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I’ve seen a lot of people work really hard to build a business that makes them miserable (rather than giving them a life of freedom and fulfillment). Here’s the question I ask to make sure I’m creating a business that gives me the life that I want…

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68 Replies to “The Life of Your Dreams”

  1. Love this video – what a great reminder to check in with yourself on each choice you make !! I started to build my business around how I wanted to live about 5 years ago and it was tough to begin with but it’s been an amazing journey and one I am so grateful I dared to take even though it scared the heck out of me in the beginning. It has freed me to live the life I choose whilst inspiring others and living a life I love. Thank you for being such an inspiration Jeff 🙂 Hope the river trip was all the awesomeness it looks like it was 😀

    • I’ve done that trip! It’s mind blowing!!!! And YES! I’d like my business to allow me to do THAT kind of thing most of the time! 🙂

  2. Incredible view and message, Jeff! I told you about me taking off 30 weeks of vacation last year (at Brian’s event a few months ago), and I am all about enjoying life. Heck, why else would you work so hard? ;0)

    Thanks for impacting my life… and so many others.

  3. This is very timely for me, because I am re-assessing things and launching a couple of new projects which have been the fruit of the past 10 years looking and evaluating, learning and discovering-all of that stuff. I know I love music, the web, digital media and independent living. An inspiring video for sure Jeff!

  4. GREAT video! Thank you for really giving me something to think about this morning!

  5. Hi Jeff, I love these videos you shoot outside, because along with your message it is often the background that inspires me. Well, I would not like to be on the river :-), but to be able to visit these wonderful places, knowing the business is running without you- yeah, that is the life of my dreams. I love to help people, and especially help them realize, what is really the life that they want. You surely help me to realize what I want. Thank you.

  6. Jeff, I’ve followed (and learned from) you since your early presentation for ETR/Mary Ellen Tribby’s “5 Days in July’ conference in Denver (2007?). Thank you for never losing your ‘North’ …

  7. Thank you.
    Sorry, nothing else comes to mind.
    Looking at you doing one of the things I may never get to do, but really want to – – I mean Really Want To! — all I can think of is: Thank you for this message.

  8. Hi Jeff, why do not create a team off coaches and they could be your voice for those clients?

    Love your work.

  9. Thanks Jeff for this short but really important video. That i tell my self few days ago. I say to my self “Steve, are you willing to create your own job or a real business who will give the freedom and the lifestyle you love ? ”

    Thanks, Steve

  10. Thanks Jeff.
    A great reminder that I need to have the right questions for my leadership team to ask and answer so they can run and lead the company and II don’t have to monitor things while I’m on free days.

  11. Great video, great message, many words of wisdom!!! Please keep sending me your videos. I love following you!!!
    I started with nothing also, then worked my way into owning apts, hotels, motels, etc, as well as being an author!
    Would love to meet you sometime!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jeff, Steve Ames.

  12. Hey Jeff,
    Thank you for the reminder. I think I need to go fire some clients. We have combined brick & mortar with internet business. Slow, but we are seeing results. Have a GREAT rest of your trip. Thank you for all you have taught me.

  13. Many thanks, Jeff. The art of life is constant readjusting to your surroundings. The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you’re learning, you’re not old. I love this messages. All the best

  14. One of my FAVOURITE places in the whole wide world – thanks for sharing the incredible view as well as your insight/s Jeff! If ever you’re looking for a kayaking buddy for your next trip there SHOUT loud and I’ll be there buddy! !

  15. Awesome Jeff, I will be bringing the family out to the Grand Canyon in about 3 years. On my list. Thanks for the beautiful video. Have a good time and be safe.

  16. Jenny Payette


    Jeff Walker once again demonstrates his authenticity in mind, body and soul. The purpose of building a business is so we can provide value not only to our clients but to ourselves by ensuring we have a balanced life with the freedom to experience joy.

  17. Perfect timing Jeff – thanks! I’ve been reacting to my business instead of building what I want. Thanks so much for the reminder!

  18. This made me think, “what’s the lifestyle I’m trying to give to my customers.” Just made me think about that transormation in a different way, more long term than immediate gain. Thanks.

  19. Love this video Jeff. Thank you for your clarity , and an amazing image to keep in mind, for helping us to hold the bigger vision about what we are creating…for our business AND for our lives. That, after all, is why many or most of us became entrepreneurs…to create a better life and lifestyle while creating something that has meaning and purpose in the world. Awesome to start the week with! 🙂

  20. Love the Grand Canyon too! Thank you for your heart and commitment to our success. Love your message!

  21. Amazing how much wisdom can be packed into 3:38 minutes. Having a solid grasp on a foundation to build from is key to open yourself up to having what you want. A problem I see a lot of entrepreneurs have is how they define that foundation. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking it’s more than it needs to be which leaves little room for the individual to benefit from the reason they chose this path in the first place. I’m curious if you went through this in the beginning as well Jeff?

