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Having a great life is just as important—and even more important—than building a great business.

The good news is, you can have both. Which is how I ended up shooting a quick video on a ski lift with my daughter.

Ride along with us as we play a game high above the slopes…and I share my thoughts on what really matters in life. 

It’s one of those moments no amount of money can buy.

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41 Replies to “Three things money can’t buy (philosophy from the ski lift)”

  1. Amazing. Last weekend i took my son to Camelback Mountain in the Poconos in PA. Spent the weekend hanging out. What was amazing was 40 years ago i learned how to ski at Camelback. Family First. Thanks for the weekend Smile!!!!

  2. The main thing in our life is health. I would have big money like you, I would give to people, and part of the money to them. I don’t need so much money, and how I gave it to people would be very good for everyone. Everyone would love and respect us. If I make money, I’ll send it to you because I don’t need so much.

  3. When I started hunting for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure, Bridal Veil Falls was one of the first places I suspected. I went there looking twice!

  4. Most important and best video … perhaps of all videos on all of the internet. Thanks for your wisdom! It comes as I drop a 6-year long project that was incredible and stretched me but burning me out. I’m dropping the heavy part of that project while still at my same department amd employer. Sadness, but a lighter burden while still having meaningful work. I can tell it’s right by my smile and relief.
    Your ski lift video confirms it’s the right move!
    Thank you so much!

  5. Glad you still believe in work-life balance, Jeff. Some would replace balance with harmony or integration. For me, balance implies prudent and virtuous decisions.

  6. Tony Robinson


    Thanks for sharing – lovely to see you including your family Jeff 🙂
    You are in the snow and we are sweltering in or Summer here in Oz.

  7. Jeff watched you have fun with your daughter and also speak about the importance of living in the moment, and what we would all give to have moments when our children were younger and to savour them again… this is so true! I had tears in my eyes as I thought back to my days with my then 3 year old son. 😊
    So let us relish and live in the Present moment as it is a true gift.

  8. I keep telling myself, I was meant to watch this video for a number of reasons I’m already aware of but Perhaps I simply needed reminding of what you confirmed so well on a chairlift with your daughter at such an epic ski area.

    Thanks for the share and keep ripping those turns!

    The Grateful Griller-Canada

  9. Ridgely Goldsborough


    Love Telluride…and the place is Garonno’s!!! Enjoy, brother…

  10. Thank you for sharing this video!!! I tend to agree with you about working toward balance. Lately I’ve been working on ways to gift myself balance while slowly growing in business and I’m finding I’m at peace with where I am.

    I tend to agree with you that those of us who’ve experienced both the health and relational challenges (and repeated trauma as a result) have to work to realize the work life balance. At that it’s so important and when you find ways to healthily work through and release the traumas of the past, it feels so good!!!

  11. I got to ski 9 days with my adult boys this season! The investment when they were young definitely paid off (in fact they bought the gas and lunch each day!). Someday you and I will meet on a ski slope!

  12. Love this “go with it anyway” attitude displayed in this video. Agree with all of the points you’ve made. You’ll have to let us know what the songs were for the day! In addition, I don’t believe that we can achieve balance but we can certainly integrate our work and life especially during these unprecedented times. Nice to meet Joan as well.

  13. Great share Jeff. You inspired me a few years ago to go skiing every week. 2020 is the year I took action. Every wednesday I head out to the slopes in the Canadian Rockies and love it.

    Thanks for sharing all your tips.

    Hope you had some fresh tracks. 🙂

  14. No snow here in England but weather starting to warm up and it feels like Spring is here.
    What with the UK vaccination programme going great guns, 2021 is starting to look up!

  15. Balance is so important and looks different to each person. This is a great reminder as I begin thinking about starting a business venture, my first one.

  16. Sonia de Thierry


    Makes my heart sing – thank you. Reminds me of skiing in NZ with my kds

  17. Watching this on a Monday morning start of the week fun! Jeff is always so authentic and thats why I have never unsubscribed from his list. Most people burn out and scorch your fingers with sales but Jeff is my number 1!

  18. Such a lovely video & reminder of what we need to keep in mind when building our business.

    What a wonderful image of what we can create, seeing you being away and enjoying the great outdoors with loved ones!

    Slopes closed here in Europe so hope to be able to do likewise sometime soon.

    All the best, enjoy 🙂

  19. Santa guitarrista


    Hola Jeff! Me siento muy motivado con tus consejos. Saludos desde México.

  20. Jeff, thanks this is so awesome! You did a very good job with this interview.. In the middle you got it, you lean back and Tony come to his best!! Thanks a lot for your work. It is always good and here it is on its best!

  21. Appreciate your thoughts off the grid Jeff. Thanks for the outing. Thanks for your thoughts. You help me visualize well.

  22. David Crabill


    Loved all aspects of this video, but here’s the thing: most people would have reshot the video on the next lift. You didn’t, and that’s a lesson in-and-of itself. Something tells me that it’s a large part of the reason why you are so successful!

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