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Last week was pretty crazy – and then this week happened.  🙂

So what can you do? What should you be focusing on? What’s going to become of your business? Is it OK to be selling stuff?

Those are all big questions, and we’re all trying to figure it out as the news shifts from hour to hour.

I don’t have any magic bullets, but check out my video for what I’m thinking right now…

(P.S. Curious about The Future Of All Humanity, Part 1? It’s right here.)

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74 Replies to “The Future of All Humanity, Part 2”

  1. Katy Fleming


    Thanks Jeff for helping to keep us grounded. Big ol’ deeeeeep breath and virtual socially distanced but heart-felt hug!

  2. Incredible message, Jeff. Everyone is a leader in some capacity. Those of us privileged to have a following can and absolutely need to lead the way. Let’s be curious instead of concerned and our collective creativity will provide what we need to survive and thrive!

  3. Excellent message Jeff. This is a time for all leaders, coaches, healers and teachers to step forward and use the tools and resources available to us to help our audiences benefit from what each of us can contribute and share.

    Great reminder too that during these times it is still okay to add value and ask for a sale. Blessings and take care.

  4. Thank you for the reminder, Jeff! I found myself continually getting sucked into news and not having any motivation to work on my business. But, you reminded me what I really need to do and I appreciate it greatly! Off to continue changing the world! 🙂 .

  5. A powerful message and thank you. Your socially and emotionally intelligent voice breaks through all of the white noise! I will show up and serve 🙌🏻

  6. Renan Gallinari


    Thank you,Jeff. What s great message. I’ve been thinking the same: now it’s the time we must serve the most as we can. But I do confess I’m worried about my businesses, since they’re both suspended. Time to go online for real.

  7. Phyllis Rowan (An Ruarach)



    Already these mantras support and inspire me.
    Thank-you, Jeff!

  8. Leventhal Barbara K.


    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for your message of service, self-care and hope. I would love to review your course. Is there a way to do that?
    To the future,
    Barb Leventhal

  9. Thank you Jeff. Your great wisedom gives me a direction in this hard time.

  10. 24 years of glyphosate toxicity has left us all malnourished after we are already toxic from so much pollution. One a day vitamins are not sufficient . Nurses are too much about documentation & the crisis is because we are all malnourished

  11. Absolutely love this clip. The self-care is something that’s so important, agree it’s totally the foundation of the good mindset. Thank you!

  12. Thanks for these beautiful and inspiring words Jeff!
    You are indeed an example of a Leader.

    Continue with this wonderful work.


  13. Great message. I help companies find great people and give time to help people find great jobs. Now is definitely the time to help those out of work…that’s what I can do from my small piece of the world.

  14. Kyle Franks


    Great message Jeff! Showing up with a Servants
    heart can be achieved and scaled on many levels.

  15. Thank you Jeff, for your intelligent and heartfelt message. Yes, we will get through this, and yes, the worst is perhaps yet to come, but like all things, it will pass, and you are so right to not watch a string of negative news and to focus on your mental health. It is that which will help us–and help others–to get through this mess.

    Take care, and all the best!

    Al Davis

  16. Jeff;
    I think the connection you provide is important to me at this time of social distancing and isolation. Please keep connecting. You are leading by doing so and I need that as a follower of you right now.

  17. Great points Jeff, I read a book that is perfect for these times called “Peaks And Valleys” great read to calm anxiety and put things into perspective. Thank you for your calm presence and guidance.

  18. Love getting these grounding email VLOG posts from you Jeff.

    Inspiring me to bring this strategy into my email drip campaign.

    Big fan from Charlotte, NC.


  19. Jeff

    i was scheduled to Launch for the first time next month. I have been trying to figure out exactly what the caption said is it ok to launch. Thanks for reminding me that moving people forward and keeping them motivated and focused is being a good citizen. When I got into this mindset you were the first person I listened to, read your book and was inspired. Thanks in the midst of this craziness to take the time to continue to inspire.

    Your student

  20. Thank you for the reminder! I found myself continually getting sucked into news and not having any motivation to work on my business. But, you reminded me what I really need to do and I appreciate it greatly! Off to continue changing the world! Good!!!

