot from the feedback. I worked on my online bartending school niche for 6 months and couldn’t get it finished because I was a perfectionist.

    Finally, I just launched it a couple of months ago (it wasn’t even finished) and the feedback has made the website and course a LOT better.

  13. Thanks for a very useful video.

    I feel hit by this. As long as it’s so fun to learn you are doing something that makes you stay within your comfort zone.

    For some people, this is about perfectionism, but for most people, I think it’s about fear.

    If you stay engaged in learning, then you at least are doing something useful, and you do not feel guilty for wasting time, even if it is actually what you are doing.

  14. GREAT video!!! I couldn’t agree more!!! LOL! My first cooking videos, etc. are soooooooo embrassing now. Hee, hee!!!!

  15. Thank you! You made my day! The value and simplicity of good ole communication is SO easily overlooked and also forgotten.The points you express here have really rekindled some spirit for me…..WOW. Mike

  16. Thanks for the reminder for the 3F’s “Fail Forward Fast” is what I learned from Marshall Sylver. great video!

  17. Great advice, Jeff! Also, I appreciate how and where you recorded the video. As someone that uses a lot of video in my marketing, you provided an excellent demonstration for me. Thanks!

  18. Thanks Jeff. Sometimes i don’t listen to the advice I give clients. You reminded me that if you don’t just do it, right wrong or indifferent, nothing will happen. I’ve been gathering data too long for my new product Marketing Without Money TM. You’ve given me the courage to go to a rolling release.

    Jerry Fletcher
    Networking Ninja

  19. Thanks Jeff, I am just like you, I love aiming, but I am less fond of firing! I love your word: Its is not about perfection. Many of us are afraid of showing ourselves, of letting our imperfection be seen. But that’s is all about: Do not wait for perfection or you’ll never do it. I am starting my site and it sucks, I know, but I also know that this is the path. Your words are really inspiring 🙂

  20. Hey Jeff,

    OMG – I would swear you are a mind reader! I love it that when the student is ready the teacher will appear and your message was dead on for me this morning! Thank you!!!

    I have been doing what I would call a soft start. Just starting to post some blogs and get past that fear of being judged and criticized for not having perfect grammer and potentially having typos. So…I have finally just tip toed ove that line. At least I have created momentum by starting.

    My excuses for not shooting video…not having perfect lighting, hair, make-up, message scripted out, etc. Well…you can’t get much more real than shooting in a gondola using the time that you have and speaking from your heart. Don’t we all really want to see that? And…no typos in a video. HUH..just an AH-HA in the moment for me. LOL

    So…thanks for the response to a FB post and for your encouragement to just get out there. It is so easy to stop because I know I am constantly comparing what I have to put out there now against people that have been in the biz for years and have people to create those beautiful websites, craft wonderful squeeze pages and stuff or they have learned to do it themselves over time.

    Because I am starting on this new adventure at age 57, I feel like I am so far behind the in the learning curve and that it takes me a little longer to get it and put it all together and I am dedicated to make it happen! This is going to be my year and the key to making that happen is as you said! Get busy and get started – DOING!

    I just made this up for us!

    D – be Daring
    O – share your wisdOm
    I – share your Insights
    N – share your kNowledge
    G – just Going and start DOING!

    The WORLD needs to hear from you and me!

    Thanks Jeff! As always you are an inspiration and right on target!

  21. Getting past the fear of making a real fool of yourself …a tough one! I’m slowly getting into it, next step: not only write but make a video. Pheeew! I know you’re right when you say, just do it… Thanks for this video!

  22. Jeff,
    Thank you for taking the time to answer my Facebook question. When I saw this in my email, I thought, no, he really didn’t take the time to do this, did he? Yes my perfectionism gets in my way and I really love to learn! What resonated was that by the time I wait to get it perfect, things change so quickly it’s obsolete. It’s great to hear from you and read the other comments to know that I’m not alone but it is possible to break the cycle and just do it. Ii also like what Candas said about no attachment to the outcome. It sounds like a great approach to get over the hurdle. I appreciate all you do to help us on the road to success! I’m inspired to get moving. Thank you!

  23. I love this, Jeff, and LOVE that you did it on the gondola. What a great way to give yourself a deadline to get ‘er done! 🙂

    Same is true for figuring out your Big Why… as you told me previously, it’s a work in progress.

