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How can someone with no list, no offer, no connections, no anything – generate $147,067.00 in sales in the first HOUR of their very first launch?

Sounds crazy, right?

Well, that’s exactly what Dylan Frost – one of my Product Launch Formula students – did when he created his first online course in 2014.

He’s fine-tuned his approach since then, racking up $22 million in sales along the way. And he wants to show you exactly how he did it, so you can get launched… fast.

So for the first time ever, one of my students will be teaching PLF. (It still feels weird typing that!).

Dylan will walk you through his super-quick approach to creating courses that sell… even if you’re starting from square one like he did.

Click here to register for Dylan’s FREE PLF training

Talking about money might seem crude to some. And impact and freedom are all well and good. But no matter what goals you have in life, you need money to make them a reality.

This free training with Dylan will give you a quick way to get started.

Click here to register for Dylan’s FREE PLF training

Launch Quickstart

Launch Quickstart: A FREE four-part training

If you want to start or grow an online business, you need to Launch. Learn how to turn your marketing into a buzz-generating event, attracting people who can’t wait to buy from you – and KEEP buying from you.

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