  21. I always enjoy listening to what you have to say. It’s true, we have to be there for others, to help them through this difficult time. As entrepreneurs, it is our duty to serve the public in ways the assist them in having a better, calmer, more focused life. If nothing else, this virus gives people the chance to get back to basics, to realize what’s most important in this life, and to make the most of what we have. We can help folks do that. Thanks for your wisdom, Jeff.

  22. Appreciate the momentum of your words. We are all components of progress and need to keep our gears in sync to keep going forward in any capacity. Thank you.

  23. Service has always been the very best kind of advertising, and it seems to work best the more humbly it’s offered.

    Great encouraging message this morning, Jeff!
    Thank you.

  24. You are totally right! Thank you for sharing such an important reminder to all of us, because we are the ones that are going to propel the world forward in a positive direction. You’ve been an awesome inspiration. Thank you for your service.

  25. Great message Jeff. I think we’re in this pandemic for a while with different seasonal ebbs and flows.

    I cope by reminding myself not only that “this too shall pass,” but how QUICKLY the last six months, year, 18 months went. And this time will be no different.

    This world-wide experience will change the world, and apart from the obvious needless loss of life and suffering, I hope it also reminds us of our collective humanity and interconnectedness.

  26. Powerful heart message dear Jeff, thank you! It is felt deeply and incredibly inspiring as we move forward. I hope you and your loved ones continue to stay well.
    Leanne Rose

  27. Jeff perfect message for the time.

    Quote from FDR
    “Take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly. And try another But by all means try

  28. As Rotary International teaches, Service above Self. Doing so with a servants heart is critical. Your talk above is spot on, Jeff. There are so many stories of people helping people in this time of chaos, leading others to moments of relief. Look for those stories and be encouraged to serve and lead. Thank you for your encouragement.

  29. “Become a servant leader,” – love that phrase, Jeff! It so sums up what we’re all grappling with right now – how to best pivot in our business without being self-serving.

    As always, you have this wonderful gift of Vision – thanks for sharing and helping us see the bigger picture!


  30. Fantastic messaging Jeff. I’v been sharing almost exactly the same message with my corporate leader clients. Self care and staying out of the Red Zone, so we can all think clearly, make good decisions, support morale and safety on the team. Love to you and the family.

  31. The world has changed, intentionally or unintentionally. There are physical, and manmade policies and behaviors as well as SPIRITUAL causes that come with cycles of change in timeframes beyond periods we are familiar with. We go from one age to another as paradigms. The industrial age, the information age, and others give way to new periods. The one we are in is at its early stage and has not been identified “formally”. We are going from believing to knowing as the fundamental quality of the New Paradigm. The cultural, economic or even mental and physical impact/s can affect us one type or all at once, this creates a crisis to the degree that they are disrupting the mechanisms we cultivate to protect ourselves in each aspect of LIFE. That is the overview of a critical CHANGE DYNAMIC.
    The transition phase is exacerbated by the lack of preparedness and our personal views of the world that in most cases is difficult to shift without adverse effects. We seem reluctant to go deeper into our selves to find the protection mechanisms we learn or are conditioned by. The responses are in direct proportion to how we address the situations we are presented with.
    We have experienced transitions before and the few approaches that have saved us for a total catastrophic meltdown are clear: Keywords: Preparation, readiness, community, Being in touch with our humanity, becoming our brothers and sisters keeper and helper, etc. Are these situations galvanizing events that remind us who we are and all the values we represent that we seem to forget when we are in our glory story? Responsibility is a super keyword here. We manage to stay safe and learn what will work for the next event. Easer said than done. But it is inevitable.
    Inevitability is the FATHER of Preparation and true holistic LIVING. The mother’s job is invention.
    The aftermath will require this family’s help to get us back on track as we rebuild all the obsolete, outdated creative ideas, systems and technologies that the current disruptions are clearing the new path for us. The False Evidence, Attacking us that seems to be REAL is subterfuge of the highest order. Find the anchor in self, let go of limiting beliefs and distractions and let’s get ready for the opportunities and work at creating our future. There are adjustments we will have to make to be resourceful and be able to collaborate. We do what we have to do to restore trust and confidence in ourselves, to thrive in the economies we create for the future to revitalize what is important to us… that is our humanity.
    There are more crises than solutions in the world nature is tired of our greed, materialism and other infractions we visit on HER. She will always be..what about us. We know all this shit, and that is just the way we treat it. Wake up and be conscious. It is the “CONSCIOUSNESS AGE” way ahead of us that we now have to play catch up. Welcome to the FUTURE. TRUE NEEDS is the core value system of consciousness not want and BS! WHere do we find “TRUTH”

