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Everywhere you look people are promising “get rich quick” solutions. My take? I want you to get LAUNCHED quick… because you need that initial momentum to build a business that lasts. THAT is how you get rich. 

And this week was a great reminder of that for me… I spoke to someone in B2B tech, someone who teaches yoga instructors, and even someone who sells yarn. They’re all saying the same thing, and it’s all in this week’s blog video…

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17 Replies to “Get Rich Slow?”

  1. Hey Jeff, been following you since 2015, read your book, however, I’m in a launch now for my upcoming program – The Stylish Road. Nobody seems excited to hope on! None of my family or friends seem to want to spread the word ;/ What can I do?

    much love,
    all the way from Kuwait,

    • Massi Learn


      Hey Hadeel,

      You continue being faithful to yourself, and keep on trying. The worst thing one can do is to ask friends and relatives for support, typically you will not get it.
      Talking to Crickets implies that you need to revisit the idea of understanding your Avatar. It does not mean no one is interested, it states you need to market to the people who are looking for your message. Don’t give up on yourself.

    • Hi Hadeel
      You are a far way along your path already with a product. I suggest you buy into Product Launch Formula in September. All your questions will get answered and the path you are on will be illuminated. PLF and Jeff are the best. It is a valuable investment to make which you will get returned to you multiple times over.

    • Christian Korn


      Dear Hadeel, it’s painful yet true what you’re sharing. Thank you for sharing your heart on this. It’s really a pain and wants you to scream. But it is just so: A prophet is not without honor save in his own country. Keep it up, my fellow man! Chris from Germany

    • Here my point of view as marketer, you need to seek what audience want, for example Jeff making video training how to luanch the product, he doesn’t do what he likes, but he does what people interested as the result they buy. How you can do this? Make a lot of test of offers for different services and training, that you think people need, without need you can’t sell anything.

      Seek common problems that people have and offer solutions.

      That simple.

  2. Hi Hadeel. My initial thoughts are about the size of your ‘engaged’ audience and the problem you are solving for them. And then start from there 🙂 With Gratitude Jimmi

    • Hey Jimmi – not sure what you mean – but my problem isn’t the size of my engaged audience – my problem is the fact I’m talking to crickets (Instagram and youtube)
      One hand can’t do it all you know – thanks.

  3. Love your passion! And I also love your teaching style. Looking forward to your launch. Happy thin and Free! Looking forward to checking her out!!! And the yarn story too. Wow.

    Connie Castañuela

  4. Victoria Brown


    I’m so glad I opened your email. I’m so glad I downloaded the pdf. I’m so happy that I’m listening and watching you on this video. I hope to launch my product this year. I’m 72 yrs of age and eager to get out of poverty on social security. I feel confident that I will learn from you.

    Thanks so much


  5. Hey Jeff and all the folks here ! thanks for the insight – after many years of wanting to try PLF I am finally starting my business with using PLF 😊 in the field of Breathwork. I was wondering : what website builder do you recommend for PLF? Does it need to be a wordpress or will wix or square space be enough for launching and running programs? Thanks soo much and waiting for your feedback

  6. Jeanne Paglio


    I had to chuckle, Jeff that you were so amazed at the yarn launch. Shows you don’t knit. :_))
    Knitters are people who JUST need that yarn, LOL. Loved this video, I needed this prompting from you, I’m getting ready to launch in Sept. and am quite nervous. Thanks, again.

  7. Great timing for this video, Jeff! I’m planning my first launch for late September and this helped add fuel to my fire!

    Cheers and thanks!

  8. Hey Jeff. I’ve been following you for the past 8 months, purchased your product launch book – which was amazing :), and I am launching my health related business at 7:30am ET, this coming Tuesday , September 1.

    This is just to say “thank you very much” for the way you helped me by not trying to sell me something – right away.

    I have signed up for your 8 hour launch master class look forward to this very much.

    Wish me luck – and I would take any advice you have for me.


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