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When you hear the phrase “secret to success”, what comes to mind? 

In this video, I’ll explain:

  • One word that explains my long-term success
  • How adjusting your mindset can make a huge difference
  • What I mean — and don’t mean — when I use this word (it might surprise you!)

You can watch here:

How to be Successful

When some people hear “secret to success,” they think you have to have big-name connections. Others think it’s years and years of experience or high-level training. Still others assume it’s just dumb luck and lots of startup capital. 

If you know my story, you know I didn’t have any of these things when I was getting started. I was working from home and struggling big-time. So what made the difference?

I can tell you in one word what the secret to my success is.
And it might not be what you think.

In this video, I want to talk about the one thing that has made all the difference for me and continues to be the key to my long-term thriving.  

It’s not a fancy business “hack” … and it definitely doesn’t involve any kind of cutthroat zero-sum competition. In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

The best part? It doesn’t require anything other than a switch in mindset to start experiencing the benefits right away.

I love sharing this information, because I know it can really help people make a significant turnaround in how they see themselves, their work, and their path to success. I hope it will give you a new perspective on what can be possible in your business, one conversation at a time. 

As always, I’d love to hear from you. If you have follow-up questions or want to share your own experience, leave your comment below and let me know what you think! 

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66 Replies to “The ONE WORD SECRET To My Success”

  1. Hi Jeff

    THANK YOU for this fantastic video! I couldn’t take my smile off my face!
    I believe in what you say in all my heart- it’s not just creating those partnerships it’s more about building those relationships!
    It’s not only about how much you can grow your business but more about how much Value you can Give, show you care- have 4 hours lunch and talk about life and truly nourish this human connection and genuine will to help others astound you grow.
    Because what goes around comes around..

    You said – no one is an island, and i always say – no one can make it alone! 😉

    Thank you so so much for emphasising this important topic!


    Lirone Glikman
    Business Networking coach and international speaker

    • Hello Jeff:
      My offerings are in the area of inspired teaching. I speak about the experiences we can’t adequately name such as giving and receiving love that is vibrationally way up there on the levels of consciousness.

      I know you have helped countless others launch their products. I am very happy to know you believe in partnership. It IS the one word that says it all.

      Your success is thrilling to me!

      I just completed facilitating a workshop with inspired and inspiring participants. I consider them partners in awakening others to the vast opportunities we have when we drop the barriers to love.

  2. Thanks again Jeff for the short sweet great mentoring! I NEVER read whole books but I read yours in 2 days and now my young disabled veteran friend with a dream to be a computer geek is reading it and helping me set up my first launch. He’s done a pretty bang up job “partnering” with me and I’m helping him and his young family build a business at the same time. I’m a bit impatient wanting everything to be done NOW but rebuilding my website, doing a new blog site, a new webhost and a new email and setting up my opt in’s takes time. I already quit my job but now I am completely free to concentrate on getting this business off the ground. I still can’t seem to narrow my focus to ONE thing but the “signature talk” remains the same….we are all “faucets of hope” with STUFF to offer others…Thanks you for the cool drink today!! I’m sitting in the ER with my husband and his 574th kidney stone….I really think this is another monetizing experience…living with a chronically ill person! Fortunately the internet is everywhere and I wrote my last book from the hospital too and THAT will be my first launch bonus…my Ditzy Blonde Faucet-It’s a God Thing Ebook! Hope you opt in when you hear about it!!! God bless you!!!

  3. Jeff – being a friend is all about value. You are absolutely right, it doesn’t have to be monetary or a physical gift. Being there as a supporter, a cheerleader, and someone to bounce ideas off of is the foundation of a good partnership. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I’ve actually been practicing this philosophy for a couple of years. The amazing thing is, it has become my lifestyle in a way. I no longer think what I could get from a relationship. I just do what I can to help someone who is pretty close to me in the spirit of entrepreneurship. And that makes a huge difference.