  32. Thanks Jeff for the encouragement!
    Stay calm. Take care. Be well. Be an example. Yes. 🎯👍👍👏👏👏😊✌️💕⭐️✨
    My toughest challenge is to believe in myself. Conditioned helplessness like Pavlov’s dog.
    But I’m working on it And in transcending it I can help others do the same. My contribution.
    Stay healthy! You’re awesome! 😊🙏✌️💕✨

  33. Very true, Jeff. I have answered the call and am being a leader and everyone is very grateful for it. I stepped up and created online classes in days for 1st-8th graders, knowing that they wouldn’t be getting face to face instruction. I’ve been teaching online for years and knew that public schools would not be equipped. It’s been a lot of work on my end, but it’s worth it. Parents are very happy and the students are, too. I’ve managed to solve a problem and be revered by my current clients and the new friends they’ve shared my name with, and bring a sense of stability, calm, and confidence to students. Winning all around. #worthit

  34. Bobi Williams


    Thanks Jeff… Yes leadership and service is essential these days.

  35. Thanks for your inspiring words! Its made me recommitment to focus on developing my new business. I’m a meeting facilitator and indigenous ceremony leader. All my scheduled conferences, seminars, retreats, and planning sessions have been cancelled because they involve people physically meeting together. We can’t do this in this new era of the Virus Challenge. So, today and tomorrow I’m pushing my learning curve to learn how to facilitate awesome ceremonies, conversatioins and meetings via Zoom! Thanks for reminding me that I have to retool and find a new way to share my knowledge and gifts! Blessings to you and all of us!

  36. Refreshing to hear this today. Thank you for your positive energy and wise words. 🙏🏻 😊

  37. Thank you so much Jeff! Powerful message to take actions! human to human service and good word at the very time is incredibly important! Blessings

  38. Dear One Jeff, wow… GREAT message. AND you could not be more part of what has brought me into the craziest and yet most incredibly blessed part of my life. Gifts abound in the turmoils.
    A mentor of mine Doug O’Brien, Havening Techniques® (HT) Trainer, told me when I was finishing the Certification Program for Havening that your book was necessary reading for my Launch into a professional HT practice.
    I read your book, devoured it. Coming out of a career in institutional advancement and also recently working on a CRM launch you spoke my language…. database management was my thing since the mid 1980s.
    But for about 7 years under employed, disabled, and bereaved, I have come through some very rough stuff, in short I’m a SURVIVOR and Havening brought me into a new Book in my life journey.
    I was so excited about what I learned from you I called a dear friend of mine, in Virginia, and told him how I though your formula could help him, he crafts traditional Bamboo Fly Rods. Well that conversation led to an invitation to ‘housesit’ his 35 acre farm in Virginia starting in early March for at least a couple of months. Being relatively ‘unsettled’ with no professional practice space manifesting, working mostly online, and in NORTHERN New York I jumped at the chance to leave winter behind and immerse myself in the solitude of the Launch, your style, of my business Oasis Havening.
    Ha ha ha… ‘we Humans Plan and God Laughs’… I’m now unexpectedly CoHabiting with my friend and his partner as we totally isolate given various immune compromising conditions in our household…..
    What does my Launch look like NOW? Well it is totally based on:
    Servant-Leadership, an idea that Quakers, from one of my previous Books in this life, talk about.
    Havening Techniques® are based on a protocol for alleviating emotional burdens. My specific practice expertise is around many of the emotional and mental health issues that come along with the CoVid19 emergence. Fears, grief, loss, anxiety, bereavement, etc… I am now offering FREE intake ONLINE sessions to introduce Self-Care using these powerful techniques! AND
    Since I’m from New York, and Governor Cuomo has asked for Volunteers to strengthen mental health services, I am in the pool of applicants to provide Havening introductions and sessions, for Self-Care with HT, to those with ‘boots on the ground’ to increase their Resilience and Capacity to provide essential services, while alleviating Burnout!
    YOUR pep talk on Self-Care is right where Havening Techniques® fit in, we are all about integrating PsychoSensory mental health practices, all the things you mentioned, into daily life. And your message, about being a leader really fits in with what our founding fathers, Dr Ronald Ruden MD PhD and Dr Steven Ruden DDS are ALL ABOUT. They spent the last two decades figuring out causes and cures for traumatization, their work has helped many survivors like myself start new lives; many who were affected by 911 finally found emotional relief, from the Rudens HT protocols. Reclaiming emotional equilibrium is part of what we do with HT, and we also facilitate prevention and reduction of trauma.
    Dr Steven was my mentor, in our final session as I completed Certification, he opined, “To whom much is Given, much is Expected.” I’m on that journey with you!
    Jeff, you are on my gratitude list, all you are giving and saying is weaving my basket of hope and vision for a better life on Earth. May all the wisest spirits visit you, inspire you and bring you and all your loved ones safely through these days in good health.
    VE n Light on the Path of the Feather