    A bit of thinking goes a long way. Rethinking and rethinking again has been THE key thing I’ve eliminated from my daily workflow this year. And it’s been aweeeeeeeesoommmmeeee!

    Thanks for all you do, I;m so grateful for your posts! (I’ll leave that typo in because, as Keith Cunningham says, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing sloppily at first.”)

  24. Excellent and very timely video.
    I built my reputation on taking action and getting the job done.
    Some of my clients like this approach and others don’t.
    So this video has given me a kick up the ass to get on and do it for myself and for those clients who appreciate getting the job done.
    Thank you Jeff.

  25. That’s what I was having problems with in the beginning. It’s hard for the thought process to begin and just move in a forward direction! The more you write content the better your thoughts with start flowing! Just like Jeff said. You just have to look at how other people
    are writing about and read their articles and get some ideas and then your juices start to flow!

  26. Thank you, I thought I was the only one that has gotten stuck in the learning process. I finally put a website together for my son and just put it out there a couple of months ago. I still has some things to fix on the blog but at least it is out there. I also just today put a video out on YouTube that I made for him. Probably not the best but it is my first and it is out there. Thanks again for your encouragement.

  27. Hello, Jeff. Thank you for this inspiring message. I’m saving this video to listen to it whenever I get in a rut of not doing. It’s so easy to gather articles, but it’s the taking the time to read them that seems harder to do. Or learn great stuff from a seminar or workshop, feeling all excited about the new things and then later poof, nothing happens. Just taking little steps and practicing on “B clients” sounds good. Thanks for sharing your expertise and taking the time. Take care. Happy Spring from Alaska! Rosella Young, AA-1 Designs, 2012 BPW/NTTF Entrepreneur of the Year Award

  28. Very good video. I found my mind going blank when I started the video camera. One tip which might help others is get a friend to sit under the camera and let him ask you questions on your subject. and just let the camera run. You will be amazed how much more relaxed you become when responding to a person instead of a camera. Just edit the questions out when finished and you will end up with a pretty good result.I’m still working on my fear of blogging mistakes, but your video helped. Thanks again.

  29. I get your email updates, but I don’t usually open them. I get a lot of emails and sometimes I forget the initial impact that someone made on me to get me to signup to their blog from the get go.

    Today, your title captured me when I opened my email. I knew this was for me as I am one who is always learning, yet I feel like I never learn enough to be as good as I want to be. I really appreciated this video. I’m going to listen to this again and again, and again. I just stepped out and started another blog and I’m working on my new FB page now. I’ve made up my mind to put myself out here again, but now instead of just being a hobby blogger. I’m going for the professional (expert).

    It is scary, but I know that I have learned an awful lot in the years that I’ve been blogging and I can teach others. I am gradually starting to believe in myself and my abilities to do this to be more specific.

    Thanks again.

  30. How many of us HATE the sound of our own voices on video or audio. I know I did but hey, does it matter in the long run. If I can solve a local businesses problem, do they care what I sound or look like doing it? Doubtful.

    Thanks Jeff, keep up the great videos.

  31. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the impromptu update it was great. You are so right, one has to just get started and actually do things.I just posted my first video on YouTube as an experiment. It’s a collection of photographs with a public soundtrack and it turned out just fine. So it goes to show if you don’t try something you will never learn. Now the next step is to film myself talking about my subject and posting it to my blog.

  32. Hey Jeff – You could’ve let us see what that little burg looks like from that gondola- b4 you got off. Just as a perk. You may even have opened up a new side income source – who knows. You looked great and made a believer of me. I’m headed for Telluride next time I get to Colo. – uh that was your intent, right? 🙂
    I was impressed with the quality of your video. What did you use. Yeah I know you’ve been hobnobbin’ with Brendon B. so I’ll chek back into his video…. I enjoyed this. Ahhh The wonders of this world ! ! When I was in Tellurde they had a rope tow, as I recall.
    p.s. did you ever read my book? “Life on Earth the Game, a Manual for those who didn’t bring theirs” Randall Shelton

  33. Thanks Jeff! ACTION ACTION ACTION…I still have a long way to go to “perfect” but I keep on correcting and continuing…You can’t advance a parked car! 🙂

