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Worried about “the competition”? Then you’ll love this bit of wisdom I picked up from a famous Olympian.  

This simple mindset shift might completely change how you think about your launches.

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13 Replies to “Worried About the Competition?”

  1. Love the champion / olympic mindset story. I used to have such a fear of competing in track until 2020, when I trained with a group of athletes and watching them realizing the big variation of levels. No matter their level, they all have their best and showed up for themselves and no one was left behind in feeling part of the group.
    That’s when I realised we’re all normal people! And it felt ok! Thanks for sharing

  2. Your story reminded me of what Dr. Hawkins reminded all of us about the idea of success by saying; “In the world of success, there is no competition”. He also said, the rules of success are: 1. Everyone has to go to the bathroom. 2. Everyone’s feet hurt. 3. Everyone has something bothering them. 4. Everyone’s lost and wants someone to connect with them, to guide them, and be there in person in this experience. 5. Everyone’s hungry. Ekosani…

  3. Rita Hickman


    This was such a great validate to just keep using my voice.

    Thank you ☺️

  4. Kerryn Joseph Wayow


    Can’t imagine people not like Jeff!? Craziness! I have received so much marketing and business insight, I cannot express. Your information Jeff is GOLD!

  5. Thank you! Over 4 years ago in 18 months, I self-published what is considered the authoritative how-to handbook (including 31 chapters, 5 appendices, 36 pages of reference notes, and a 27-page index in under 600 pages) for businesses, consultants, and project teams in my industry segment. I sell books and am developing an online training platform from all that content. Looking toward doing certifications, I’ve developed 50 or more Qs&As for each chapter, and have developed an opt-in email database including over 2k individuals from my specialty and thousands more that work together with my specialty (and benefit from knowing how it works). I’ve got a draft launch sequence and onboarding arranged. While I’m completing the pieces- lining up the ducks- I’m grasping for more ways to design the launch and training offer to best suit my own personal preference and understanding. Hence, I’m inching forward, reviewing the terrain, and trying to settle on the details I feel more comfortable with before I pull the trigger. In this context, help me with the important requirements to launch a minimum viable product.

  6. Well I like your voice and how you do things Jeff. The master of product launches.

  7. Georgie Song


    Another way to say, “You’re are not competing with the world, you are finding your own voice, and serving”: is what Oprah said, “:Your FIRST JOB is to find out what you were placed on this Earth to do”. Then SERVE……..Another label is You’re LIFE PURPOSE”………so there is NO COMPETITOR. You were “Created” for a “UNIQUE JOB”, given to You. !!!

  8. Yes, likely JWalker reads these comments at times for seeds.

    Who knows, that’s Jeff’s business.

    All is well. Thanks Jeff for pointing to the moon for me.

  9. Louis Di Bianco


    The funny thing is that competition is a a made-up story. Ultimately, we are are only competing with ourselves.

  10. Thank you for pointing out that a way to finding your voice and having people hear that voice is through publishing. I’ve been more upfront on my fb, and talking to more people about why I do what I plan to do. I put a face and voice to my business so people know what my work stands for and what values matter to me. It was a little intimidating at first because I grew up believing that people should be professional about keeping personal and business lives separate. But I came to realise this is futile when both personal life and work are guided by the same values. I am who I am, no matter my roles in life. And ‘coming out’ in this way is more liberating than considering how to be ahead or even on par with competitors.

  11. Maria Dennis


    Thank you Jeff. Your chat this morning, with the sun shining and the stunning mountains was a joy. Just what I needed to hear. I’ve felt split between Seth Godins inspiration -“paint a picture of the future, go there, people will follow” and feeling constricted by the good marketing practise of ‘speaking to your avatar’ and ‘giving people what they want’. Your reminder to just publish is the perfect steer through this tension – thanks once again. I aspire to live a life more lived and to find my wild place where the air is clear and the landscape vibrant.

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