  39. Thanks a lot, Jeff. This is such an important message. You are a great servant-leader and a great human being too. Many blessings to you, your family, team, and business.

  40. Hi Jeff,
    Amidst all the terrifying news out there, this video (and message) of yours was a breath of fresh air!

    I’m writing in from India, where being able to work from home and practice social distancing is nothing short of a privilege. Working with low-income women through my business, I’m in a challenging space right now as we are navigating how to ensure that we can continue giving them work and thereby incomes. This video of yours helps in more ways than one, and I just wanted to say thank you for it!

    Stay safe and well 🙂

  41. Hi Jeff, I am on the warpath too – doing lots of thinking. I had my launch ready to go a few weeks ago, but delayed it – now I am changing tack and to your point, asking myself, “what can I do to help right now with what i have? If it fits here, I’d like to share with you my DECREE. Here it is;
    DECREE- I am challenging all women who want to lead

    My Declaration Here and Now – Time has shrunk.
    The world is moving toward something really big – this is a major reset that none of us saw coming. I thought it would take us 50 years to see major changes like this, but now it may take 50 days. This isn’t like Rosie the Riveter when all the men went off to WWII and women had to take on their roles. No – we were in a different situation when this crisis hit – we were in a time of prosperity and abundance.
    And so quickly, it is collapsing all around us and from under us. The new paradigm will take more women and men working together to get us back on our feet. We may be headed toward the most equal place we have ever seen for all humanity. If that is the case, then we need to be prepared. We need to get our head on straight and our eyes open and our hearts full.
    Here’s why this is important —This is a powerful time
    I have asked myself “Is this still important for women to get ready for boards in light of what is happening?” and the answer I hear is a resounding “Yes, even more important than before, because there will be an end to this, and when the dust settles, we will need and want more women in leadership roles to help guide us into the future.”
    I asked myself “What can I do to help? To get more women ready as fast as possible? What do I have to offer?” and I knew the answer – “I can give them access to what I know – to what I am teaching in my classes – to the course I have on line. It is already there, so they can start RIGHT NOW!”
    This is a Call-to-Action!!
    That is why I am offering this Call-to-Action Special – 99% off the Regular price $595 – yes 99% OFF!!
    That means the Call-to-Action price is $5.95 for as long as we are in quarantine – that’s right I am so sure that we are going to need you sooner than we thought, that I am urging you to get ready now, and slashing the cost of this course so as many women who want to lead as possible can take this course. Money is not the important thing here to me – getting you ready for leadership roles is the most important thing. I am urging you to take this course while you are in quarantine – while you are home and have time – while the world around us is shifting – while we are hurling toward a new paradigm in business and the economy. I am certain there are things in this course, which will help you become a more informed leader and potential board director or executive. I know it!
    This is so important to me, that I am also giving a coaching call to those who answer this Call-to-Action and take advantage of this quarantine special – the time is NOW. You have told me you want to do this, so do it. Are you brave enough to step up? I challenge you to do it. I am making this easy for you because we need you to be ready. I want to see you in the front lines.
    Simply take these steps:
    1) Register and pay your Call-to-Action price of $5.95, using the code CALLTOACTION
    2) Log into your course
    3) Put on your headset
    4) Print out your workbook
    5) Start your course
    6) Finish your course
    7) Join me for a coaching call
    8) Step up and be seen – you are ready for this.
    We need you to be ready! Now more than ever before. Things are changing rapidly and you need to get ready ASAP. We need an army of ready women to step into big roles – it is coming.
    Register here! Your code is CALLTOACTION
    Please share this DECREE and Call-to-Action with any woman you know who has said they want to be on a board – she will thank you.