  34. Dear Jeff, I totally feel inspired by your uncomplicated and natural approach, it feels very honest, relaxed and simple. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. That is what I am looking for too, teaching principles for simplicity and real long lasting success in life. Please, allow me some questions. You might have answered it already. But I am new to your material and you. If you have given answers about it, please, can you send me the links or referral articles? Can you elaborate more on what are YOUR experiences to get unstuck and just do it. What do YOU think keeps people away and what is your suggestion. Do key factors or principles exist in YOUR opinion that you have been aware of? Much love and light, supporting your path with my mind and heart. Simone

  35. Hi Jefff, thanks for your great tips – they are so on target and timely. I tend to be very methodical in my planning so I gave myself until the end of April to gather content, which in my subject matter is huge. May is when I will organize the content, create my website and blog, create my first videos and go live! I am nervous but so excited to take the plunge!!! Your tutorials have been very inspirational!

  36. Hi Jeff, I was so much inspired by the video stop research and start building your business.
    this is execution intelligence which many people are lacking. Today you have hit on the nail.keep it up.

  37. I have just moved into the ‘doing’ phase for my current business idea which has spent 10 years in development (meaning 10 years of having ideas and throwing them out!). I am so excited to FINALLY be in a ‘doing’ phase as I love the natural momentum this creates, and to share this with people gets me really excited and motivated, especially when the feedback I am getting is confirming the niche market I can see! Mentally this has been a HUGE block for me as the fear I had was of putting myself out there and being criticised and subjected to people’s unkind words. But I seem to have turned a corner and now I am too busy designing the life of my dreams to care anymore!

  38. Wow! so incredibly awesome! I going to start my blog on Earth day and boy oh boy do I have the willies about it, I open my email and there you are with an oh so timely response the Universe knows i needed it!!
    Thanks Jeff

  39. Greg Leischner


    Great point, Jeff! This has been one of my biggest challenges; moving from ‘learning’ to ‘doing’. I think my problem is, not knowing which niche/product to move forward with. I tend to over-analyze everything, and ‘keep learning’ to stay in a comfort zone. Great video, we’re visiting Telluride/Durango area this summer, considering moving to one or the other later this year!

  40. Jeff, what kind of camera did you use for that shoot. I am trying to do some videos for school leaders on leadership and I want to find a camera, not top of the line, that will be good to send them videos via my website. Thank you very much.


    • There were several questions about our camera set up… I’ll have to put together a post about doing video. On this one, we went partly high-end and partly ghetto on this one – we shot with a really nice DSLR, but we didn’t use an external mic – we shot with the camera mic. And because it’s pretty cramped inside the gondola, we couldn’t use a tripod. And we had some really challenging lighting… with the background a lot brighter than the foreground.

      So fancy camera, but no external mic and no tripod = sorta cool, sorta ghetto.

      The thing is, you shouldn’t let camera choice hold you back… the video I posted last week “The One Critical Decision” was shot on my iPhone… with me holding it at arm’s length. And that video got 100+ comments and 150+ shares on Facebook.

  41. It’s nice to be reminded of this single most important step. Even though logic would say it’s “Duh”, in practice it’s a whole other story.

    Another question: why are you riding the gondola DOWN the mountain? I thought the whole point was to take the gondola UP so you could SKI down. 😉


  42. Yes, it’s easy to say then to do. What if I start out there and people instead of liking it ignore you over and over. How many times do you have to try until you get the message that what you are doing is not working?

    • @Julia: you have a choice… you can either create hypothetical scenarios of failure until you die of old age, or you can get started. It’s up to you. But you only get one shot in this world, so make sure you choose wisely.

  43. Debbie Rowe


    I agree with Gideon – love the videos! I am THE #1 procrastinator on the planet! There, I said it. Yes – I have been totally crippled with the whole analysis paralysis thing. Mostly because I haven’t had the confidence that I have something worthwhile to say. But I have been working on it very diligently the last couple of months and have actually been putting myself “out there” and realizing that other people don’t feel that way about me – it’s all in my head. Just making that small step has been huge in propelling me forward! I like what you said about being able to make mistakes on a small audience. It’s not like the whole world will see it if I post a blog – so just DO IT! Thanks for the kick in the pants Jeff!

  44. Thank you Jeff. I’ve got a product waiting to be produced using Daniels teaching from EVA. That was so incredibly valuable. I’m so excited about it, but have been making excuses not to just do it. Appreciate the nudge. Haircut this week and away we go!

