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Knitting is just… knitting, right?

Not so for Amy Small’s community of knitters… it’s really far more than that. Because what Amy is truly offering her audience is just as much confidence, self care, and creativity as it is “knitting”.

And it’s going really well. One of her recent launches brought in an astounding $100,000.00… in just the first HOUR.

For Amy, getting clear on how she could transform lives through her offer was a game changer. It allowed her to get over her initial fear of selling, and it turned her passion into a sustainable business.

So not only did she transform the lives of her community, but she transformed her own, too.

Listen in on our conversation to hear more about how she did it.

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7 Replies to “The Power of Transformation”

  1. What a great story. I super enjoyed this video and thanks for sharing. I’m currently working on a new product and can’t wait to finish it and be able to launch. By the way, I just bought your new updated version of Launch in the Kindle Edition. I’m having some trouble be able to view it properly. Not sure why. I’ll keep trying to work it out. Thanks again Jeff.

  2. Joanne Adams


    This is so amazingly genuine and wholesome. I love that she did this out if something she cared about so much.

    I’m early in my launch journey, but it’s really assuring to see a fellow mum launch and be so successful.

    Thanks for sharing, Jeff!


  3. WOW – so good to have example of niched down product ….. loved this …. Feel inspired again

  4. Jeanne Paglio


    Amy is so inspiring! I just wanted to hug her and congratulate her for her success.
    For non-knitters, you have no idea how creative it is and relaxing. Knitting isn’t JUST knitting. It’s like therapy without the cost of a therapist. Great video!!

  5. Delightful and as uplifting, as ever. Thank you !

    Was surprised to find myself feeling weepy by the end of the first chat with Amy, and wondering why, I realise it’s a mix of frustration at how resistance and refusal needs overcoming daily to keep moving forward (and I AM moving forward); pain of joy at having got back to my own creativity thanks to a tiny PLF seed launch last December (given extra confidence too from short courses in remote and independent working and social media for business)

    What a l-o-v-e-l-y woman,
    L-o-v-e-l-y mission
    L-o-v-e-l-y business

    Another great ad for PLF.

    And a beautiful Spring 2021 cap sleeved top too… LOVE the shape especially.

    If any entrepreneur and community will get a business of mine to where I’d like it to, this one will.

    I know this will work in time have some neuro issues that meant I became overwhelmed when I entered the portal the first time. It may be easier in time – many factors at play here.

    Thanks Jeff and Team

  6. Sergio Cadena


    Looks like Amy Small is going to soon be Amy BIG! 😉
    Love the story and inspiration!
    Congrats to Amy and Thanks to Jeff for the work you’ve done over the years!

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