  22. Hey Jeff

    Thanks for this and for all your help. This is such great advice for me. I’m just starting out – following inspiration and nothing more and it’s scary. I know what lifestyle means to me, I know I love serving and helping my clients – it’s clear and I have it written down on my wall and in my heart. But it’s the beginning that seems so confusing… where to apply effort, what to ignore and how to create a strategy that doesn’t overwhelm me or take me down roads I don’t enjoy. I’ll keep watching …. your care is palpable which is why I follow you, many thanks.

  23. Thanks Jeff
    Your product launch formula truly sets the ball in motion to live the life of your dreams and have more time to enjoy all the world has to offer.My goal is to join you on one of your Colorado raft trips

  24. Philip Fortenberry


    Totally agree. I value freedom and I think most people do and like you Jeff I think there is no greater freedom than in the wilderness. It is cathartic.

  25. As usual, Jeff, you are right on target for me. I have spent twenty nine years creating a business I once loved and now need to reinvent into something I can love – again. Thank you for the five characteristics you live by; they are perfectly, exactly what I needed. At my age, I won’t be going down the Colorado river with you, but there surely are other things I want and need to enjoy! Thanks for your inspiration, clarity, and wisdom.

  26. Jeff,
    This message is so timely for where I am. I’ve been looking at what’s next in my life and business. Great direction and input. Thank you!

  27. Wonderful message. Pretty much says it all. Thanks for your continued work and authenticity without hype.

  28. Marjorie Staal


    Absolutely hit home for me. It is hard to explain how much it means to hear and see your videos all the time.

  29. Great video Jeff. It’s a great way to start the month as I lwork on growing my business. Thank you for the encouraging words!

  30. Love this video!! I just got home from CHPC with Brendon yesterday, and am back in “Rim World.” Well, not yet because I’m haggard my out with myself this weekend resting, reaching out to knew friends, and catching up. Was perfect timing to see this video as a great reminder of what I want and why I’m doing it.
    Enjoy the river Jeff. Thanks for sharing the video. See you in the fall in Dallas! Lots of love to you.

  31. Rainee Carlson


    Timely reminder for me and many of us who seek this kind of life/work balance. Great to keep in mind before taking on tedious projects that may not really serve us in the long run and instead focus on those that will. Nice…love the scenery and seeing your adventures Jeff.

  32. Melvin Nibbs


    You go Jeff. You are inspiring us to go after our dreams. You show us how to take complicated THINGS and live our lives in a simple way. At the beat of our own drum. I’m holding a space for all of us in this group to keep our possibilities alive. OneLove…

  33. Marina Bertolino


    This video is the ultimate ‘purpose’ reality check and perfect location to share same. Thank you Jeff. 👍🏻👍🏻

  34. Thanks Jeff for the message! Great truths come in simple messages like this. I send much gratitude for the time you spent sharing this and connecting with us. It was a perfect one to hear for me where I am on this journey. (My husband and I live just a few minutes up the road and thoroughly love the Colorado and outdoor lifestyle.) I’m just getting a business off the ground after being an at home mom. With two kids in college and one more soon to follow, we’re deep in a transition time. Thank you again for this reminder and sharing your story.

  35. Fabulous, Jeff. I often don’t have time to listen and watch, but this one drew me in (I would LOVE to be in that canyon!). It was good timing for me, too, as I am tossing up whether to commit to a big (creative but not profitable, and with lots of artistic compromises) project this week or pull out. Will it give me the life I want? Probably not. Is it a step in the right direction? Hmmm.. Don’t know. Will I enjoy it? Don’t know that either. (Will it make me rich? NO! It won’t even cover my costs). Will it grow my audience and mailing list? Probably. At least a little. Would I prefer to spend the time working on growing my teaching and coaching business? Thanks for reminding me of my compass..

  36. Dear Jeff, thanks for the view and for the authenticity of your message. I love helping my clients become who they are meant to be. the message I get from this is let work help you reach your goal. Thanks again.

  37. I talk about this EVERY day to people I meet. Build a business that supports your ideal lifestyle, not takes over your life. I’m so glad you’re also sharing this message and living and breathing the dream. THIS is why we build businesses – to make an impact and build a profitable business, while living our perfect lifestyle that feeds our minds and souls. Thanks Jeff!

