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We’re a little less than two weeks out from the first session of my LIVE Launch Masterclass. I’m going to deliver 12+ hours of training on how to launch and what’s working NOW in the launch world. This is a quick sneak peek of what I’ll be covering…

Here’s the link I mentioned in the video: 

Launch Masterclass Schedule:
Live Lesson 1 – Sept. 12
Live Lesson 2 – Sept. 16
Live Lesson 3 – Sept. 19
Live Lesson 4/Registration opens for PLF – Sept. 23
Registration for PLF Closes Sept. 27

Video Transcript and Relevant Links

All right. September 1st. The calendar has flipped over to the official launch month. This is the Launch Masterclass month. We're just 11 days out from the start of the masterclass so I thought I'd walk through how this is going to work.

So every year since 2005, I've been doing variations of what I am about to do. Last year became the Launch Masterclass and we upgraded the terminology because, well, it truly is a masterclass. 

Now, normally people charge anywhere from $100 to $1000 for a masterclass. I'm giving it away for free. 

How do I get off calling this a masterclass? Because we're going to have four training sessions. Each one of those training sessions is going to be two to three hours, probably closer to three hours. I'm going to have extra training videos for you. I'm going to have extra little live sessions, little impromptu behind the scenes, Jeff unplugged live sessions. I've got downloads for you. I've got my team coaching you in a Facebook group. It's just going to be massive, massive value. And it all starts on September 12th, so save the date.

So I just want to tell you a little bit. How this is going to work is that basically, there's a link down below. You can put in your email address, that's all it's going to cost you. It going to cost you $0. Just type in your email address, type in your best email address. We're going to be sending you some really cool updates. And then we're going to do these live sessions.

So on September 12th, it's the first session. It's going to go between two and three hours. I think it's going to be three hours. It's going to start at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. It's going to be 100% live. It's not going to be simulated net live. It's not going to be pretend live. It's not going to be like the TV stations playing the Olympics 12 hours later and say it's sort of simulated live. It's going to actually be live. I'm going to be live. 

I'm going to be downstairs here and you're going to be able to see me in the same room, but I'll be downstairs. I'll have a whole video set up there. It's going to be cool. I'm going to teach for the first segment. It's going to be up.

Since I'm going to be live, we're not exactly sure, but probably between 40, 50 minutes of me teaching. And in this first one I'm going to teach the launch strategy that's driven a billion dollars in launches. Since I first published it in 2005, it's driven a billion dollars in launches. So I'm going to teach that. 

Then we're going to have some case studies so you can hear about how it's working in the real world, in different types of markets, with different types of launches, with different types of products from real regular people.

So we'll do some case studies and then we'll have a Q&A session where I'm just going to be answering the questions that came up live during that session. So you're going to be able to type in the questions. My team's going to be feeding me those questions and we're answering those. It's boom. That's like sort of my sweet spot. 

So that's just going to be the first broadcast. It's going to be awesome.

Then we're going to take a few days off and then the second session is going to be on September 16th. So save the date: September 16th. Again, 4:00 p.m. Eastern, United States time. 

And in between those two broadcasts, I'm going to have some additional updates, some extra videos. That's going to be on our concierge page, so you always want to be checking back on our concierge page. 

And then that second session is going to be about the primary types of launches.

So this one is the overall … There's one overriding launch strategy. And this one delves into the different types of launches. Because within that one strategy, there's different launches depending whether you're just starting out, whether you've got an established product, whether you have a membership site, whether you have a book or whatever, there's different types of launches. And we're going to walk through those different types of launches, how they work together, which one might fit for you for where you're at in your business. 

And then again, we're going to take a few days off. And in those days off … Well we're actually not going to take them off because I'm going to have extra video training in between for you. We're going to have downloads for you. It's going to be super cool.

