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I used to think you had to love marketing to be successful in business.

But then I did a quick training session for a group of bestselling authors… and I remembered that is definitely not the case.

My impromptu session turned into a full-blown 2-hour Q&A when I discovered how uncomfortable even super-successful authors can feel about marketing themselves.

If marketing leaves a bad taste in your mouth too, here’s a mindset shift that might help…

Marketing is showing your clients the story of their future success.

As an entrepreneur, your job is to see a bigger, better future for your customers – a brighter future than they can even imagine – and then share that vision with them.

That’s marketing.

And if you’re not a “marketing person”, here are a few things you can do to become one.

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12 Replies to “Marketing For People Who Hate It”

  1. Susan Pepler


    Hi Jeff …. Loved this. What a great reminder. Thanks!!!
    – Susan

    • This was such a timely message for me. It helped me to shift my perspective towards embracing using video to share the transformational story that my clients would have. Thank you.

  2. Jeff!! This is why I love you! This is a total marketing mindset GAMECHANGER! Of course I have heard you say this a million times in a million different ways (I am a PLF owner but have really struggled with getting anything to fruition through imposter syndrome and feeling what I had to offer wasn’t worthy, which is honestly just a personal issue thrown onto my business.) BUT hearing it worded this way, maybe it’s the storyteller and writer in me, it totally CLICKED today! I love how you shared your own struggles with being not a marketing guy: your relatability is one of your best assets.

  3. Joyce McCallum


    Thanks that’s what I just needed to hear. Inspired to just start.

  4. Robin Fejes


    I believe most of us can sell someone else better than we can sell ourselves for a lot of reasons.

    So, I resonate with you regarding this.

  5. Justin Cabanas


    I have a tattooed dating website that I created before I met my wife because I loved woman that covered with tattoos. Then I did a vision board & six months later I met my wife, she was the greatest gift I had ever recieved in this life time. But I only got her for for 2 years because passed away. The site is dedicated to her and finding liked minded people tattoo people & not & of all walks of life to find true love. This is my goal wish & dream. Our love was literally like the movie The Note Book but with out arguing I just wish I had got to grow old with her!!! 🥺😞😭🙏😇 Loved what you had to say Jeffery & another friend name Jeffery brought me to you it was faite!!

  6. Celena Lonza


    Thankyou , Thats a really valuable sharing .
    I will keep focusing on my clients future self Transformation when the fear comes up about marketing .!
    So much Gratitude
    Celena ( Australia )

  7. Every weekend I am looking forward to receive your video. And that is because there is always interesting ideas that you come with

    “Your job is to see a bigger, better future for your customers.” I love that line! Thank you for posting this video.

    Also, this weekend I watched Barry Friedman’s “Core elements of No-Failure Launch”. I would like to buy PLF. Will it still be possible to buy it end of this week?

    Is there anyone from your team that can contact me on this? Thank you very much
    PS: I bought your book and devoured it. I did launches based on the free PLCs that you gave (and it worked!). But now I want to get serious about launching. I hope someone can contact me. Thank you.

  8. Good to hear the visualisation of results reminder – thanks Jeff!

    I’ve had huge resistance to getting on with my PLF work in recent weeks. Maybe in part relating to screen burnout maybe, though as much as that I think it’s the forgetting to remember (so to speak) that this is all meant to be FUN and that I really do ENJOY working with people and the INCOME will make life a whole lot SWEETER….and that it’s worth finding the deep calm to deal with intermittent quite marked stress and overwhelm alongside all else needing doing in one’s late 50s besides growing an online business…

    (I love being in my 50s btw !👌👍🏻)

    The naysaying voices from the depths have had other ideas and crikey o’reilley it’s been a battle to tame and reassure those little demons that all will be well if we just go at this one step at a time. Stop turning the ever encouraging JW into an ‘frenemy’ ….because he just won’t let me off the hook 🤣. Or he will, though something about this programme confronts, kindly (which is almost harder than harshly), the fears.

    I grew up with ‘harsh’ responses to fear. Learning to ‘do’ kind has taken me decades and I’ve done well, however this big step into PLF has set in motion a whole army of ‘resisters’ in me.

    I’m not averse to marketing, and loved being publicist promoter for quite some years too.

    I think the truth is, though I have great friends and family, I’m struggling with the loneliness of on line work life. I had a face to face ‘live’ client for some months recently and was in my element. I need more of that. And I need to remember – I CAN HAVE BOTH. At the same time…the former won’t keep me into my old age as well as the latter. But I need the former. I am a physical, live, performance, human nature here and now kinda gal.

    It’s quite surprising, seeing what committing to PLF has stirred up.

    I’m a toughie a lot of the time, though also not such a toughie some of the time. I’m writing the book for clients and those who I know will benefit from and hopefully be entertained by my story, so there’s a lot that is ‘live’…

    Thanks for listening. I’m almost in tears writing this – sheer relief share it. I’d gone into a bit of a shell.

  9. Rafael Alba


    thanks for sharing your wisdom
    They are tons of books out there and sometimes one just have to read the one book
    that change everthing. my one whas the productlaunchformula from you Jeff :D.
    best regards from switzerland

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