  45. I am so jealous…..all I want to do is be in that gondola (but going the other way- I live in FL so that won’t be happening…this season). That said, you are right Jeff, I need to just put it out there and get the first flailing attempt at a squeeze, etc done. Wanting to make it all just so has kept me from having anything.

  46. Thanks Jeff. I loved this video. And totally feel that away about lunging in. Just do it and that’s how you really learn. it’s easy to get caught up in the learning cycle of “If I just get one more product, or take one more course, or read one more book, then Ill be ready…” But the truth is, yeah there needs to be some degree of knowledge but its through the action that we really learn. Thanks so much, great video.

  47. Hi Jeff, nice video. Yes, its good to be reminded that we have to get into action rather then keep thinking how to do things. I’m have my music blog up for a year now, and I have to say that I have become better at writing articles. Yesterday I published my first guest post with a site from Arizona, dealing with composing through the eyes of young learners. My traffic has gone up, but just gradually. And I’m about to put my opt-in box up to subscribe to my future newsletter. All the best and with friendly greetings, Hans

  48. Njeru Nthigah


    Jeff thank you for this simple and practical video. I am amongst those who aim,aim,aim and possibly aim again before I shoot! This does not serve me well at all. I love the idea of failing forward and realizing that improvement is key to achievement and it is a process. Thank you and appreciate learning from you!

  49. Hey Jeff, Thanks so much! I haven’t heard anyone give this advice yet, but IT’S SO TRUE! I spent AGES learning, then I knew in my gut it was now time to do!

    I’ve been publishing for a little bit now and just completed my first full cycle of a launch…. and guess what… it’s working! Now I don’t know why I didn’t get into action sooner and really go, go, go. But anyway, can’t change the past… onwards and upwards! No stopping me now. 🙂

  50. Great video, I think we all over complicate things, this keeps us from starting out. We want to make sure that everything work and looks good before we show it to the world.

  51. Jeff, I’m the same (ready, aim, aim, aim, fire) and it leads to so much extra stress.

    In the past I’ve blamed it on my perfectionism, but it’s really just fear… Even after doing this for 7 years I still have to nip the fear in the bud, to get ahead.

    I loved your video and the ride down the mountain was awesome.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  52. Andrew BIrd


    Jeff, I can honestly say that this is the biggest lesson I’ve learned from you (among many). I’ve heard you say it over and over and I’m in action on my business much sooner than I ever dreamed possible because of it — thanks for saying it again here! And for me on May 19th…. LLLaaaauuuunnnncccchhhhh!!

  53. Jeff, thanks for the timely video. I’ve always been a procrastinator and its always been ready, aim aim aim aim……. yet to start firing. I’m always collecting materials to become an entrepreneur for the last 2 years and have not taken action and got started. What you said in the video, regarding the material becoming outdated by the time you learn and master it, suddenly struck me and I have decided to take action today! Thanks once again for the wake up call!

  54. Olivier Picard


    hi Jeff.
    Imperfection is perfect to start so let´s go. This is how you can improve.
    Thank´s for sharing that.

  55. I found this video quite motivational, thank you Jeff. Greetings from Spain.
    How do I learn more about your Product Launch Formula? I already got the free video and I´d like to know more about your system. Thanks again.

  56. Hey Jeff, loved that gondola ride with you! Which mountain are you on? The gondola makes me think of a Monty Python sketch, but I better not say that one out loud 😀

    I’ve been a follower of yours for many years, and like Gideon (whom I also follow) I love getting these videos from you. I’ve been jumping in feet first myself lately with video and loving it – “Feel the fear!” they say, “And do it anyway!” – hellyeah! Nice to see Ian McConnell here too (and yes, another great guy to follow – really nice crowd on this page!)

  57. Thank you, Jeff !
    Always so accurate !! 😉
    This vidéo remembers the “Baby steps” one you published back in summer 2012 !
    This add a huge impact on my doings by that time and it sounds that this new one will
    do the click again !!
    Sometimes you just need this kind of “go on!” to get started !
    Thanks again
    Take care

  58. Great video… good advice. I have the opposite problem. I have a tendency to get a little knowledge and start running with too soon and miss some key elements which would give me better results if used. Thanks, great job

  59. Hey Jeff,
    Phenomenal post! I am a chiropractor in SoCal working with a real guru. Together we have posted over 328 YouTube videos, 2 books, 2 webinars and 2 membership sites. The owners-guide site is on the wordpress platform and our other membership site is through instant customer. Dr Bergman is the front man of this operation and I have become the IT type guy. Any tips on the site would be greatly appreciated.