So then after that one, on September 19th, is going to be our third live training. And again, it's going to be the full-out training. It's going to be me teaching. It's going to be case studies. It's going to be Q&A. We're going to have Q&A at every single one of these. And this one, I'm going to give you the map of the overall launch territory so you can see how every piece fits together. Historically people go crazy over this one. They absolutely go nuts. We're going to have a big juicy download for you. It's going to be fantastic. 

Then we're going to take a few days off. Again, we're not really taking them off because all through here, we're going to have a Facebook group for you where you can get your questions answered. And we're going to have extra material there. And we're going to be releasing videos on our concierge page, extra training in between.

If this sounds like a lot, well, I like to think of this as the second best launch training in the world. And of course, the whole thing, I'm building up to actually open up the registration for my Product Launch Formula coaching program. So I'm trying to deliver massive value for you, but it's selfish too because I'm eventually going to make an offer for my Product Launch Formula coaching program. 

On September 23rd, this is one of my favorite sessions because it's a session that … A lot of people don't think about this one. And this is about the open cart. 

So there's two main … Well there's more than two, but for today's purposes let's talk about two big segments of your launch. And one's called prelaunch, and that's everything that I hope happens where you're just delivering value ahead of your launch. And then there's the open cart, and that's where you actually open up your cart and you start taking orders. But you don't just open your cart and say, ” Hey, we're open. We're taking orders.” There's a strategy to your entire open cart period, and on September 23rd I'm going to be teaching what to do during your open cart. This is one of the most overlooked strategies within the entire launch world. I'm going to be breaking it down for you.

I'm also going to be opening a registration for Product Launch Formula on September 23rd, so it's going to be awesome.

So that's a little overview. That's the lay of the land. That's a map of what's coming up with the Launch Masterclass. I'm super stoked. People, last year was the first time we did this live. We're doing so much of this live. There's going to be live, there's going to be a video but it's primarily live. And the value people got from it last … Just based on their comments, based on them wanting to actually give us money for the free stuff, it was absolutely amazing.

So again, save the date, the first one, September 12th. Down below this video, I should have all the dates listed and there's going to be a link where you can join a notification list so you don't miss any of this. Again, it's all free. Just costs your email address. Looking forward to it. 

Launch Masterclass, we're 11 days away. Scroll down. Click that link. Head on over. Click that link and get registered, and let's go get ‘em this week.

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28 Replies to “My Launch Masterclass (A Sneak Preview)”

  1. Can’t wait! I have been a member for two years and have yet to launch. No list. Have changed my business twice and yesterday decided on a third direction—this time selling my artwork. I don’t know how this will work in creating the typical journey of transformation from pain point to having your life transformed that’s used in typical launches. But I seem to remember this has worked for some of your past clients who are artists.

  2. I fully trust you, Jeff. You are just a great person and have a very pleasant personality! Your content ist one of – if not the – best anyone could get regarding online marketing. I appreciate your freebee’s so much and I am really thankful to be part of your email list :).
    Can’t wait to follow your training to realise my new online business model and bring it out into the world.

  3. I attended LIVE in 2016 and used the principles I learned to launch my new company MAGFAST in Spring 2017.

    It’s an open secret that we took pre-orders over over $ quarter of a million in the first 15 minutes of cart open.

    Which got me to thinking. What if we were to follow the entire formula instead of just most of the principles?

    September 12th is my birthday Jeff… what a thoughtful gift 😀

  4. I would like to see how this would work in a service industry (healthcare). In a British type system, advertising is very limited – so many rules, one must be very careful. In that case, we often do not advertise and probably miss out.
    How can we launch a clinic-based service? The ultimate aim is for patients – we take care of the quality aspect (equipment and personnel) and highlight our strengths in an acceptable way that a 5th grader will understand? 🙂

  5. It is a source of enthusiasm to be part of Jeff Walker auduince… This high level know-how elevates our activities and ultimately our way to be better ! Looking forward with awe.
    Thanks cheers from Rio



    I will definitely try out your launch Masterclass. Thank you, Jeff for this opportunity./NENA

  7. Sounds so great!

    Does this kind of laund work for a brick and mortar place, like a restaurant?

