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A lot of folks get hung up on this question when they’re starting their business… and I get it! Everyone wants to feel like they’re setting everything up right, from day one. But there’s something important you should do first, and you’re better off thinking about this BEFORE you start thinking about which structure is best. Here’s what I mean…

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40 Replies to “The Things That Stop You (Getting Unstuck pt. 3)”

  1. I appreciate the “just get started” framework. With an ADD brain, it is hard to start anything often because I have so many unfinished projects. But just starting somewhere is a helpful reminder for me, since I suggest that to my clients all the time. Thank you for this video pep talk.

  2. Sharon Long


    Thanks Jeff
    It’s the reality of starting out. Everything seems so confusing, Especially with online businesses I.e. where do our clients go if the website isn’t set up etc but I suppose if the product isn’t ready then the website doesn’t need to be either. But then we need to advertise to get the interest.

    What if the product is ready and the website is where it is shown off?
    I know what you are saying is true but I have 3 avenues and to create ads on Fb it always asks for a url before I can go any further. It’s very confusing. I am constantly getting stuck and then going round in circles

  3. I have been receiving your emails and finally opened a link to your videos. I really like them. Reminded me of truths–don’t put the cart before the horse, be here now, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. I think we often overwhelm ourselves with too many questions, worries–best to have the vision but do what’s in front of us. KISS, keep it simple sweetie. Thanks for your videos.

  4. Thanks for this Jeff! I’m currently in PLF and having a BLAST with it…it’s brilliant in that it’s easy to understand, thorough, and it truly is a FORMULA. I love love love it!

    I can tell that a lot of people are getting caught up in some of the specifics like what you’re referring to in the video. Your advice is spot on! It’s all a process…just start *somewhere* and know that it will all unfold perfectly and in perfect timing. I can feel that happening with PLF!

    Thank you for all you do and all you are. I feel so incredibly lucky and appreciative to be learning from you!

    Big love,

  5. Michael Morales


    So simple. And so powerful. The mindset is critical and you shared a “baby step” one that can remove all the stress and have people not waste time and money agonizing about “doing it right.” Thanks. Gracias.

  6. Hi Jeff,
    It makes a lot of sense….get that first $ in first. It starts the momentum…the first taste of success. If there is no action, it remains something only in the mind.

    Once we get started, the mind is challenged to continue…to take the next step.

    It need not be perfect. Start with what we have, our limited knowledge and experience and gain improvement and expertise over time and setbacks.

    I really like your consistent reminder to us not to compare with you because you have taken 20 long years to be where you are. So inspiring, so encouraging and oh so humble and honest. And your experiences have grounded you into an exceptionally understanding person.

  7. I used this strategy when I started my massage business. I found a place to advertise and started making sales. THEN I registered my business entity.

  8. Carolyn Mize


    I am an accountant. Make the money first. Then talk to someone who knows the state of your finances and your personal strategies (plan) for you. There are different types of corporation, so which one best works for you.

    • Very thoughtful you to offer your professional view from your standpoint. Jeff is amazing and admits when he feels he should, not take step back, but give an honest opinion ..that is appreciated. Many people follow what some feel is the “only answer”. Thanks to you both. Have a blessed day!


  9. Hi Jeff, Thanks for this great video and timely advice. It’s come at the perfect time for me, as I am right now focusing my business and work online helping highly sensitive women to lose weight naturally, heal emotional eating and say yes to their dreams! Thanks once again, Katrina xo 😊

  10. Roger Morgan


    Thanks again for making it simple and working on what is important.

  11. Thank you thank you!
    Im currently in PLF and moving like a glacier because of exactly everything you’ve covered in this 3 part video. I have a blog that I haven’t written in since my first post in 2015. But now I realize that I should just start and see what happens.
    So thank you, as always, for cutting to the chase.

  12. Somehow got on your email list and opened today. Great message reminder to “just start”. Been spending months “home in my head”, with LOTS of online experts support my “personal development” junkie habit. All good, And with meeting you fir first time today via video, your online advice” is giving me more “self-ammo”. Just point, shoot and get out of my head to start my online visibility campaign. Btw, just so you know, this is one of the first times I’ve even left a comment, even for some of my most favorite “PD online personalities” !!!! Progress in small bites. 🙂

  13. Jeff, so true. Thank you.
    Just start, baby steps.
    Appreciate you very much

  14. Analysis paralysis……I suffer greatly and could research s a topic endlessly or cointinually rearrange sequences and approaches. I’m treating you like a medication and will keep taking it ( the get-on-with-it messaging) until I finally make public some of my writings,thoughts, ideas…..and then get on the plf train. Getting close!!!