    One key to that is constantly developing yourself so that you could always do more for your partners.

    Awesome, Jeff. Thanks.

    BTW. Just got your book and diving in 🙂


  5. Thank you for your wonderful advise.
    Tell me (as a starting out JV partner) How I can help You and your people, even though you are the ultimate in success.
    Bir Grewall
    Financial Stratesist, Advisor and Author

  6. Dear Jeff,
    thank you so much for this message! It is precisely this attitude I feel when I see your videos or read your texts. Two months ago I registered at you, because you wanted to give your book away. I had to pay only the shipping fee. Every day since the release of “Launch” I went to my mailbox and hoped to get it. The day before yesterday it finally happened: it had arrived in Germany! I live 100 km north of Hamburg. You have given me more than I can tell you. It is so important for me and the right time now! Your generosity will return to you – but you know that already … 🙂

    I thank you very much Jeff!
    Best regards, Oliver.

  7. the video was very good. In other words the secret is helping other people, right I am trying to market a book that I just published, my first book. I can use any help that I can get.

    • lol Ellen YOU are suppose to help others first.

      NOT ask for help

      WOW you totally missed the point of the video.

  8. John Gimpel


    Hi Jeff I have received your book and am now reading it. I have just watched the video and did this in my past live in the business world but did not think about doing this now. I thank you so very much for moving me to the right way of doing Partnerships, and will definitely be in contact with you more often.

  9. Once again Jeff, thanks.
    Great stuff. Application in my direct mail, in person, offline biz is a little extra work but very rewarding.

  10. Charlotte Plott


    I value what you say, and the one word “partnership” has so much power in it. Thank you for reminding us to be a partner to others.
    Best to you
    Charlotte Plott

  11. Very interesting stuff Jeff. Thanks for the advice and for sharing. I got your book and am now reading it. Awesome so far.
    Thanks Jeff


  12. Jeff,

    In the Wiccan community, we have what we call the Three-fold Law. Basically, it says that whatever energy you put out, you will get back three times that amount. Positive or negative, you get back three times what you put out. As I see it, that’s exactly what what you’re saying.

    Just finished your book. I’m going to use it to market a 13 week Witchcraft 101 class online that I’m in the process of creating. Hopefully after the launch, I’ll have the money to actually take your class.

  13. Gilberto Barria-Vallarino


    Thank you Jeff, this is a great advice and reminder of what is really important in life. And by the way I am enjoying your book a lot.

  14. Excellent, Jeff!
    Always give first!
    Thanks for all your advises.
    I’m still waiting for your book. It seems that Brazilian postal service doesn’t like me…
    Best regards,

  15. Hi Jeff,
    Just watched the video–LOVED IT!!!!!

    Thank you

  16. Hi Jeff,

    Great video and I must also congratulate you on a great book.

    I was lucky enough to get a digital copy before I received the hard copay of ‘Launch’. I was unable to put the digital copy down, so to say and
    have now read the hard copy twice.

    Congratulations once again on a great book.

    Warmest Regards

    Stuart Bazga

  17. Jeff, Thank God for people like you. Yours is an attitude I believe to be spreading. Perhaps, in time, the Internet can be a trusted place once more, less pushy and me-first-ish. I have followed you for several years while bootstrapping two companies. And now I would like to give you a gift worth multiple six figures. That may sound crazy, but if you care to contact me, you will see it is quite logical.

  18. Jerry Perlmutter


    Just watched your video. I am impressed with the relaxed manner that you have just laying out your perspective on partnering. I look forward to having contact with you in person and see myself just rolling our whatever I have in me that might be useful to you and to others.

    Thanks for all of your sharing here and in your book.


  19. Jeff, could just see all “the guys” together, sitting down the back. Got a smile on my face. Oh yeah, totally get what you’re saying. And the lovely thing is, there’s real fun in those times – working together, beans and rice, shoestrings and spit – making something happen. Brilliant.

