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What would happen if you stopped worrying about all of the little, unimportant things in your business and just focused on what actually matters?

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42 Replies to “Stop Hiding”

  1. rhianne newlahnd


    just the thing I was thinking about today, how I am hiding in so many details, they are endless, and I am staying up nights worried about not sharing..thanks for the inspiration

    • I hear you. I have been perfecting, and anticipating every possible scenario…which has paralyzed me from starting a business for over 8 years. 🙁

  2. Hi, Jeff. I’m hiding behind “life”: my paying job, my other business, my family, yard work, etc. But the biggest block is the mental game of “I don’t know enough…I don’t have exactly the right message.” Which is sad, because I LOVE writing, and I am so excited to get myself out there. Your video was spot on. I just need to prioritize getting my message out there!

    • Hi Amy,
      your “biggest block” might appear like that but is max a Lego. You already know enough and real learning is done on the road. Take it from a multiple published author; that´s just life.

      Best from Germany

  3. Frances Foster


    Hi Jeff, it comes back to never being ready or perfectly perfect to launch! Your message is very pertinent.

    The same applies to launching into new countries with a physical product. You can’t know everything about another country – you just have to put your foot in there and walk forward.

  4. Hi Jeff, this email/blog video was so timely, it’s scary! I smiled when I read the intro. I tend to hide in the minutest details, like font, and writing copy, and emails…I’m come quite far, however it’s a constant work-in-progress to remember that it (my online education business) might just not be that perfect in the end, and I HAVE to accept that, otherwise I’ll never get it out there. I find that, when people are complimenting my work, or are anxiously waiting for my content, or (in this current case) have bought my product in Pre-sell, I freak out and think – Oh my goodness, I’ve sold it, they are expecting A-grade super extraordinary things from me – I have to deliver exactly that. But, learning to quieten miss perfectionist voice. Thank you for your videos and emails.

  5. Hi Jeff! Nothing is wrong with you if you’ve been hiding. You learned to hide. You downplayed your innate gifts and your uniqueness, NOT because something was wrong with you but because you needed belonging and other things. We all need that. Many thanks

  6. The tech, the details can be all consuming. As a provider of tech services I too get caught up in details, but you are spot on Jeff, publishing is the game we are in. The WWW is our publishing house, and we have such a huge opportunity to reach people – if you focus on that you can’t go wrong.

    I agree with your lesson – no hiding! So I put stuff out there. And in one-on-one work (I do custom travel design), I’ve got it nailed. But in e-products, I have not quite hit it on the head yet.
    And it’s not for lack of asking.
    I ask in emails. I poll. I offer incentives.
    And I get the tiniest smattering of replies. Those few who reply all say the same thing – keep doing what you’re doing, we love it.
    I even invite to coffee and take to lunch for those peeps in my local area. I have gotten suggestions for minute details. But same thing – no ah-has.

    So… I know I have special stuff. That is unique. And that people pay good money for. And go wild over!
    But I haven’t seemed to be able to translate to online products yet.

    What else can I do to hone in on what my online market wants/needs/craves/worries about in the middle of the night.
    HELP 🙂

    • Hi, Melanie – have you tried connecting with your audience live on Instagram? Maybe talking live about the amazing travel designs you’ve put together complete with beautiful pics on Instagram would connect you with the travel lovers out there who want you to do the same for them.

      • So that’s a good idea. I have a healthy IG feed with stories etc. But I’ve never gone LIVE there. I’ve done FB LIVES but not for awhile and not on IG. One thing – I don’t know how to incorporate live feed with photos/videos? Is it something you can easily give me instruction on how to do?

  8. Abdullahi Bello Umar


    😂😂😂 I’ve been using everything under the sun to hide – knowledge, tech, timing, relevance of message, adequacy of messenger, etc.

    Interestingly, over the years as I keep neutralising the ‘reigning’ hide system, I cook up new ones🤔

    It need to end NOW.

    You’re the reason I got into IM and your book was the first material that gave me insights to this new wonderful world.

    Thank you.

    • So true…LOL . I am a master chef when it comes to cooking up new ones.:)

  9. Thank you so much for this video. Insightful and clever – so much needed.

  10. Love this, once again you get to a key issue that matters.

    Happy to say, preparing the fourth consecutive Master Class in four weeks.

    Sad to say it should have been our fortieth consecutive by now.