  15. Right on, Jeff. ‘Business’ is sales. You can ruminate indefinitely or put up your lemonade stand by the road and take home some money tonight. It’s the same as learning the sad lessons that ‘words are cheap’ or ‘ideas are a dime a dozen.’

    Look at Campbell’s soup. Not that I’ve had a bowl in 50 years, but nothing’s changed there, I mean nothing. The simplest possible, cheap chicken noodle soup is still their biggest draw. A totally unsexy, even boring company name—but they’re still around, a household word our entire lives and going strong. Have they spent a nickel on new designs and catchy ads? Gourmet? New flavors? Organic? Not these guys. Just a 15 second ad: “here’s the can, here’s the soup.” Yet EVERYONE knows who they are and how their soup tastes. They’re exclusively about SALES and always have been. Again, I’m not a Campbell’s buyer or stockholder, but we could all learn from that old-school, nuts and bolts business model.

    In selling my books, my goals have always been to a) stay in the black, and b) increase sales year over year. B hasn’t always happened, but A is critical.

  16. Thank you, Jeff. I came to the same conclusion a couple of weeks ago. Started looking at business structures and then figured that I’m a “sole proprietor” until such time as success forces me to choose another option. And I’m not even going to worry about officially registering and so forth until I make that first dollar, which will give me the feedback I need to prepare for the next launch. Sound advice, as always!

  17. Jeff, It is so nice to have someone who has had sustained success online, providing us with fundamental keys to creating a successful business.  Your experience of working with thousands of different entrepreneurs, seeing what does and doesn’t work, makes your recommendations worth their weight in gold.

    Thanks for caring so deeply about your community and its success. 

  18. Fantastic – and so right on. I have spent 2 years learning that you are absolutely correct! Thanks for being so practical and helpful with this series!

  19. Fantastic it’s easy to forget that the objective is to make a buck and not create an Ocean Liner with a load of stuff which you don’t need for the moment. It’s like buying a super computer when you only need a Word Processor. Regards John

  20. Thank you Jeff for all the information you share with us. This advice is so simply but yet so powerful. I am honestly tired of being stuck, thinking and rethinking about every single aspect of the way I want my online coaching business to be. I read, and think and learn and it has become a vicious circle that is not allowing me to provide my services and to do want I really want to do, to help people. I accept that nothing can be perfect, but I believe in the excellence of a service or a product that we should give. I think it is enough for me to be “procrastinating or overthinking” and start acting.

  21. Well I went for it. Sent emails, tiny list and really bad email. But I made 2 big sales! Big for me and a weight has lifted a little.
    What does an advertising budget look like for a tiny business? My sales have come from Instagram and I find Facebook impossible to handle.

  22. This is great advice. Simple to understand and whoa the possibilities now that the way is clear. Thank you Jeff

  23. Christi Wilson


    Oh. My. Goodness. I had a day of overwhelm today. So what did I do? I spent so much time online trying to fill out an application for an LLC. I entered my information three times and just before paying for it ended up deleting everything. After the coaching call this afternoon I felt more calm and centered. Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart for this video. You keep it simple and the value is beyond amazing. So glad I saw your video before going back to that LLC application tomorrow. I’ll be putting that on hold!!

    Resting peacefully in Missouri— all is well!! ♥️

  24. Cosme Guimarães


    Estou perdido em começar meu negócio, várias ideias, vontade, mas fico preso em como fazer de onde devo partir.
    Mas algo que você disse, deu um start dentro de mim, me encorajou a meter a cara, dando certo ou não.
    Como sempre digo, o não eu já tenho, tenho que obter o sim, sim eu quero seu produto.
    Irei empregar muito bem suas dicas.

  25. Hi Jeff,
    I have recently gained the courage to publish my very first LIVE video on FB I was then able to go on and do a second. It was like you say it got easier and so exciting after getting the first out there.
    I just went into my emails this morning and came across one from you which I actually dont remember requesting as I so obviously did. I’m so glad I did as I have watched your videos and find d them so encouraging. I actually really like the one you shot on the beach as you are so natural and relaxed on that beautiful beach. You also look great. So thank you for all the inspiration and the tips.
    Catherine O’Melia, Dublin, Ireland

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