  42. peter mutaftschiev


    You are SO right.
    NATURE is kicking us to get our s*** together.
    We can do something about it.
    Thanks for leading and inspiring.

  43. Thank you for your grounded, wisdom and for reminding me how important it is for me to drop back into my heart and find a way to move forwards and serve more than ever before. I have lost so many stabilising aspects of my life already the last few months, that this derailed me last week and I got sick. I have been working to support people to move from chaos to calm for almost two decades, so I have huge knowledge and insights to share. Thank you for the compassionate kick up the bum. That’s butt for you in the USA 😉 xx

  44. Personally I think some of what’s happening is unnecessary, they say during the 1918 epidemic they ran out of beds at some hospitals and had to put people outside, the people outside that got sun and fresh air got better while the people that were inside the hospital stayed sick much longer. And now we are still seeing numbers rise at similar rates in cities that are locked down versus cities that are not So the rate of infection is still the same but we have people not going out that are going to get more sick and stay sick much longer. The Sun has healing properties that boost our immune system as does exercise, breathing, and meditation. What they are doing is making it so even if we do survive this, many of us will not survive this or will have to completely change our lives to survive (financially).

  45. thanks, Jeff. It is important to hear that. Even tho we may see ourselves as entrepreneurs, I think we are a bit confused as to how to go forward with our business online. Since we seem to know the social distancing part, now it really is time to be a leader and start some commerce happening so we can help others. thanks for the guidance and reminder!

  46. Really connected with what you expressed in this video sequence. I have been stuck for over a year, unable to take action on packaging and launching my unique exercise program. Exercises which helped me enormously came to me spontaneously. And then I had an epiphany and saw how these were a perfect fit with the urgent advice to desk jockeys to do regular exercise… several times a day, ideally… and the dire warnings about the damage to our health from sitting for hours every day. These exercises could be done right there at the work station and I saw how they were rooted in the Qi Gong branch of TCM, like Tai Chi. Then I realised that they could be combined with the latest research-driven fitness principles.
    I used to be a copywriter so I came up with great titles like, Waving to Angels, Pummeling your Partner and the like. I researched all the warnings and advice from governments. I got very positive feedback from an Aussie fitness guru, especially on its effectiveness in dissipating stress…..
    And then I got stuck. and discouraged by my nearest and dearest not taking it seriously. After decades of prioritizing serving in a spiritual/charitable organization, without pay, including on its international council, and only doing just enough to keep my family going materially, I felt I should be able to monetize this program… and needed to, while getting it out to a lot of people. I followed your launch training Jeff, but never had the money to buy your course – I’m English but married, with 4 kids, here in Greece!!! Now is the time when everyone stuck at home and very stressed, could really benefit from this program and I’ve started thinking I should just give it away…. but I don’t know how to do that, even. I’m just about to ‘buy’ (it’s free right now) John Thornhill’s VIP Ambassador program to get me going on the whole IM thing, but am still thrashing around with no clear plan of action…. woe, I can so relate to your frustration, Jeff. So if anybody reading this can give me a nudge in the right direction …I’m open to all serious advice that isn’t selling something.
    Jeff, I feel close to you. To serve is to grow. I am not a missionary, or a member of any one religion, but I can tell you that there is a new dispensation in the world which can be found and accessed by anyone who sincerely looks for it.

  47. Thank you Jeff. Your words and YOUR leadership mean so much to me.

    I’ve been struggling with the moral question of how to charge for my work, when so much humanitarian service is required right now. Since March 12 I’ve been hosting a free grounding and connecting session, 7 days a week, that has been steadily attended by my tribe (I certify, train and mentor leadership coaches and consultants). I’ve been reluctant to launch another round of advanced coach mentoring because it has felt somewhat “wrong” to ask for money right now.

    At the same time, if I cannot maintain my own living expenses, then how could I possibly be there for anyone in any useful way?

    It’s funny how the very work I do with my clients to help them change their mindset and shift limiting beliefs is turning itself back onto me as I face my own outdated limiting beliefs.

    Thank you for the reminder that I can SERVE and THRIVE even in this very disruptive and ever-changing situation.

  48. Thank you for this message Jeff,
    I am a yoga coach and was able to go live
    for my students and my business.
    I feel so blessed to be able to help at this time.
    Manifestation Yoga Coach

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