    Keep up the inspiring videos,


  11. I could not agree more! I see my clients do this all the time… and I sometimes catch myself hiding behind tech as well. Thanks for the call out, Jeff!

  12. Dan Calabrese


    All the weekly messages are great but this one really “hit the nail on the head”.

  13. I appreciate your message on stop hiding, not letting fear or excuses prevent one, me, from moving forward. Thanks for the motivation and push!

  14. Timely message. About to go into a coaching session with a very young new entrepreneur. I’m writing notes on points I want to convey then took a real to watch you video. It pinpointed my main message to her. Thanks for the clarity.

  15. Oh how I needed to hear this today. I’ve heard this message before, but there’s something about the way you said it that actually WENT IN today! Thanks so much, Jeff.

  16. I did hide for years, thinking I could never sell my designs online.
    But then one day I started to do some research on a printing on demand site.
    I decided to give it a chance and I upload a few designs.
    People liked it and I got a lot of positive reactions and emails…both from artists and customers.
    That was a major boost for my self esteem.
    But now I am procrastinating in my next steps because I want it all to be perfect.
    Also a lack of knowledge is holding me back.
    I guess I just have to go for it just like when I uploaded my first designs 🙂
    Not worring so much and just see what happens and learn on the way.

  17. Lesley Sutton


    Hi Jeff,
    This is so spot on and timely! Thank you. Here is to imperfect action and getting my message out there!

  18. Janet Davis


    Omg Yes! I should of been opened my store. I got in my own way! This was confirmation for me.
    Thank you!

  19. I hide behind my current work. I have a training and consulting business that is going well, but I have been wanting to get out oof the classroom in favor of doing launches. What is happening, is that I feel competent doing what I’ve always done, and I feel incompetent at doing a launch, and the same old opportunities are there in front of me, so I keep doing it. I get super busy, and then I “don’t have time” to get around to doing what I NEED to do to launch.

  20. Michael Phillips


    This is so true! I’m sure deep down I’ve known this, but never really wanted to admit it, and when I read through these comments I’m floored to see so many feeling the same way…

    Thank you for sharing this message – it’s time to stop hiding!


  21. Great short video to encourage us to get our message out there. Thanks Jeff.

  22. I’m stuck in the details of starting a publishing company to publish my books. It’s become overwhelming and is getting in the way of actually publishing my first book. I need to wade through it and start moving forward again!

  23. This is so perfect – my experience is in branding and marketing so I wrap myself up in all of that. I use it as a shield almost. The journey here has been very personal – much more so than I would’ve ever anticipated! – and as I lean on the Launch Club and PLF community, learn from the amazing coaches, I’m busting through. I’m done hiding!

  24. Jeff I suffered from the very thing you are taking about I worried about the logo and
    Every detail of our website which is important but what I have found over the 14 years selling stuff online the customers don’t care about how fancy or perfect we look, they just care about our message and how simple and easy they can get our product and then what it looks like when they get it. Now I spend the time how to make everything as simple as possible to make it easy to order.

  25. Thank you! I needed this way of saying that – postponing, overthinking, perfectionism etc. – yeah I know it all, but “hiding behind something” gives me a new perspective. I don’t want to hide!!!

    In my case it’s keeping myself incredibly busy. I have so much to do, that I have no time to “go live”. I need to clean a house, do sth. in my garden, clean a car or review all old newspapers..or learn a new language. Anything else is important just not the final publish button.

  26. Sherri Graham


    just posted my first video on you tube today. Thank you for now just getting my face out there first then i can make relationships.

  27. Monte Stewar


    I believe this is my biggest problem… wanting to make sure it’s perfect. I know, I’ve heard the comment, “Better done than perfect,” but I still struggle with this.

    Monte Stewart
    Pagosa Springs, Colorado

  28. This was a good reminder to me. I want to start teaching online classes and I’m hiding behind the tech, the copy, and probably more. I have to learn how to use my microphone first, I have to study my course platform more. I need to watch more videos. I need to study Camtasia more. I need to learn how to record with a DSLR. Yep. I have to do all of those, but it’s also become a roadblock that I’m just sitting in front of! Thank you.

  29. Susan Farrell


    I have truly enjoyed Jeff’s insights and advice but I am stuck on the high diving board shivering in terror to take “the leap”.
    I am a published author branching out into e books.

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