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How does a stay-at-home dad – with no qualifications, no credentials, and no initials after his name – become known as an investing expert with over 80,000 subscribers?

One word: positioning.

You might recognize that story… because it’s mine. 🙂

And this wasn’t a one time deal. I’ve used the power of positioning to go from complete unknown to the top end of the market in several niches.

Let me tell you, no matter what market you’re in… everything is better at the premium end. It’s easier to attract clients, you can charge higher prices, and your clients get bigger and better results too – which boosts your expert status even more. 

Everyone at the top end of any market understands the power of positioning. And with so many platforms available for you to build your authority on, this kind of expert status is more attainable than ever.

And here’s a great place to start…

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4 Replies to “The Power of Positioning”

  1. Steven Newton


    As always Mr. Walker, you are astute and very timely with your guidance. I absolutely value these weekly videos. Keep on being you. Thanks so much.


  2. Thank you Jeff!! “Suspend your disbelief in yourself”—so so powerful. Always grateful fir these videos.

  3. I have heard from diverse schools that we remain students no matter our level of expertise. I understand this to be valid not only from a personal standpoint, but also, due to the vast number of people with which we endeavor to communicate our product and service. I think this ties in well with what shared here! And in no way does this suggest that we are inept or incapable to teach or help others with the things we have come to value and believe can be valuable to them as well.

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