  60. Jeff, I love the way you are using video and I’m like you, research, learn, research, learn and now it is time for me to get to doing. Thanks for the simple and true statement of just get to it.

  61. Jeff
    The timing of this was perfect for me. Been planning for what seems like forever..time to START.
    Observation about the video:
    At first I felt the metaphor of the “mountain” was working backwards for you…thought you should be talking to us as you were taking us with you to the pinnacle. However, on further reflection, it seems more the metaphor of the sage coming down *from* the “mountain” to impart some needed wisdom.
    Thought you might enjoy…

  62. Thanks for this video post and for sharing Jeff. I have been recording some of my own clips for the first time and moving out of the perfectionist mental state to getting it done. Great video shot too.

  63. Great Video Jeff!

    Your talk with Tony Robbins motivated me to start my blog and this video now helps me even more.

    I wanted to ask if it is better to try to produce original content although it can be a bit lousy or use a lot of great materials from experts at a risk of being perceived as copying ideas during the start of blogging?

    Thanks again.

  64. I completely agree. Publishing videos and blog posts is the thing that has provided the most value to my business as a marketing coach and consultant. your content is great! Keep it coming!

  65. great inspiration..I am like you waiting to learn everything before moving forward…bad idea.

  66. Love the advice Jeff ! Just what I needed to hear today. Am glad to hear from you about just getting started, and putting ‘yourself out there’ first, to build up the initial awareness, even if its not perfect. At the beginning, it doesn’t have to be.
    Thanks, for this, it was exactly what I needed to resonate with, in this moment.
    Great stuff!….& awesome view!

  67. Shinjiro nakajima


    Hello Jeff.

    I’m Japanese .Japanese people have the same worry.
    Your advice is useful to me and other people.

    Thank you so much.

  68. Hi Jeff,
    You funny man…read my mind!
    I took action a while back, as a newbie and entered Ezines Xmas contest to write 25 articles in 7 days. I had only 70hrs left when I found out and being a one finger typist, took the challenge on anyways! Did my first ever 25 articles and they all got approved and published, that was OK…but it was the next bit of learning I bombed out big time on. In my sig file, I sent the reader to a website that had nothing to do with the blessed subject I was writing about…and to top it all off, there was no opt-in or product for sale on it!
    It’s still sending people to a but ugly newbies site, with no product or …
    Better stop now, I’ve decided I’d better do something with it now that it’s brought to memory!
    Thanks again…
    PS…Enjoyed watching the snow too…sighhhh

  69. Great video Jeff.
    Some really vice words that, too often, fits in.
    Thanks for the push down the mountain.

  70. Hey Jeff, so glad to know that I am not the only one out there that wants to overthink everything, you know trying to reinvent the wheel. I am learning to just “DO”. No one starts at the top of the ladder!! Thank you for taking your time to make “us” better.

  71. Stella Popowicz


    I love the fact you said that everyone’s first website is not great – as a perfectionist/procrastinator love it love it! Thanks

  72. Hi Jeff

    Really timely video for me. I am immersing myself in everything to do with internet marketing/affiliate marketing. You always simplify it all, I do sometimes feel overwhelmed as the more I learn the more I feel I don’t know!! The internet feels like a never ending ‘matrix’ so its great to know that you just need to do it and take a step and not worry too much about ‘perfection’. Also there is a nagging feeling that success in this field needs to happen NOW! So it can leave you feeling like every step is ‘too slow!! Thanks again. Best Paul Stallard from the UK

  73. Hi Jeff

    Loved this! Thanks for putting it out there.

    Just gave up an executive position to follow my dream and its both exciting and terrifying in equal measure but you’re right, sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves and do it, take the plunge, get out there, show up!

    So thanks for doing just that.


  74. Christopher McCargar


    Hey Jeff…Loved the video ! I needed that… Thanks! Just watching how your own presentations have had a very natural “feel” to them …poised to just be… You!

