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What’s the difference between a big launch and a REALLY big launch? Usually, the super successful launches have a big “hook” that helps them attract the right people. Here’s what I mean… 

(Also, here’s the link to register for the livecast I mention in the video:

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17 Replies to “The Big Idea Behind the Biggest Launches”

  1. Hi Jeff!

    You’re absolutely Awesome.!

    I’ve followed and used so much of your free stuff.
    I believe I’m still a customer? I did your classes PLF last year? Am I allowed to still interact with community?
    When is your event in FL?

  2. Hi Great Jeff!!
    I was surprised about the dimension you said it took Tony & Dean”s last year new product. I felt in my heart that the sales/ conversion was not going good and that ended as a mild “launch”. I didnt buy the “offer” really even though coming from highly prestige players of the market.

    Why is that?

    Cause even if the product were/is awesome and well priced they didnt offer free content/engagement on it. I sensed the launch sounded too salesly more from the side of Dean. Too pitchy….

    My humble opinion…

    I will keep an eye on what they are up to this following weeks…

    Thanks for you unconditional delivery!! ♡

  3. On target as always, but this one is incredibly timely for me and my first launch which is a handful of weeks away now. Thanks for the valuable focus on a genuinely Big Idea.

  4. Hi!!! Jeff!, i saw you some weeks ago inside Kbb partners video, thank you so much for the advise!!, i am new to affiliate marketing and Kbb will be my first launch, also looking forward to help launching your program into the Spanish speaking market, looots to learn. But i am learning from people ahead of me 20, 30,40 years, grateful i heard abot you some months ago.

  5. Thanks for the reminder to have a bid idea that will resonate with your audience. I’ll be using that in my first launch.

  6. Thanks Jeff. So is it a good idea still to offer, sell the “fish sandwich” as an option if our leads are not interested in learning to fish?

  7. I too have been influenced in my life by Tony over the years, and more recently by you Jeff. So thank you both for that. Here is a message which I sent recently to my daughter, which came from deep within my heart, and I would like to share it with you below. I’ve been brought to listen to listen to this conversation, I believe from that amazing energy field Tony was speaking about, and I feel that my message came from the same source. Thank you again for all that you both do.

    What If

    What if the story you are telling yourself is not really true ? What if every time you have limiting thoughts come into your mind, you welcomed them with open arms instead of fighting them, to see and feel them go away ? What if you decided to tell yourself, “ I am Amazing Unique and Special, because my fingerprints and dna tell me so.” That is how I see you, what if I am right ? What if you decide to control your thoughts and do not allow them to control you ? You can now become the author of the greatest story ever told.

    All my Love Dad xx

  8. This is awesome but this is for the big guns. I am still struggling to understand the process of a seed launch as I am just starting out. I am afraid of making mistakes.

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