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One absolute rule when it comes to learning a new skill: 

You have to get really good… at being really bad.

This is what learning is all about. And if you’re going to succeed in anything, you’re going to have to learn a lot along the way!

Which means you’ll probably suck – at least at the beginning.

Embrace that fact now, and it will pay off for you later.

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4 Replies to “A Warning to Perfectionists”

  1. Good timing, Jeff! I just launched my very first online course on Thursday. I feel like a toddler in almost everything that I do right now!

    Thank you for your support through this!

  2. Linda Illsley


    Thank you for the message today Jeff…I needed to hear you say that

  3. So true, Jeff! I keep learning new things and it teaches me to be humble: I suck!

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