  75. I just finished B-school and I’m wanting to still do homework and research how others are doing their businesses……thank you for the just get out there and do it….good or bad….philosophy. I have so much fear……Ive already experienced the haters and the negativity…..Im afraid to put out work because the sharks are waiting to eat me up……I deeply appreciate your words. You have an ease about you that gives me the confidence to
    let the sharks take a bite.

  76. Thanks Jeff. Felt as though you were talking directly to me;) Great to see you at EA last week. Got so many take-aways including blocking time and just doing it!

  77. Hi Jeff,
    Loved your video and like you I am guilty of being a constant learner, (which of course kept me from being a starter) thanks for this, I am now moving forward in a much bigger way !!

  78. Hey Jeff, I’ve been watching your videos recently and love your content.

    This video in particular strikes a chord with me because I’m at a point in my young business where I need to just get more content out there and not worry so much about it’s appearance.

    It’s also the same for the students I teach (I’m a dating coach), just get started and don’t worry about perfection.

  79. Mark Jeffery


    Jeff, very good thank you. Live work and play ….on the gondala. Forget the content (although great) the overall message is better!

  80. Maria From Club Wellness


    I am not afraid of putting myself out there. I have it all out there. Now I am moving towards my next step.

  81. Jeff, I just started going through your blog from day one, since purchasing and reading your Launch book a couple of days ago. I’ve written and published ten books, with a fiction trilogy imminent, but have been stuck in the mud for a number of months. Your inspiration in this short, imperfect, but sincere video has convinced me to grab my 11-year-old son, put my Smartphone in his hand, and get him to record my first video for my blog. I appreciate your sincerity. Your “behind the scenes” looks at the imperfection of your productions lends credibility to what you do. That is way more inspiring to us than any slick, polished presentation. Thank you.

  82. Hey Jeff,
    Never take this video down from your video sample page.

    I find myself in the amazing place where bringing my lofty ideas about ideas down to a level where people can learn from me requires me to make little corn-kernel videos like the ones you make. I’ll drop a comment with a link to my website when I’ve put up a hand-full of them. I hope in the next couple of days.

    Thank you for rocking the marketing world!


  83. Thanks Jeff for remaining. Doing things is absolutely critical to achieve goals and to learn. The feeling „I am not able to do this“ is not useful, do it nevertheless!

    If it is hard for anybody to start then choose another first step which is much smaller. It is unimportant how big your step ist, but it is important to do your first step.

  84. yeah Jeff… absolutely: try learning with B client ! this is wisdom knowledge in a telegraphic note. thanks.
    cheers from Rio de Janeiro RomanBRuni

  85. Hi Jeff
    Thanks for your timely information…to just go
    do it…that’s my problem..”.procrastination”.

  86. WOW! Your short chat was like a big shoe kicking you know where!!! Thank you again. We need that at certain crossroads. I did.
    I have many years of experience as coach, speaker, consultant, etc.. Then my wife got seriously ill and I became a care giver limited in my moves. For 3 years -while money melted- I have been “dancing” to launch my business online. I need to change strategy to stay close to her and still make money.
    After building 3 sites and erasing them…your presentation reminded me that I cannot be “perfect” at first. Like in D-Day the weather will never be perfect over the Channel but: “Go, go, go!”
    Thank you Jeff so much. Thank you.

  87. Jeff, I’m the perfectionist…always wanting to make something perfect before going public. Well, this time I just decided to DO IT and posted my first official free content article on Facebook. In approximately 48 hours, it has already reached over 6,000 people! I am stunned! I also have a bunch of subscribers who now want to see my next video/article. I’m following your suggestions on how to do a seed launch. Hoping this is the beginning of a very good thing. Thank you so much!!! You are SO RIGHT…We just have to get out there and DO IT!

  88. Jeff, Thanks for this encouragement. I’ve been in the fact-finding phase for such a long time now. You’ve motivated me to move forward and try something. I’m a classic perfectionist, but I’m sure I’ll find a way to put that aside and get myself into gear. The sky’s the limit, as you’ve shown us in your work and especially at the venue of this video. Rhonda

  89. Sometimes one needs to forget about putting things in perfect order and act them naturally, and in most cases, nature will put them in their more fascinating forms. Such a great video and a very encouraging one as well

  90. I totally agree with your Masonry Guy, most of the times, we need to forget about all the theories and words we have learned and just go the hell to work:

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