  20. You can’t out give a giver. Giving creates appreciation and gratitude.

  21. Love It Love It.. The Good Life.. We Will Partner With You and Pam Henrickson So That We Can Build A Log Cabin As A Retreat For You Both When You Come Skiing In GodZone New Zealand.. Derek C Howie Take Care out.

  22. Very inspirational. You have touched at the most important aspect of being a human….”give first/how can one create value for someone without expectations/ coming out with abundance first/” and finally “you will be shocked of what will happen for you” …. helping each other is the basic TRUTH!

  23. Hi Jeff,Just watched the video–GREAT!!!!
    got your book and am now reading it is great.
    Thanks for sharing this video.
    Nick Mihailovic

  24. Hello Jeff,
    No, “partnership” is definitely not what you need first to be an internet marketer.
    You first need a bunch of products, traffic, prospects and customers…
    Maybe you need something like a “partnership” (a strong relationship with your list) to make a prospect be your customer.
    “Building value”, “becoming friends” are good ways to build up a strong relationship with your list! But that is all…

    Strange that you didn’t publish my first comment Jeff… 😉 (maybe you didn’t want to see such a comment as one of your first comments! Ah ah ah)

    But I like very much what you are doing and still think that you are the right deal!
    Keep on doing nice things, man!


  25. Thank you so much, Jeff, a wonderful and important message. I’m just starting out with my online business and I’m learning an incredible amount from the wealth of information you share in your videos. I really support what you have said here about approaching your relationships and partnerships with a generous and abundant spirit and I truly believe it makes the world of different. For me, genuinely adding value to people’s lives and businesses goes beyond enhancing business and success – it’s also about expanding the experience of life, sense of purpose and well being. Deepest of gratitude to you and your wise words.

  26. Thanks Jeff for the wonderful advice. I have benefited a lot from the stuff you put out in this blog. From having no list and totally clueless about all this marketing stuff to having a comfortable income from the internet. A lot of this is due to your advice. I’m going to take what you are saying in this blog and start implementing.

  27. ken ca|houn


    Excellent reminder; agree partnerships are essential for taking your message to the next level. I’ve found it’s really important to be selective with partners, working with the best folks who can genuinely add value, as an important lesson-learned. I get near-daily jv requests and decline most, as credentials and authenticity in whom one works with is an important value… can your partners genuinely help (vs just sell to) the audience.


  28. Good reminder Jeff. Where and how do you suggest people look for partnerships? Moreover how do we become aware of finding the “right” partners vs picking people because there is an open slot?

  29. I couldn’t agree more. As a home-school Mom, wife, and partner of a non-profit business, what got my consulting/coaching business off the ground, and put me on a 3 billion dollar public works engineering project was GIVING! I gave myself away like you talk about here. Not looking for any gain. In fact. I was doing a little network marketing Saturday workshop where I shared my DISC workshop FOR FREE – just to help this group, and a man came up to me and asked if this could be used for conflict resolution. I said absolutely, and this is how I became an Executive Coach on this 3 billion dollar project. For the next 3 years I coached the top executives, while consulting and providing training throughout the company. I didn’t have my coaching certification, or any of the other certifications accept DISC, but I’d been doing DISC workshops on and off for 15 years as I raised my children. Over and over again, I’ve gotten clients by first giving! And many times the work doesn’t even come back through that person or organization, but it does come back, multiplied over and over again. We truly do reap what we sow! Thanks, great video – just loved it. Oh, and even when we all become “KNOWN”, we’re all somebody now, but maybe not well known. So when we become say popular as you are, may we never quit giving out of a servant attitude and heart, not just to gain!

  30. Wonderful stuff Jeff. I’m currently studying your PLF 4 Modules and can’t wait to integrate into my business. Will keep you posted.

    LIVE IT!