  38. Jeff thank you love your video’s and lifestyle which i decided i wanted to create,from assisting more help more people loved that seesm got lost in the details trying to do all because i sid sole owner but that want how i looked at that life is to be lived love pasionate have fun no matter where what you do and that you are living thank you for beaut picture in the cannons looks awesome i love nature it brings you closer to our world and amazing gratitude thanks so much travel safely bye

  39. I’m headed in the direction of doing a similar thing, creating a work that fits my life. This video was very inspiring as I have been to the canyon. I also loved the 2nd video that came up of the cabin you had to ski to.

  40. What a beautiful place!!! Thank you for this video… needed to have this reminded just now. Big decisions coming up this week, as I watch this I realize it is so easy to lose perspective of what’s really important. Thanks Jeff!!

  41. Good work Jeff, I’m happy for you and I’m happy I’m not the only one with that set of values 🙂 Much enjoyed the video. Thanks

  42. Love what you have to say dear Jeff, you are such a beautiful soul! Thank you so much for sharing that much value week after week… I got emotional while listening to your words and admiring the beauty of the magical Grand Canyon, what a privilege to watch this video! Life really is always supporting me, I can see it thanks to this kind of stuff 😉

  43. Jeff! Thanks so much!! This is an AWESOME video! So much amazing perspective. I work with a couple of groups of entrepreneurs in India and I’m going to share this with them.

  44. Really appreciated this video about finding enjoyment in your life. For you Jeff this was in Colorado but enjoyment can be found anywhere. Last night I went outside to watch the firefly’s. What magic! Yes having a successful business may offer the possibility of money and travel to see places and things only imagined, but the life style that goes with it also has to mesh with what we really love doing, and being. Finding that sweet spot in your life’s journey is where we all want to be pointed.

  45. Love your video and the “Beautiful” sites of the Grand Canyon!” I hope you are having a super, fun time! Thanks for sharing, Jeff!

  46. This message is so important! There are so many ways each one of us can use our passions, experiences, and the best of ourselves, but if a path doesn’t fit with each of our personal life visions it won’t lead to success. I’ve seen this so many times… Thanks for such a great video!

  47. There’s now a post it on my calendar which says “To What End?” Thanks for boiling down all the important stuff into 3 simple words – fewer than 10 letters, but an amazing amount of value.

    Thank you.

  48. Jeff has the attitude that right for success with money, since money is the “medium” by which we purchased our lifestyle. Listening to him and hearing his PASSION for the wilderness, he definitely had the Right emotions to power him to success.He was a very quick learner. he did not have dogmas that kept him doing the same thing over and over again despite it may be a fail….which I guilty of doing with money.
    until now,

  49. Jeff, thank you. What a wonderful reminder that the river, tree and nature spirits are always standing by to replenish us and our creativity. I believe your success comes from a combination of hard work, vision, values, continuous gratitude, respect for nature’s wilderness, and the mutual support and trust of your family and team. You really have this ‘balance’ business figured out…!

  50. Jeff, I hope your river trip is everything you wanted and more. Awesome people. Awesome weather. Awesome experience. Thanks for all you do and the inspiration, as always, as I sit here and write about my ideal client and turn my attention to writing a long copy Facebook ad.

  51. Beautiful moment to stop and do a video for us. Thanks for that dose of inspiration and reinforcement. I am still figuring out the revenue level part although for myself I have the lifestyle I am looking for. Obviously, with more resources, I’ll be able to be even more flexible and creative with where I get things done . . . but you’re so right about being selective re: clients, and pursuing the lifestyle that suits one’s needs. Thanks for your awesomeness and enjoy your river trip — a gorgeous, amazing part of the U.S., the Grand Canyon.

  52. Love your message and it is timely too. Heading for the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and wondering why I have to work in a cubical for a year to get two weeks off to escape to the mountains. Hopefully will run into you in Durango when I can set up a business that will get me out of the cubicle!.

  53. Hi Jeff
    I get very excited as i watch your videos, especially as you speak of designing the life one desires to live.
    Also, every ” yes”must be followed by many “no’s”!
    I look forward to inplementing all of this into launching my business.
    Thank you for giving me hope for creating a life i want to experience.

  54. Love it! I for one ADORE the GRAND CANYON!!!! You’re so making the right choice kayaking in it!!! 😀 Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!!!

    Lisa 🙂

  55. Hi Jeff,
    My version of Ski Fridays is Trail Tuesday. At this phase of my business and life, I squeeze a couple hours of trail time into the early morning before I head to work. I live in Vernal, Utah, it’s my secret hideaway with mountains and lakes, hiking and mountain bike and running trails all over the Uinta Basin in Northeastern Utah. It’s high mountain desert like Durango. You’d love it here!!
    Come and join me sometime and we’ll run the Green River, catch some fish and hit the trails.

  56. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for the book suggestion. I will get a copy right away. I was struggling with this concept and process of re-focusing after a slowdown. Again, thank you.

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