    See you soon;)
    (From France)

  8. Jeff Walker has been instrumental in the success of our options trading business, DayTradeSPY, no question about it. We did ok before launches but Jeff’s system put us beyond our wildest dreams. THANK YOU Jeff!

  9. Gia Brainerd


    I hope that the live trainings will also be recorded. As I’m in the Pacific time zone, these will be going on during work hours on work days (and I’m sure there will be people in other parts of the world who will be asleep or working during those hours). I know there will be lots of recorded and downloadable material apart from the trainings, but of course, I want it all! Looking forward to whatever will be available to me! I have the proof copy of my book in hand and was hoping to launch before Sept. 12th, but maybe I’ll wait for at least the first day of training to see what I can incorporate…

  10. Marco Ocampo


    Helping business growth ! Not work harder but smarter.
    I am looking forward to learn and implement

  11. I have a brand new line of cashmere clothing and I’m looking forward to the opportunity of learning how to launch this ecommerce plat form and also to have fun at the same time. Thanks

  12. Really looking forward to is. ALWAYS ALWAYS I learn a ton from you, Jeff. Thanks in advance. Dates are on my schedule; can make 3 of the 4 live and sadly will be watching the other one on replay… still good, but not fun as live! 🙂

  13. I’m so excited! I’ve been following you and watching your free classes because I couldn’t afford the PLF yet. AAAnyway! I tried to put your lessons into action, and I’m now on my seed launch. Literally nobody knows me and I started with zero in my email list. I tried the 3 lesson free masterclass as my SSL and I actually launched my first lesson yesterday and so far it did great! My open cart is gonna be finished exactly on September 12!!! And I bet I could learn a lot more in this launch masterclass for my next launch. I’ll update what my result is before I go in to this masterclas. 😀 But thank you for being so great! I learned so much just from your free launch masterclass and I’m definitely gonna join the PLF when I get enough money. Thank you so much Jeff!

  14. Amy Burgess


    How do we join your Launch Masterclass if we are in England (6 hours later) without doing an all nighter???

    Can’t wait 🙂

    • Katharina Marek


      Last year there was a replay available for a few days. I am in Europe as well, and I usually have to watch the replays.

  15. Hi Jeff, will there be a replay available? It will be in the middle of the night where I live.

  16. Looking forward to it!
    Would love additional time zone options for people who have to work day jobs and are in Euro time zones 🙂

  17. Murray Mathieson


    Looking forward to this!
    I will only be able to attend the first two – will there be a way to view the second two at a later date?

  18. Patricia Turner


    Will the live sessions be recorded to watch later? I’m working at the hospital those days and can’t be there for the live but don’t want to miss out.

  19. Jeff,

    Nice invite. Thank you. I’m looking forward to this event. Booked the dates in my calendar. I read and applied your book and got my best conversions for a launch so far. I’m signed up for Launchcon too.


  20. Katharina Marek


    Hello Jeff,

    I have been following you for a few years now. I would really love to launch and finally I do feel ready for it but I have a question that I couldn’t find an answer to:

    How much time do I need weekly to be able to launch? I am willing to put in hard work, but since I am a single mom, spending most of my day with my toddler (he spents about 7 hours a week at pre-school, not more than that), I have a hard time getting started because I think I won’t be able to make enough time to do what is required in this business. And I don’t want to neglect the time with my child.

    So my question is:

    Is it possible to spend just a few hours a week (8 – 10?) in this business, even when getting started? I don’t care about making 6 figures, I just want to share my knowledge and make sufficient money by doing what I love.

    Thanks for your time. And by the way – from all the marketing-experts I have followed so far, I like you the most. I love how authentic and humble you are.


  21. judith bliss


    Will this be taped to be available outside of the 4-7 PM. live presentation?

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