  31. Timothy Pettet


    Hi, Jeff – My wife and I are new to this world of online marketing and are at that very exciting place called the Big Inning, oops, I mean the beginning. I am reading your book (thank you for writing it) and watching and reading what comes our way through your blog. I have also been absorbing Frank Kern’s and Brendan Burchard’s contributions through their marketing communications. The scale of the process seems overwhelming at times, however, I do keep in mind, and can actually hear the words come to me in your voice, “baby steps.” We are getting our content together so we have a something to give that will add value to those who are in our tribe but just don’t know it yet. Just one more thing, we are students of many spiritual teachers, and, as my wife pointed out when we watched your video, you embody in your playful attitude and generous heart what we see at the core of all those teachings. Thanks, Tim

  32. Hi Jeff,
    I love your message and I know that your message comes from your heart. I saw you over a week and half ago at Lisa Sasevich Sassy Mastermind retreat. Im one of the Sassies 🙂 Your story behind your success is inspiring and empowering. Thank you for being You and encouraging others to do the same through your amazing business, generosity and brilliant ideas. So excited to be a part of your community too.

  33. Great video Jeff! I’m reading your book for the second time and I love it! I’ve been practicing outpatient psychology for the past 32 and truly believe in an attitude of abundance! I have never worried about competition making the pie slices smaller. Good work just increases the size of the pie. I also believe in giving first. It seems the more I give the more I receive! Keep up the great work!

  34. Jeff… love how you LIVE your passion… and your sincere RESPECT for mankind! Rare in business today. So I thank you for reinforcing that success starts by helping people out … the TRUE REAL VALUED partnership – the secret sauce; is what you developed by giving first! WOW building value for someone… absolutely love it! Off to create “the secret sauce”. Thank you from downunder.

  35. Hey Jeff – I’m a past PLF client of yours and love your methods and generosity. I do the exact same thing in my life and business that you talk about in the video, and it comes back tenfold. Colleagues in my industry (small business finance) can’t figure out how we have grown 300% in the last year alone. One of the ways I do this is by going out of my way to help my industry friends to grow their business, with no expectation of reciprocity. But boy do they reciprocate! They remember me when they have a client they cannot help, and in many other ways. The more I give, the more I get.

    BTW: Your book was excellent. Read it cover to cover. Great refresher for the full PLF course I purchased from you years ago. My Pre-PreLaunch of my next product launches tomorrow!

  36. Hi Jeff,
    I am reading your book ‘Launch’ and very much impressed. I have been struggling last two years to on online business. Your book helping me to get some knowledge and ideas.

    Two weeks ago I came across a programm called,, and there I saw your name. I took the trail period and liked the website and all the trainnings there. But the core business seem a bit complicated to me and I thought, I could not do that kind of business. So I pulled out of it.

    I just wanted to know, is it real one and you are involved in it. How successful is that program, are the people doing pretty well there? etc.

    Thanking you for your all help and the free book ‘Launch’.

  37. thank you very much, Jeff. for this message coming from your heart. i appreciate a lot to be a part of this community. I always met great people.your book is now “mon livre de chevet” Thanks once more to you and your nice family.

  38. Jeff –
    The Launch Book was the missing ingredient I’ve been looking for! I had a speaking engagement by Epcot in Walt Disney World yesterday. I used the long plane ride to read your book and ended up taking 6 pages of notes. Thank you for sharing the secrets of your success. I’ve taken down my site to retool and am working on a smart product launch. This book has truly sparked hope into my business as a speaker, author, and blogger!
    -Alan Faulk

  39. Jeff,

    Yes, partnership; what a concept. And yes, now you;ve done it. Your book has become essential reading for everyone I care about (which pretty much includes everyone I know).

    I’ve been an anonymous raving fan of yours for at least 5 years, and would like to join your Platinum Plus Mastermind group–and have you in my EAI (about to be visible) network more than as a product resource to our partners.

    Let me know how to share some stuff, and introduce myself. For starters, as developer of a new internship program for the University business school where I teach the core management course, the new Dean and I are committed to bringing the best proprietary products into our curriculum. Our first offering is this Fall; I want PLF to be be next.

    I greatly look forward to meeting and knowing each other.



    PS. I’ve told your coach he will be my coach, now I trust pretty soon..

  40. I love your message, Jeff Walker, I strongly believe in it!

    One of my favourite quotes is from Margaret Wheatley:” …relationships are all there is…”

    I was thinking of what comes out when 2 hydrogen atoms build a relationship with 1 oxygen atom: H2O, and I was amazed!

    I’m looking forward to learning more secrets from you 🙂 !

  41. Thank you for this video, for the time that it took to make, for it’s authenticity and it’s ultimate message about investing in relationships. The abundance mindset is one that can be known within your mind and heart, but risks becoming eroded depending on whom you’re encountering in your business relationships. That potential for eroding the abundance mindset is probably one of the strongest reasons to only associate with those who share your values/outlook.

    I’m working through “Launch” and enjoying every chapter! I’ve been taking so many notes (action items, reinforcing key points) that it’s been easier for me to read/note-take on my laptop via the Kindle app than it was to read on my iPad and use a notebook or the laptop.

    I found you through your JV offer via Michael Hyatt. Michael is great, but connecting with your message and system has been a tremendous expansion of learning for me. Looking to use finishing “Launch” as a springboard for two launches in two different industries. Thanks for over-delivering and maintaining a very positive, honest message in amongst the oftentimes “self-serving” sea of static in our today’s information age.

  42. Hi Jeff,

    Great content. Thank you for sharing. I though you were either going to say “list” or “consistency.” : ) But I LOVE the word you came up with instead. That makes so much sense. And it is also something that we are finding and creating by going to PLF Live, meeting people of like-minds, and nurturing those relationships on and off line afterwards. : )

  43. Great info and I love seeing the pic of my hometown, Durango, in the background. Nothing like summer under the La Plata’s. Enjoy!

  44. Jeff
    I got it! I think some people hear what you had to say as a tactic or a strategy however I know its a way of being for you that makes life incredibly rewarding and fulfilling knowing you are making a contribution and a difference. Thank you for communicating a great message from the heart that we all need to be reminded of. . True giving is without any thought of receiving and yet giving is receiving. The other thing I learned about giving is that I never expect any return from the one I’ve give to. That’s where people get tripped up. If they person they gave to doesn’t reciprocate they start resenting that person. I give freely without any expectation and I’m always rewarded. You can never out give the giver.

  45. I am starting out myself and it makes a lot of sense that partnership is important. The most difficult thing for me is to know who to trust. I can pretty much tell the “crazy” people who offer wild promises and I do ignore them. it is the next batch of people that I personally have difficulty trying to figure out. As a Newbie I guess I have very little to offer in terms of building a relationship. i do give away a lot of free information on my own blog about my journey so far, and I see that you do the same. People like me need that for sure. I guess you just have to try and figure out people who really want to help you rather than always take your money.

  46. Jeff,

    A great video you shared! I was wondering what your “one word” was…it is so true that partnerships based upon authentic relationships are so important.

    Many of the artists we work with spend much of their time alone creating, which is why many are starved for sincere and real friendships. Determining what we are going “to give” instead of trying “to get” forms a great foundation of trust and generosity.

    Thanks for sharing…your words have caused me to think deeper about adding greater value to the friendships and partnerships I am blessed to have.

  47. Great advice Jeff! Thank you. Life offers us truly amazing gifts when we go out there and expect abundance in our lives and the lives of those around us. By extending ourselves and giving to others that which we are looking for now in our own lives, I know that in the right season, our seeds will grow. Relationships are key for a lifetime of success.

  48. THANK YOU for this fantastic video! I couldn’t take my smile off my face!
    I believe in what you say in all my heart- it’s not just creating those partnerships it’s more about building those relationships!

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